Gods Arranged the Demise of Evil Communist Spirits

Dafa Disciple – Lian

PureInsight | May 14, 2020

[PureInsight.org] Evil communist spirits have wrecked the world for nearly a century. Mankind’s indulgence attracted this "evil spirit." After mankind lost its righteous faith, corrupted lives of the universe infiltrated the human mind and spirit.

Historically, during periods when human beings fully and firmly believed in Gods and Buddhas, any disbelief or denial of Gods or Buddhas would be immediately eradicated without being given a foothold. Over two thousand years ago, Gods punished ancient Rome with the Great Plague for persecuting Christians. Through extreme pain, people finally understood that the Gods’ anger was caused by their persecution of Gods, Buddhas, and their believers. After people’s devout confession to the Gods and Buddhas, the plague disappeared. This laid the foundation for divine faith, and under the protection of the Gods and Buddhas, mankind has reached this day and created a brilliant civilization.

After a long time, people might forget the sufferings and lessons of humanity in the past. People tend to absorb negative experiences from history and rarely perceive historical human suffering from a positive perspective. Driven by empirical science and selfish greed, mankind has begun to betray the teachings of Gods and Buddhas and abandon Gods’ commandments in order to seek happiness in the human world. After heeding the absurd ideologies of evil atheism and evil spirits, mankind now finds itself in today’s terrible situation facing the edge of destruction yet without awareness.

Under the belief values of freedom, equality, and human rights, humans indulge in atheist ideologies. Mankind has no idea that all human civilizations and brilliant achievements were only established, achieved, and developed under the belief of orthodox religions. However, human beings today feel that everything is the result of their own hard work and the glory of human reasoning. Human beings are increasingly losing the care and revelations of Gods and Buddhas. Driven by rationality, atheism has developed tremendously. This happens to be what the evil communist spirits need, or it is precisely what they use to deliberately guide humanity towards extreme arrogance and self-confidence. Most human beings today worship science rather than believe in Gods and Buddhas. Belief in Gods and Buddhas has become only symbolic. Even the few who truly believe in Gods and Buddhas pray for wealth and higher technology rather than return to the divine through belief in orthodox religions.

Therefore, mankind has lost vigilance in the values of freedom, equality, and human rights, and has instead indulged in the proliferation of atheism. From whom did atheism originate? It is the evil communist spirit, in other words the devil! However, mankind has allowed the evil communist spirit demon to spread into the world under the slogan of "freedom, equality, and human rights".

When evil communist spirits persecute Dafa practitioners, Dafa disciples clarify the truth all over the world. After understanding the truth, many people realized the evil of communist spirits and took the initiative to stand up against the persecution of Dafa disciples, defend their freedom of belief, and safeguard humanity’s dignity. However, many people still choose to be silent; driven by self-interest, many people still choose to side with the evil communist spirits; driven by greed, many people still choose to dance with the wolf.

Through years of hard and upright cultivation, we have seen too much suffering, and we have seen the raging and rampant evil communist spirits in the world. Sometimes negative and powerless feelings rise in our hearts, and we may think the evil communist spirits are too evil or the old forces are too strong. This overestimates the devil by considering it too powerful and underestimates the positive power of the world. This mentality also appeared in my mind. This way of thinking is a compromise to the evil. Dafa disciples should believe in Master and Dafa. Correct everything wrong! Evil must be eliminated, and strong righteous thoughts can save more sentient beings.

On an everyday level, the global outbreak of the coronavirus, also as known as the CCP virus, is a final counterattack by the dying evil communist spirits before facing their collapse.

However, the Gods and Buddhas are in control of everything. The CCP virus will infect CCP members and those who stand with the evil communist spirits. This is what we are seeing in the news.

Countless facts revealed that when the CCP virus broke out, the evil communist spirits tried to destroy mankind and achieve their arrogant ambition to rule the world. However, the Gods and Buddhas are in control, and the time has come for the universe to destroy the evil communist spirits. The devil is trying to destroy people, while Gods and Buddhas are saving all beings. In the twenty years since Dafa disciples have clarified the truth, countless beings have understood the truth and have chosen to stand on the side of Gods and Buddhas and support Dafa disciples. The universe’s God of Plague has arrived in the lower realm and, under the guidance of Gods and Buddhas, is gradually destroying evil lives and lives deceived by evil communist spirits while protecting sentient beings saved by Dafa disciples from the CCP virus. Yes, all the orthodox Gods of the whole universe have come to eradicate the devil.

At this critical moment, Dafa disciples are urgently saving sentient beings who are facing danger.


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