Forty Years for a Forty-Day Journey

A Falun Dafa Practitioner

PureInsight | February 28, 2020

[] I recently watched a documentary program on NTD, where I learned about the story of Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt. The synopsis is that Moses followed the command of God to save the people of Israel from the ruler of Egypt. During the Israelites exodus from Egypt, many miracles took place. The journey was initially supposed to be only forty days, it instead took forty years to reach the beautiful place that God gave the Israelites. The reason it took so long is frightening for me as a cultivator. It is because during the journey from Egypt, the Israelites appeared to blame God, were lacking in belief and committed sins such as Fornication. This made God so angry that it took them forty years to reach the Promised Land. During the forty years, those who said inappropriate things ended up dying.

I am not familiar with this history, so I did my own research. All materials I consulted clearly recorded this and explained why the journey took so long. God spent 40 years to eliminate those who were not qualified to go to the Holy Land. That is to say, the people that finally made it to the Holy Land met the standard. God saved the suffering Israelites and revealed ten miracles to them. Even after witnessing these miracles, people still committed fornication, had disrespect and disbelief in God. God was still merciful and did not unleash His wrath on the Israelites. Instead, God extended the time and distance to the Promised Land to eliminate unqualified people and to let people who met the standard make it to the Holy Land. This terrified me because it reminded me of the 2008 Olympic Games, when the evil CCP did not disintegrate, practitioners doubted Master’s Fa. It reminded me of the many disrespects over the years shown towards Master and the Fa. It also reminded me of the fact that Fa-rectification continues until today.

Today, nearly 20 years later many cultivators know Fa-rectification has not ended because of Master’s compassion. Master suffers a lot to prolong the time for disciples to save beings. We also know it is because not enough beings have been saved. Many practitioners have the attachment for an end to Fa Rectification, but have not carefully thought about our many attachments and have not been able to reach higher requirements. This has affected our ability to do the three things well, and some practitioners even get diseases and pass away due to a lack of belief in Dafa…

Master’s infinite compassion can accommodate all the faults of all Dafa disciples. Master is the Creator of everything. However, the Fa has Its standards. Every level of divine beings will judge Dafa disciples’ performance. All the while, the evil old forces take advantage of cultivation shortcomings to persecute many practitioners. Perhaps it is our obsession for the Fa-rectification to end. We have all kinds of excitement, doubt, blame, disrespect, and so on. What is the difference between this and Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt in the forty days? God’s compassion and wisdom allowed those who met the standards to reach the Holy Land. Now Master is still giving opportunities and is extending the time to save more sentient beings.

I just shared my own understanding to give myself and other practitioners a warning.


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