Precious Experiences in Eighteen Years of Practice

A Dafa Disciple from Taiwan

PureInsight | May 12, 2021


Hello, respected Master, everyone, fellow practitioners. I am currently serving as the planning executive for NTDTV, and today I want to share with you my eighteen years of practice.


1. The chance of obtaining the Fa and practicing

I went to the nine-day class with my mother in my last year at middle school. At that time, I couldn't understand the Master's teaching, but I knew that Dafa was very good, and it could make the body healthy and planted the seeds of future cultivation.

At Christmas in the second year of high school, I made a wish in class to be "diligent". After a few months, I was walking on campus after school one day. I heard the sound of familiar music. Someone on the commander's platform was practicing Falun Gong. Now I could do the exercises after school, and the time is just right. The counselor taught me the exercises from the beginning and took me to read Zhuan Falun. I always felt a strong motivation beside her and that feeling made me want to be as pure and kind as her. Since wearing a uniform to do the exercises at the commanding station right after school hours are full of classmates and teachers passing by, my attachment of avoiding public embarrassment was turbulent, I don't want to be noticed. Therefore, every time I must have the courage to go to the stage to do the exercises. When doing the meditation exercise, with the legs crossed, it was painful and so difficult to tolerate. Winter is cold and summer is sultry, so flies, mosquitoes, and ants often came to annoy me. Although it was hurtful enduring hardship, I felt at ease in my heart. I also felt that my body and mind were changing, my improvement was rapid as well, and my life was fulfilling. Slowly, I stopped the lotion that I had to put on every day. I no longer needed to take allergy medicines and rubbing steroids. I felt my body was light without illnesses, Even though the study time was long and stressful in the third year of high school, I still used the early morning time and after the eighth class time to get out of class to practice exercises and study the Fa every day. Even if I was the only one left, I would continue to insist; and sent the Epoch Times weekly to the School Principal office and other offices. The practice during this time has laid a solid foundation for future cultivation.


2. Practice and Fa verification actions on campus

When I was in college, I started with the establishment of a campus practice site and established a club with fellow practitioners. Through club activities, teachers and students in the college could learn about the beauty of Dafa by enriching their experience, tempering their minds, and coordinating cooperation. Spreading the Fa on campus to clarify the truth was the favor of young students. Teachers and students came from different places. When they heard the truth, they would bring the gospel back to more places. Shortly after the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party article was launched, we held a seminar on the Nine Commentaries on campus. When the message was posted on the school’s electronic bulletin board, there were complaints on the Internet, saying that we were engaged in politics and asked us to get out of campus. For a while, I felt a lot of pressure, but the fellow practitioners remained unmoved and continued to do what they should do. One or two years later, when we reposted the truth as usual and posted the Epoch Times report on the mainland's civil rights protection news on the bulletin board, some people began to praise the "Great Epoch Times," and some people spoke out to stop the abuse. I was very pleased to see such a change. Whenever teachers and students from mainland China came to give lectures, exchanges, etc., we would seize the opportunity to get to know them, pass information, etc., hoping to let them understand the truth.

When I was in graduate school, I faced the fear of schoolwork. When I was a child, I heard my dad saying, "Research is to make things that no one has done before." I thought how difficult it would be and how could I do it? After admission through screening and recommendation and joined the Graduate School at the College of Communication in the National Chengchi University, I was shocked by the excellent and heavy theoretical classes of my classmates, and I began to be afraid of the work and evaded it intentionally or unconsciously. One year later, I saw my classmates writing papers in the research room, but I hadn't made any progress, and I was embarrassed to enter the research room for fear of being compared. The attachment of saving face and the desire for perfection hindered me from seeking help from my classmates, and I fell into fear and couldn't get out of it. In the past, I was always dependent and dreamed that if a teacher would teach me how to write a paper step by step which would be great. I eventually realized that this mentality is wrong and must be corrected, and only then I would be helped by God. So I shut myself in the library and asked my senior if I didn't understand it, it was the most difficult thing to break through my inner fear, and then the pressure of time, because there was not much time left before the graduation deadline. During the three or four months of rushing to write the thesis, whenever I felt scared and anxious, I took up the Fa to learn and continued to write as if I was not afraid. With the care and assistance of the teachers and relatives and friends I wrote it out and finished my studies. Looking back, writing a thesis was nothing more than that. There was nothing difficult. It was the concepts and fears of my childhood that hindered me. Only by breaking the concepts and fears, I could accomplish what I should do.


3. Look inward, improve Xinxing, and cooperate unconditionally

After graduation, I went to work in the mountain for three months. On the first day, I was the only one who was assigned to the iron workgroup. After the announcement, one practitioner said, "There was a Taiwanese practitioner working under the head of this group, and his days were passing slowly like years”. As soon as I heard it, I was scared. At first, I didn't have much chance to contact the others. Later, when I became the assistant of the person in charge, the test began. As soon as he stretched out his hand, it was like a doctor reaching out to a nurse for a scalpel when he was performing a surgical operation. I had to immediately determine whether the person in charge needed a hammer, welding rod, or other tools. A fellow practitioner from Taiwan followed him longer and was even more scolded. You will get angry after being scolded for a long time. I am not the roundworm in his stomach. We are all fellow practitioners. Why can you scold someone like this? And after a while, I saw that some practitioners who were joined after me at other group were already driving the stacker at night and we could only be his assistants, I was not convinced, and I didn't want to be screws of the team. Later, during a scolding, I endured it, thinking "No matter what you say, I will cooperate." Master was discussing work with several fellow practitioners on the sidelines, and the content of what was said was unclear, but as soon as my thoughts cooperated, Master’s voice clearly reached my ears: "Yes!" I knew Master was enlightening me, so I learned to think from the perspective of the person in charge, such as observing his work, thinking what he might do next, guessing what might be needed, and preparing for him in advance. Later, I worked late with a Russian practitioner. Everyone went to eat. There was no one on the construction site, but there was the sound of tools beating in the orchestra area. We saw that it was the Master who brought a fellow practitioner both working on the site. After our discussion, we decided to skip dinner and stay working as Master's assistant. I was very happy at that moment, and I am very grateful for the experience of being an assistant during this time so that we can better at assisting Master at later moments.


4. Search my path in reality and enter NTDTV

I dreamed that Master asked me if I want to stay on the mountain. I said yes. The next second I felt regretful because I missed the reality, my family, and my friends to stay on the mountain forever. After waking up from the dream, I realized that it was too real, but I didn't want to work all the time, so I applied to be a Shen Yun musician. The fellow practitioner passed me the Master’s reply: "Major in radio and television, working for radio and television." After returning to Taiwan, I went to NTDTV for an interview. In the beginning, my salary was low, and my attachment to personal interest was hard to drop. I wanted to find a job first with a normal salary. I have done several jobs in the past two years. I have bumped into each other and spent a lot of time at work. I could not spare time to participate in Fa-study and experience sharing. I was too busy to study the Fa and practice exercises. After seeing my strong jealousy, fear, and lust, it all boiled down to maintaining my selfishness, making a big mistake, and then struggling to eliminate illness karma for a half year. These experiences made me feel that it turned out that the prosperity of the world was nothing more than that, so there was nothing to miss. With one chance, I took the initiative to join NTDTV full-time.


5. Experiences of working at NTDTV

When I first joined NTD, I felt that the cultivation environment here is too precious. Before going to work and during the lunch break, there will be group study for one hour. After work, you can also do the exercises together. Five exercises are in place within one step. When the time for sending forth righteous thoughts is up, turn off the lights and send forth righteous thoughts. Where to find such a working environment?

Master said in Fa Teaching Given at the 2010 New York Fa Conference, "It’s about cultivators needing to become more professional …”

I understand that NTDTV is a group of cultivators who want to become professional in social media. The effectiveness of their work is a comprehensive display of their cultivation status and professional skills. Neither is indispensable. We should learn from ordinary people’s management methods, organizational forms, and professional skills. But when you encounter contradictions, unreasonable, or unfair treatment, you should think of yourself as a cultivator, look inward, return to the right mentality, and do not treat your work at NTDTV with an ordinary people mentality.

You are also cultivating at work, and there are factors of cultivation. Master said in Zhuan Falun, “From the perspective of a higher life, the development of human society progresses according to the specific law of development. Therefore, what one does in life is not arranged based on one’s abilities. Buddhism believes in the principle of karmic retribution. One’s life is arranged according to one’s karma. No matter how capable you are, if you do not have de, perhaps you will have nothing in this life.”

So, it is not related to my personal preference. Often, it comes with what I do not prefer. I used to have the idea that I did not like to deal with trivial and complicated administrative matters, but the most important part of my work in planning execution and project management at NTDTV is “communication”, which is the communication from start to finish internally and externally, communication with the business, understanding the needs of customers, and then communication with customers; then, from planning scripts to film production, I must continue to communicate back and forth with each group, including shooting, editing, art design, dubbing, and etc. After the work is done, I need to review and modify by orders from supervisors, business to customers. It is an interaction series with people. The work of each group is closely linked and requires high-density cooperation from the entire team.

As the person in charge of planning and projects, we must integrate everyone's opinions on the premise of respecting the profession of each group and seeking the greatest consensus, draw up a reasonable overall work schedule, and then cooperate with each other to complete the film. In the process, conflicts will be encountered in every aspect, and every aspect will be challenging. It is necessary to increase the capacity of the mind, try to provide support and gather opinions from the perspective of each group, and help each group to effectively connect; everything is considered from the perspective of others. Basically, we cannot slacken our efforts. We must keep the information unobstructed, and we must check every other group to see if there is any situation that needs assistance. Maintaining a rational and clear mind, a calm attitude, and dealing with all possible situations are inseparable from the state of cultivation.

In the process, the most difficult thing to let go of is the concepts. Everyone has different personalities, concepts of value, methods of doing things, strengths and weaknesses, plus the factors that improve the character of cultivation and the mutual grievances, and they will pass the character of each other. The previous work of ordinary people also required high-density teamwork. When encountering the complexity of people's minds, conflicts, and entanglements, leave the job if you cannot get through; but if the attachment is not gone, the same contradictions will occur wherever you go.  So instead of going round it, deal with it.

I realize that I value the attitudes of others. I have been educated to be polite among people, but it is an idea to drop during cultivation. Not everyone has to conform to my own concepts of value, so I will be comfortable, willing to cooperate and to be kind to others.

Master said in Zhuan Falun, "The Buddha School and the Tao School are orthodox schools, not because the characteristic of the universe conforms to their practices, but because the practices of both the Buddha School and the Tao School observe the characteristic of the universe."

The "principle of being a human being" that I hold on tightly seems to be right, but it is not the Fa. According to the principles of the Fa, Master is compassionate to sentient beings, and forgives our mistakes and sins in our cultivation; Master can treat his disciples this way, so why can't I be tolerant to other fellow practitioners?

By practicing in conflict, we must drop bad views regarding other practitioners and cherish them instead. Fellow practitioners told me to show the demeanor of Dafa disciples. As soon as I heard it, as an old disciple who has been genuinely practicing for many years, what would bother you when encountering this contradiction? It’s good to start with oneself and increase the strength of the Fa. It’s not just a saying, but the ability to treat yourself as a cultivator from the bottom of your heart. When encountering contradictions, it is a good thing to treat them with kindness and open up the matter.

The cultivation status will be reflected in the work and is related to customer satisfaction. Maybe our skills are not perfect yet, but after the overall cooperation, after the improvement of the entire group, the influence of the film will be greater, and it may play a role in validating the Fa in places we cannot see. Once we worked together to complete a commercial film, and customer feedback came later. Because of the series of films produced by NTDTV, audiences far from South Africa wanted to do business with them after seeing them. Seeing that all beings are blessed by understanding the truth and funding NTDTV, isn't this the biggest original intention of our participation in NTDTV?


6. Conclusion

This time I am able to submit my experience sharing. I want to thank the fellow practitioners who shared the idea of using righteous thoughts to see the problem, so I am able to submit my experience sharing.  The opportunity will not always wait for me to cultivate well in all aspects. The thought of pursuing perfect performance is also an attachment.

Finally, I would like to encourage everyone with a passage from Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Washington DC Fa Conference, “Compassion comes from a person's cultivation, and it's not something that's acted out; it comes from deep inside, and it's not something done to show others. It's something that exists eternally, and it doesn't change with the passage of time or changes in circumstances. "

My cultivation level is limited, please compassionately correct anything inappropriate. Thank you, Master! Thank you, fellow practitioners.

(The Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference in Taiwan in 2020)


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