Abandon Attachments and Become a Fa-Rectification Period Dafa Disciple

A Taiwanese Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | February 13, 2021


Greetings, revered Master!

Greetings, my fellow practitioners!

1.    Abandon Inferiority and Be Involved in Saving Sentient Beings

I obtained the Fa in 2002. I was introverted before practicing Dafa. I grew up in a rural area. Since I could remember, I had seen my mom lying in bed. We needed to take care of her daily life. My dad often took my mom on his bicycle to seek medical treatment. The elders said that it was because my mother got a cold during her puerperium, and it was difficult to cure. Her health went downhill rapidly. When I was 7 years old, she passed away.

My family spent nearly all our money treating my mother's illness. In order to support four children, my father worked hard to earn an income and often went to work at other places. My eldest sister got married when I was in fifth grade. My older brother left to be an apprentice after graduating from elementary school. When my second brother was in high school, he lived outside and studied part-time. Only my father and I stayed at home. We grew vegetables, rice, and mushrooms and sold them to make money. I had to help with the farming, and I was also expected to do housework. For this reason, I often asked for leave of absence and could not attend school regularly. My classmates made fun of me because I was a child without a mother. The teacher always asked me, “Why do you always ask for leave of absence?” It had made me feel very inferior. My dad would rather work harder than marry again for fear that the stepmother would not love us. He was burdened by heavy responsibilities, so he disciplined me strictly and often looked serious. I was afraid when I saw my father’s angry face. When I grew up, I became very introverted. I didn't dare to talk casually. I was afraid that people would be unhappy if I said the wrong thing. I didn't dare to say any more if they didn't have a good expression. I was very concerned about other people's comments. Because of this, I was unable to express my ideas clearly.

After cultivating, I realized that we must save sentient beings. In particular, we should clarify the facts to people in mainland China. But, because of my low self-esteem and introverted personality, I felt frustrated. One day I cried at myself in the mirror and said firmly, “I must learn to call to save people.” Encouraged by my fellow practitioners, I got on the RTC platform. At that time, I felt scared to go further. But someone was pushing me forward. If I hesitated, I would not only lose the opportunity to improve my cultivation but also fail to fulfill my vow. No matter how hard it would be, I should be determined to overcome the difficulty. Gradually, I became more and more proficient. Every night I kept making phone calls on the platform. We formed a one body to mutually improve in cultivation and save people.

In order to assist more practitioners to call to save people, RTC platform set up a training team. The coordinator asked me to coordinate the training work. At that moment, I felt incapable of this role. I was afraid that if I didn’t do well, it could affect the salvation of people. However, I was aware that there were no coincidences in cultivation. Thus, over the past few years, I had been in charge of the training team.

2.    Letting Go of Self and Cultivating Compassion

Due to the CCP virus, truth clarification in tourist hotspots were stopped. Making phone calls to people in mainland China became crucial. Since the beginners had to be trained, I undertook the registration work. I thought that I just needed to fill out the registration forms for the beginners. Unexpectedly, so many practitioners signed up for training because of the coronavirus lockdown in many countries. In addition to managing the training every day, I had to go through the instructions for practitioners around the world who came online at different times. Often times I answered the same question many times until I nearly lost my voice. After, I decided to message the trainees instead. However, the trainees still had questions when they were online. I thought, ‘Okay, I could explain the issues when everyone shows up together’. However, they came at different times! It always took about one hour to complete the registration process.

After the large group training, whenever I went on the RTC platform, practitioners would ask me to help them enroll in an individual group training. I was fairly busy every day. I found it most challenging to solve the issue of grouping people. Every trainee registered at different times, but I had to assign them equally to each group. It took a lot of time. But because fellow practitioners in the end could only see a completed registration form, they may not have taken it seriously. Every practitioner wanted to be with their favourite group leader. For this reason, some of them did not go to the group I assigned them. Instead, they attended training in one group today and visited another group tomorrow.

It would be very messy if many practitioners did not follow the instructions. It was hard for me to convince them to go to their assigned groups. Even though this offended some practitioners, I still needed to sort it out for the sake of the whole. This caused problems. A practitioner spoke to me loudly in front of many other practitioners, “What do you think of me?” I smiled and replied to her, “I don’t know you. What thoughts can I have of you?” She questioned me loudly, “Tell me how you grouped us.” I realized that this was a xinxing test helping me improve. I said to her, “Please think about this on my side.” Then she lowered her voice. I could understand that she wanted to learn to make phone calls properly.

The training was designed for beginners. A practitioner still wanted to enrol in the program even though she already attended the training and could make calls. Too many practitioners needed to be trained, so I told her, “Could you please let other practitioners be trained? We can send you to the second live broadcast room and make calls with other team members.” She felt irritated and said to me, “I will go to a sub-venue to make calls.” I talked to her gently, “Please don’t be upset. We should not let the old forces take advantage of our gaps. Instead, we should form one body and save people together.” I heard her choking up and said, “You’re right. I should not persist with my ideas. It’s important to fulfill our tasks.” I could not help but cry. She sent me a message to apologize on the following day. Because of practicing Dafa, we were able to quickly correct ourselves and maintain our xinxing. There are no coincidences in cultivation. All tests are designed to upgrade our xinxing. Now we can both cooperate to make calls.

Master said in the Lecture Four, Zhuan Falun, “Accordingly, in your future cultivation practice you will run into all kinds of tribulations. How can you practice cultivation without these hardships? If everyone is good to one another without conflicts of interests or interference from the human mind, how can your xinxing make progress by your only sitting there? That is impossible. One must truly temper and upgrade oneself through actual practice. ”

Similar scenarios arose frequently. My cultivation state was not very good. I felt it was unfair that I was always doing these arduous and unrewarding tasks. I even felt tired of doing them. I felt even worse when I heard others praising and thanking other coordinators for their help. My attachments to grievance, jealousy, and resentment came up. I even asked myself, “Am I really a coordinator?” I felt like I was just running an errand. I was so busy every day that I could not even make a phone call, and I could not gain other fellow practitioners’ understandings. Once I had the thought of not wanting to continue, I immediately thought of Master’s Fa teaching.

Master said in the Lecture Seven, Zhuan Falun, “Yet whether one’s practice comes to fruition depends on how much heart is put into it; this holds true for everyone, and there is no way around it. There is nothing innately inferior about a novice monk who tends the hearth or cooks the meals at a monastery, and his hardships make it all the more likely he will achieve spiritual enlightenment. Senior monks, on the other hand, will find it all the harder to achieve since they enjoy comfort and ease, and do fewer things that would rework their karma. A novice monk leads a hard and tiring life, which allows him to pay off karma and enlighten more swiftly. Awakening might come to such a monk unexpectedly one day, and with it, even if not full enlightenment, will come great powers.”

The title of ‘coordinator’ would not help me improve my xinxing. Only when I abandoned my attachments like the novice monk did could I upgrade my level. I seemed to let go of a layer of human thoughts and attained tranquillity. I decided to do better when I coordinated the training in the near future. Through cooperation as one body, I hope that we can form a greater energy field with fellow practitioners to save people.

3.    Race Against Time to Save Predestined People

Practitioners have been actively making phone calls. I felt anxious for fear that I might fall behind. Thus, I decided to manage my time properly to make calls. Thanks to my righteous thoughts, I did make a call right after processing practitioners’ sign up requests on the following day. A predestined person answered my phone. Once he listened to the truth, he quit the CCP. I asked him, “Is there anyone else around you?” He told me there were three more people. I immediately helped his friends quit the CCP. After, I got notified about attending a meeting. I was so moved. Thank you Master for the encouragement!

More and more practitioners around the world have started to sign up for RTC every day. We also encouraged Taiwanese practitioners to join the project. I invited a practitioner who lived near me to attend the training. Since he was busy with work, I gave him learning materials to practice. One day he wanted to come to my place to learn to make calls. He turned up on time, holding a thick notepad. I saw that he had hand-copied all the truth-clarification materials. He said he could remember better by copying it down. He wrote down all the materials, including the analysis of the self-immolation hoax. He even wrote down each and every word of other practitioners’ phone call recordings and even marked them so that he could easily find it. I was touched by his diligence, and I felt ashamed that I did not make phone calls as wholeheartedly as he did. When he came to my place again, I encouraged him to make phone calls by himself. During his first phone call, the person who answered kept asking him to continue clarifying the truth, so he read everything that he copied down to that person. Finally, that person asked the practitioner, “Is everything going well with Master Li Hongzhi?” He was so moved to hear that. He felt that since this was his first time calling, Master was encouraging him. Later, whenever he was available, he made phone calls according to the truth-clarification materials. Every time he called, he was able to save predestined people. Moreover, he also helped other practitioners join the phone calling efforts to save sentient beings.

A new practitioner, who had cultivated Dafa for less than a year, also participated in RTC training. It took him only a few months to become proficient. When he came across people who were confused about the truth, he could always convince them to quit the CCP by using the truth-clarification materials. Now he calls in the first live broadcast room.

Recently RTC utilized a new dialling system. Every Monday, five districts in Taiwan took turns to make phone calls. In order to form one body, now all Taiwanese practitioners called together. When it was my turn to coordinate, I helped practitioners install the new system, so I was unable to make a call. Nevertheless, I had a thought, “Apart from helping fellow practitioners, I should also find time to make calls too.” When it was my turn to coordinate again, I ran into a fellow practitioner whose microphone was muted. At the time of my moving him to another room, I heard him say out loud, “Falun Dafa is good. Zhen-Shan-Ren is good. Assist our Master to rectify the Fa. Save sentient beings using righteous thoughts.” These words made me really touched. After I unconsciously repeated those words, my body suddenly felt warm. I dialled a number. A man answered the phone, and he quit the CCP by the name of Fu Chang. Also, I helped a lady next to him to quit the CCP by the name of Mei Hua.

In August 2020, many Vietnamese practitioners wanted to join in clarifying the truth on RTC platform. Most of them could not speak Chinese. But for the sake of saving sentient beings, they were actively studying Chinese. They attended our training every day. We grouped Chinese-speaking practitioners with them, but translating would take a while. A Taiwanese practitioner told me that she worked in the day and did not have much time at night. Rather than helping Vietnamese practitioners, she preferred practicing making calls. Another practitioner shared that seeing Vietnamese practitioners working hard to learn Chinese, she would come onto the platform early to help them practice the truth-clarification materials. On hearing this sharing, that Taiwanese practitioner who did not want to be grouped with the Vietnamese practitioners left a message for me. She realized that she should abandon selfishness. Since all of us wanted Vietnamese practitioners to study Chinese well and actively clarify the truth, she should cooperate with all the other team members. I felt surprised to know that a Vietnamese practitioner had helped more than 200 Chinese people quit the CCP. Since I can speak Chinese, I should manage my time more efficiently to save predestined people.

4.    Look Within and Balance my Family

I have been going on the platform on time nearly every night for months. Thus, I did not have a lot of time to accompany my husband. He was never against me making calls to China. But recently, he would always scold me, with a frightening facial expression. This really terrified me. I did not look inside immediately, and I thought that he was being affected by his cell phone. I blamed that his temper changed because of him being on his phone. It was until recently, I asked him where he was going to work. He replied to me impatiently, “I am going to your classmate’s house.”

My husband had been helping my elementary school classmate decorate her house for some time. I said, “You are going to her house to work for her again!” My husband was very upset and said, “They asked me how come your wife had never been come with me before.” When I heard it, I was very upset and said, “Why should I go there? I don't have enough time. Besides, I’m not close with her. She likes to make thoughtless remarks, and she believes in other schools of practice.” My husband replied to me, “You always sit in front of the computer every day. Is that necessary for cultivation? How much do we chat a day?” At that moment, I could not hold in my temper and said, “Don't you understand why I cultivate? Our daughter and I had poor health in the past. It was only after practicing Falun Dafa that we became healthy, don’t you know? If I didn’t cultivate Dafa, could I be like this today?” Then I said a lot of things out of anger.

We had not talked for a few days. I started looking within. It was true that I was on the platform every night, and recently, I rarely talked to my husband. I realized that I should save the people around me first. On the following day, I sincerely cared for him. When he came back from work, I quickly brought a bowl of dessert and asked him softly, “You are back. Are you hungry? Have a bowl of sweet soup and you can eat later.” Now, I try to make a cup of tea for my husband and chat with him before going on the platform. Now, my husband is willing to talk to me like before. He would not ignore me. His face would look kind and he has become even-tempered and would not swear. I really feel thankful for my husband as he gave me an opportunity to find out areas I needed to improve on.

I have shared my experience. Please kindly point out anything inappropriate.

Thank you, revered Master!

Thank you, my fellow practitioners.


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