Understanding on “Live Organ Harvesting” and “Forced Organ Harvesting”

A Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | January 7, 2019


I. Firstly, regarding the description of the CCP’s crime of harvesting organs by killing Dafa disciples, Master used “Live Organ Harvesting” in the lectures.

On October 19, 2013, Master said in “Fa Teaching at the 2013 Western U.S. Fa Conference” of Los Angeles, USA, “It involves crimes never committed before on this planet: audacious to the extreme, they actually seize the organs of living Dafa disciples, and the number who’ve been brutalized is enormous. But know that all gods in the cosmic body are witnessing these crimes!” On May 14, 2017, in the “Fa Teaching Given at the New York Fa Conference Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Dafa’s Spreading”, Master said, “Live organ harvesting has been commonplace in many hospitals across China. It was a directive straight from the evil.” “I have always said that live organ harvesting is an extremely grave matter, and yet it is something widespread in China.”

As a Dafa disciple, my understanding is that disciples should use the same description used by Master. Regarding this matter, Master has a clear way of describing it, disciples should not switch to other terms. To describe the CCP’s taking organs by killing Dafa disciples, Master used “live organ harvesting”, so we should use “live organ harvesting.”

II. Excising Organs for Transplantation in the West

1. When excising organs from a dead person, the person is truly dead, that is, the person is “brain dead.” In medicine, after the loss of the entire brain functions, including that of the brainstem, people would not survive, and he is indeed dead. Cardiac arrest (cardiac death) does not necessarily lead to true death, as long as the brain still has functions, especially when the brainstem (central nerve junction) functions are not lost, there is a possibility of survival. Therefore, the medical profession and ethics community define death as “brain death.” The use of ventilators and cardiac pacemakers to maintain heartbeats and respiration is only preserving the organ functionality for a limited time.

2. When a relative or voluntary donor donates an organ or part of an organ, this has never been referred to as “live organ harvesting”. When speaking of the organ source, people would say that the organ was donated by someone. There is no such thing as “live harvesting” in Western academic articles or Westerners’ communication. Some people worry that the term “live organ harvesting” would confuse Westerners. This possibility really does not exist. When the Westerners I have met heard about the CCP’s “live organ harvesting”, they were shocked and felt angry. Their focus was on the evil nature of this matter, instead of getting fixated on the wording or such minor details.

III. The CCP Harvests organs from Falun Gong disciples, this is killing by “live organ harvesting”, it is not the unethical “forced organ harvesting”

Live organ harvesting is excising organs from living human beings and murdering living people. The CCP’s large scale live organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners is genocide and a crime against humanity! Forced organ harvesting is the forced removal of organs, and it does not necessarily kill people. It may also be removing organs of deceased people. It is a violation of human rights and a violation of professional ethics without the consent of the deceased person or his family. In the 2016 Hong Kong International Transplant Conference, the CCP’s former Vice-Minister of Health, Huang Jiefu, denied Falun Gong practitioners’ accusation of their crime of “live organ harvesting”. In particular, at the World Health Assembly in June 2018 and at the 27th World Transplant Conference in July 2018, he clearly and publicly opposed Falun Gong practitioners’ accusation of “live organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners”. Therefore, “live organ harvesting” is the most feared word of the CCP, as it is the word that exposes its evil.

According to the evidence obtained by the investigation of World Organization to Investigate Persecution of Falun Gong (WOIPFG), the CCP harvests organs from live Falun Gong practitioners. In some cases, they use the method of live organ harvesting to torture and kill Falun Gong practitioners. The purpose of the CCP’s live organ harvesting is illustrated as follows:

1. They use live organ harvesting as an extremely cruel form of torture. As after all kinds of mental and physical torment, they have not achieved their goal, which is to “transform” practitioner, as they have not received the bonus that they pursue, or as the practitioners’ exposure of their evil conducts, which have exerted more pressure on them. They use this kind of extreme torture—live organ harvesting – to vent their anger, and at the same time to annihilate Falun Gong practitioners physically. This can be clearly seen in the testimony of the armed policeman in Liaoning Province.

2. It is a mass slaughter in order to “physically eliminate” the Falun Gong community. At the same time, the CCP sells organs for profits, to stimulate more crimes with enormous profits to take place, in order to maintain its criminal policies and regime. Although the CCP’s goal, process of implementation and method are similar to the conventional cases, since they don’t see Falun Gong practitioners as human beings, they only pay attention to the quality of their organs, so they perform organ harvesting when Falun Gong practitioners are still alive, thus adopting a swift and destructive surgical approach.

IV. Forced Organ Harvesting

This is what the CCP has always been doing since a long time ago. Moreover, it was confirmed by an official document in 1984. On October 9, 1984, the CCP’s Supreme People’s Court, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Health jointly issued the Interim Provisions on the Use of Death Organs' Corpse or Corpse Organs, and established the legitimacy of forced harvesting of organs from executed prisoners. On the surface, it is said that it’s voluntary organ donation from death-row inmates. However, these people have no right to say no, but they are actually “forced harvested”. This was also an open state secret. After 2006, it was publicly acknowledged that the CCP had been systematically using death row inmates’ organs. And soon after, they were engaged in high-profile publicity of (forced) organ harvesting from executed prisoners. This was under the strong pressure from Falun Gong practitioners and the accusations of the international community. The CCP’s uncharacteristic high-profile propaganda of its own use of death row inmates’ organs, is aimed at hiding the most serious crimes and divert people’s attention. It is an attempt to cover up the crime of mass extermination by live organ harvesting and their human rights violations.

The CCP dared not respond to the term “live organ harvesting” for a long period of time. It has also feared and avoided this phrase, until the 2016 Hong Kong International Transplant Conference, when the CCP’s spokespersons, such as Huang Jiefu, openly denied Falun Gong practitioners’ accusation of their live organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners. They only admitted that (forced) organ harvesting from death row inmates had already stopped. Especially on the World Health Assembly of May 24, 2018 and the 27th World Transplant Conference of June 2018, he clearly stated that (forced) organ harvesting from death-row inmates had stopped. He also openly denied Falun Gong practitioners’ accusation of their live organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners.

Therefore, “forced organ harvesting” is a term that the CCP is willing to accept, and it even purposefully hyped it up, in order to divert people’s attention to relatively minor crimes and hide the serious ones. It is a strategy to dissolve the crime of genocide by “live organ harvesting”. Of course, the CCP did not admit that they engaged in “forced harvesting”, but people would naturally associate organ harvesting with death row inmates with “forced harvesting”, and mistake “live organ harvesting” for “forced organ harvesting”.

The phrase “live organ harvesting” refers to CCP’s harvesting of organs from live Falun Gong practitioners, it is murdering living people, killing good people, and it is a crime of genocide. “Forced organ harvesting” is a violation of human rights, it is a conduct against ethics and morals.


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Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/node/248057




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