Master Gave Our Family a Great Son

A Dafa Disciple from Sichuan, China

PureInsight | January 7, 2019


When my wife was pregnant with our son in 1997, a few miracles occurred.

When my wife was at work, none of her colleagues dared to touch her skin. As soon as they came into contact with her, they would be shocked. My wife also found it strange at the time. Another time I went with my wife to spread the Fa. I was curious whether my wife's body really carried electricity. I proceeded to tap my index finger against the back of my wife's hand. Before even coming into contact with her skin, I heard a loud cracking sound akin to an electric light flint. My finger was flicked aside, and my wife starting crying from the scare. Later, she asked Master to turn off this supernormal ability.

In about the 6th or 7th month of her pregnancy, my wife once, while propping her stomach, walked through a road construction site. A steel bar was on the floor, causing her to trip and fall severely and directly onto her stomach. People in the vicinity were scared senseless. My wife got up and noticed a deep imprint on the button on her stomach, but she was completely fine, so she continued on to the exercise site.

After my son was born, he developed a high fever when he was just a few months old. We played video of Master’s lectures and my wife used a wet handkerchief to clean him; we didn’t take him to the hospital. One time while I was out spreading the Fa, my son’s face flushed red and his eyes fluttered white from the fever. My wife was anxious to the point of tears. While playing for him with video of Master’s lectures, she continued to use a wet handkerchief to wipe his forehead and body so as to decrease the temperature. In the end he was not in any real danger. For other kids it would have been very serious, and they may also have developed other illnesses, but my son was fine. The child’s grandpa and grandma are also practitioners, and they understood that it was Master helping to purify their grandson’s body. When my son was seven or eight months old, he would start having diarrhea several times a day. Every time, he would excrete sticky, filthy substances. This continued for over a month, but he was fine; neither did he go to the hospital. Afterwards, my son’s health was noticeably better; he carried a chunky disposition and was loved by everyone who met him. When my son went to preschool at the age of three, the principal said, “We have never seen a child this beautiful”. Later when my wife was kidnapped and sent to a detention center, the wicked party’s government workers there responsible for brainwashing Dafa disciples were also greatly fond of my son.

When the evil’s persecution started, I was being persecuted and for a while lost my cultivation direction. After returning from prison, it would take me several years to find my way back. Due to the party’s persecution causing me and my wife to fall from Dafa disciples’ state, my son had no way to come into contact with Dafa and would often intermingle with ordinary people’s kids. It was difficult to control him. As soon as we didn’t pay attention, he would run outside to play and his grades were not very good. But later two situations occurred that caused us to wake up. One was when my son was out playing with other kids, he jumped from an area several meters high and broke his heel bone. We visited several places, and found some doctors for setting fractures. It took several months to set the bone back together. Another time, during break time at school, a student pushed my son, causing his head to smash against the edge of a wall pillar. He received a big gash, and blood gushed incessantly. He stayed in the hospital for over 10 days, and was in the end left with a big scar on his head.

We later enlightened that we must lead the child in studying the Fa. Cultivation is the only way out. We thus called on him to study the Fa together and taught him the exercises. From then on, he never had any accidents.

When he was in middle school, my son would study the Fa whenever he had time. Every day, the first thing he would do after waking up was to study the Fa. Then, he would do the exercises, and then do his schoolwork. He started becoming more and more knowledgeable about things and the entire family was fond of him. When he went to another city for college, I copied Dafa e-books onto my son’s laptop and added a password so that he could study the Fa whenever he wanted. Because he was sharing a room with several students, we originally didn’t expect him to do the exercises. But later when he came home, he told us that he had persisted in doing the exercises. I asked him if the other students knew and he said that they did. He said that he even tried clarifying the truth to them and asked them to do the three withdrawals. We were all very happy for him.

My son’s grades in college were exceptional, and he was loved by the teachers and students alike. Although he is very handsome, he never had a girlfriend, and from elementary school to college, was pursued by female students. In fact, he maintained his distance. In college, when my son had to communicate with female students for schoolwork purposes, he made clear that he wasn’t looking for a girlfriend. His goal was to go to university for postgraduate study so he was always very diligent in his studies. English used to be his worst subject, but he made up for it in his first year of college by passing the English Level Four Test. In his second year of college, he had already applied for the English Level Six Test.

My son is not like the young people nowadays who are overly reliant on their parents. After going to college, he learned to be filial and would often buy things for his parents using savings earned from working part-time jobs. He also knew to greet family members during their birthdays or on holidays. He is also very frugal in his spending, very much unlike other students who eat at exorbitant restaurants. For him, $500 Yuan living expenses a month was enough, and he would normally never squander money. Other students are constantly looking for ways to get more money from their parents. But we are always looking to give him more money, yet he doesn’t want it. Our friends often exclaim, “It is very difficult to find a son like yours!”

My wife has a temperamental personality and often gets angry. As soon as something is not to her liking, she will throw a fit. When I and my wife got into an argument, my son would stand from an objective perspective and tell us not to get carried away. My wife came to see her sensible son more and more as the pearl in her palm. I said, “It is all Master looking after him. Master gave us a good son. His path is arranged by Master.”

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