Views in Other Dimensions During Shen Yun Promotion

An Overseas Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | March 4, 2019

[] I saw some wonderful things and experienced the most serious interference from other dimensions during Shen Yun promotion.

Probably because of our xinxing level, some storeowners did not allow us to put up posters. However, when our xinxing improved, many storeowners welcomed our posters. We tried not to judge owners with our own opinions but delivered our righteous thoughts. If they would like to enjoy the show, they would be saved. Their souls would be cleansed by the heavenly music and dancing; their spirits would be sublimated in the Fa-rectification.

That day, I went to put up posters with two practitioners. We would communicate with storeowners via our flyers and posters. After our introduction, the storeowner was very interested and promised she would enjoy it with her family. A practitioner asked to put the poster on her door because it was very peaceful there. When we finished, it was time to send forth righteous thoughts. We did it in our car and saw her window exploding into pieces and a group of frightened tigers, lions, panthers, wolves, etc. escaping and running for their lives. At the other side of the store, a group of fairies in gorgeous pink costumes performed wonderful dance. I knew all evils would be eliminated after the poster was hanging there. The storeowner has benefited already because Master cleaned up all bad substances in the store.

In another store, the owner agreed to hang the poster at first. However, she suddenly told us to wait because she had to take care of customers. The waiting time was longer than we expected. I started to send forth righteous thoughts to deny all arrangements from the old forces and eliminate the interference. Master let me see a big skeleton by her trying to press the keyboard. He was trying to mess up the information in her computer. She said, “I know you already paid me, but I cannot find the information.” I knew the interference was trying to disturb the owner from us. Later, her assistant found a best place for our poster. The old forces would interfere with us in various ways to stop us from saving beings.

In a big store, we talked to a manager about Shen Yun. She was very interested in it and told us to wait for her. At that moment, I saw a demonic figure behind her, but it was weak as dust. It was brush its rough tangled hair. In this dimension, the manager seemed to be lost and forget about us. She was running and walking because she was being chased by the evil in another dimension. I felt bad and realized people were so easily controlled by outside forces. Fortunately, Master helped us find a manager assistant, and he found a perfect place for the poster.

Today, we are so lucky to be Dafa disciples. Under Master’s guidance, our mission is to let all beings know Shen Yun. During the Shen Yun promotion, sometimes we are driven by our own ideas; sometimes we are upset because we are unable to put up posters; sometimes we are so self-centered. We cannot let go of our persistence no matter whether we are right or wrong, forgetting that we should be working hard to get all sentient beings away from the old forces’ arrangements.

For all Dafa practitioners, please try to keep righteous thoughts while participating in projects and Shen Yun promotion. It is not easy for some practitioners to promote Shen Yun. They might encounter interference from family members or overcome many obstacles such as bad weather, etc. Let us put down our attachments to right and wrong, jealousy, and ourselves and truly cooperate together. We will be able to finish our mission to save sentient beings. I know some practitioners were almost involved in accidents when they argued over right and wrong while driving to do Shen Yun promotion. Only righteous thoughts and compassion can save beings.

Once, I saw some bad black animals from the old forces covering some of the Shen Yun posters. It was because practitioners had so many attachments to jealousy, showing off, and arguing. The old forces took advantage of these attachments to cover the posters. People could not see it and be saved.

People in this dimension cannot see it. As a result, lots of posters did not have the power to save sentient beings because of practitioners’ low xinxing levels.

The Fa-rectification will end soon. We must complete our own cultivation through our jobs. Shen Yun promotion is a solemn mission. Let us maintain righteous thoughts when we talk to all beings. In this way we can eliminate and deny all evil forces that prevent us from saving sentient beings.


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