After Searching Hard, I Finally Found the Genuine Fa of the Universe

A Dafa Disciple from Mainland China

PureInsight | April 21, 2021

[] I am a new disciple who only obtained the Fa in May 2018. In order to find this Dafa of the universe, I went through a lot of tribulations. It can be said that I experienced many ups and downs. In 2000, I suffered from hypothyroidism, a medical condition that requires lifelong medication. This disease requires medication all year. Because I continued taking Chinese and Western medicines without stop, my gastrointestinal tract, liver, kidneys, and including my heart all had problems. I also had severe insomnia and frequently had trouble going to sleep. I felt sick but I had to go to work as usual, which was really miserable. It was until I met Ms. A (pseudonym) in 2009 who studied Buddhism. Under her recommendation, I began to learn about Buddhism and the Pure Land. Because I was bewitched and fooled by the evil Chinese Communist Party (CCP) before, I was an absolute atheist. Whoever told me about gods and Buddhas, I would despise them from the bottom of my heart. I thought that they were so ignorant and were completely brainwashed by feudal superstition.

At that time, I was desperate to find a cure. The hospital could not cure the disease.  I was in complete despair and took any opportunity that had a glimpse of hope. Ms. A said that my illness could be cured by reciting Buddha Amitabha’s name. I did not know of this, so I wanted to explore and understand it a little bit before trying. She found me some pamphlets introducing Buddhism, and later gave me the Amitabha Sutra, Ksitigarbha Sutra, and other scriptures. I also started searching online for similar books. I was shocked when I found out. It turned out that there were so many high-level gods and Buddhas in the universe, and of course some evil monsters and ghosts were also real. Believing in atheism and Darwin's theory of evolution was the most foolish thought.

After I started praying to Buddha religiously for more than two months, my illness was completely healed, and all of my health exams were normal when I went to the hospital. This made me more confident. I studied some Buddhist scriptures more seriously and recited Buddha Amitabha’s name sincerely. Through continuous learning, my outlook on the universe, world, life, and values changed a lot. I, who was previously arrogant, indifferent, narrow-minded and extreme, gradually became soft, cheerful, and optimistic. However, this state did not last long. Perhaps it was because a person who would want to practice and explore life’s truths needed to frequently subvert and deny oneself frequently in order to continue to explore a higher realm. Some masters said that you just needed to recite Buddha Amitabha’s name and then you could die in the Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss. But I always felt unsure about that because things were not that simple. Unlike some Buddhist scholars, I did not go to temples to worship or convert to follow a famous master. I spent most of my time alone at home studying some of the scriptures that were said to be of Buddha Shakyamuni’s (Of course, after studying Master’s scriptures, I already knew that they were out of context and had lost the power of saving people in the Dharma Ending Period).

One morning in May 2015, I prayed to Buddha at home as usual. In a state of slightly being in trance, I saw a magnificent ship with the appearance of Buddha Amitabha on it. The ship passed by me. I wanted to board it, but I only saw the boat drive away. After waking up from trance, I repeatedly thought about the enlightenment this scene gave me: Was the Pure Land school of practice not suitable for me? Could this cultivation way not save me in this life?

I was very confused and was suffering during that time. I discovered Buddha Maitreya in Buddha Shakyamuni’s scriptures and understood that he was the Buddha of the future. He was able to save all the beings that Buddha Shakyamuni could not save, and his land was particularly beautiful and extraordinary. But where could I find Buddha Maitreya’s cultivation way? In this state of confusion, through the introduction of a friend, I entered a local practice place. The people who taught the exercises said that they practiced the Maitreya cultivation way. I felt pretty good at first, but as I learned more deeply, I found that there were some things in it that I could not accept, so I resolutely left after half a year. Of course, after I learned Dafa, I knew that at that time Master was actually taking care of me, and He reminded me to leave that place and not let me go too far down the evil path.

After leaving that place, I continued to search for a spiritual practice, and I entered the realm of spiritual practice that became very popular in mainland China. During that time, I listened to some spiritual teachers' lectures, but I did not have any strong feelings. In October 2016, through the recommendation of a friend, I borrowed money to go to H University in India, in hopes to find a teacher who would guide me in cultivation. After studying for a month, I returned to China and still took online courses at H University. But as time went by, I still felt uneasy in my heart and was not sure whether I found a way to be truly free.

In this way, a lot of time was wasted in confusion until December 2017. Because of an accidental opportunity, I saw a website link for spiritual courses taught by Teacher B. At that time, I was intuitively reminded to attend his online class, so I signed up. Later, I saw an article in his public account. It was if a divine light suddenly appeared. I was deeply attracted, and felt that this article contained the answers to life that I wanted to pursue. I decided to take part in this teacher's in-person class to find out. Just a few days before I was going to take the course, Classmate C, who I met through teacher B’s group, called me and told me about the three withdrawals (quitting the Communist Party, Communist Youth League, and Young Pioneers). I was shocked. Since I worked in a government unit, there were a lot of confusing and reversed rhetoric in my mind. I was very worried that I would encounter an evil cult organization in class. I spent several days deciding whether to go or not to go. One day in the early morning, I had a clearer dream. I felt that someone reminded me to go to Teacher B's class and also told me some very important information. After waking up, I decided to give it a try.

In March 2018, I participated in Teacher B's in-person class. When I got there, all of my worries disappeared. Since I did not know Teacher B very well the first time, I did not talk to him much, but I knew he practiced Dafa. Later, after I returned home, I consulted him about some of the confusion in my cultivation, including why Falun Gong was banned by the government. He sent me some truth-clarification materials. Only then did I understand that I had been living behind a terrifying iron curtain. It turned out that atheist organizations were so evil. They suppressed and persecuted true practitioners, blocked information about the truth and deceived people not just for money, fame, and fortune but also for dragging more Chinese souls into hell. I resolutely withdrew from the evil communist organization.

Later, I participated in teacher B's in-person class again. In May, I started to study Master’s books seriously. In the process of reciting scriptures, I shed tears that wetted my clothes countless times. These were tears of gratitude but also tears of shame and regret. No one in this world could describe the origin of the entire universe, the formation of the Three Realms, the origin of sentient beings, and the meaning of life so clearly like Master did.

Who was I? Where was I from? Where am I going? Why am I here now? What is the ultimate meaning of my life? Although I studied many courses and read many books over the years, I did not found an answer that really convinced me. It was not until I learned of Dafa taught by Master that I was so clear that I had found the ultimate truth and truth of the universe! Thank you, Master! I did not miss boarding the Fa boat to save me. I must follow You in my life!

I saw the words in Master’s book, “At present, I am the only person genuinely teaching qigong towards high levels at home and abroad.” (Zhuan Falun, Lecture One)

I also saw the words in Master’s book, “Today we have made public to you this great practice. I have already delivered it to your doorstep. It is up to you whether you can practice cultivation and make it. If you can do it, you may continue your cultivation. If you cannot do it or cannot practice cultivation, from now on you can forget about practicing cultivation. Except for demons that will deceive you, nobody else will teach you, and in the future you will not be able to practice cultivation. If I cannot save you, nobody else can. As a matter of fact, finding a true master from an orthodox Fa to teach you is harder than climbing to heaven. There is nobody at all who cares. In the Dharma-ending Period, even very high levels are also in the End of Havoc. Nobody is taking care of everyday people. This is the most convenient school of practice. In addition, it is practiced directly according to the characteristic of the universe. It is the quickest, most direct path, and it precisely targets one’s heart.” (Zhuan Falun, Lecture Eight)

Every time I read these passages, I was always shocked and grateful. After so many years of difficulty in searching, I got this great opportunity to follow Master’s guidance and more profoundly understand the meaning of this invaluable Dafa. In the Dharma Ending Period, there are many people who have missed the opportunity to obtain the Fa because of the interference and obstacles from evil beings. There have been many who have casually given up the Fa because they easily obtained it. Those who can truly recognize this Fa, recognize Master, and practice diligently are wise and brave beings.

Because of my own slow-wittedness, the interference of negative energy from higher dimensions and the obstacles of my own karma, I was late in obtaining the Fa in this life, and I am deeply ashamed. Too obsessed with fame and wealth of the world, I regarded this temporary hotel in the world as a real home. I wandered around in this human world and suffered in vain. I also forgot the vows I made to obtain the Fa and save sentient beings. Fortunately, great Master’s perseverance gave me the opportunity to cultivate in Dafa and climb out of hell.

I cherish and am grateful for the opportunity that Master has given me. Since I obtained the Fa, I have also started to do three things. However, my cultivation state is not very good, so I have only recommended a few good friends to study the Fa together and clarified the truth to some relatives and friends to help them quit the evil Communist Party (This meager achievement was also due to Master's care and blessing). I also went through some tests during this period, including being misunderstood by some relatives and friends who did not know the truth and being slandered, attacked, and threatened for clarifying the truth.

In the short time since I learned Dafa, I went through many unimaginable tests. But as I gradually matured, I felt more at ease than when I was studying Buddhism because I knew in my heart that now I had started to embark on the path of true cultivation. Through the torment and tempering of my xinxing, I have been gradually removing the black matter of selfishness, arrogance, fear, jealousy, carelessness, narrow-mindedness, extremeness, and showing off. After going through this journey, I am also deeply grateful for all the predestined people who have communicated with me during this process and sincerely hope that they can understand the truth and not continue to suffer from the evil Party, not be deceived by negative energies, and be free from the evil’s control. I hope they can practice this great Dafa with me, accept Master’s teaching, cut off evils and cultivate goodness, turn karma into virtue, truly be saved in this life, forever surpass the three realms of suffering, and return to our origin, to our beautiful and holy home!

I infinitely thank Master for His compassion!

I am infinitely grateful to the veteran disciples who have helped and guided me on the path of spiritual practice, as well as the fellow practitioners who are on this journey together as well!

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