A Movie That Will Never Be Released in Mainland: "The Chosen"

Luke Xie

PureInsight | September 30, 2021

[PureInsight.org] When I recently read the premiere news of the movie "The Chosen", I had a special feeling that this film would be banned in China because there was a plot about the struggle of two veteran soldiers who served in the CCP regime. I decided to go to check it out no matter how busy I am. Fortunately, I was free on the day of the premiere and watched the online premiere with my husband.

I do not shed tears easily, but "The Chosen" had me in tears from the beginning to the end. In the film, He Baokang and Tian Mingwei, were soldiers in the Chinese Communist regime during the Sino-Vietnamese War. I was so shocked and became more aware of the cruelty of wars, especially those launched by the CCP.

A friend told me about his war experience. He was a veteran in the Sino-Vietnamese War. According to his memory, the war was very tragic. At the beginning, many commanders of the Chinese combat troops did not have any experience but forced soldiers under them to charge in order to gain military merits. The terrain in Vietnam is complex and the high ground is covered by forests that is not suitable for army group combat. Concentrated force fighting in those places is a big taboo for military strategists. However, the CCP officers ordered the soldiers of one division to rush in, and they were surrounded and ambushed by the Vietnamese army. None of the CCP soldiers survived. Thousands died in a foreign country. He said that the most memorable one was that an entire regiment was annihilated in Vietnam in the territory. The youngest soldiers who died were only in their teens. Many young recruits who just joined the army died on the battlefield. They had parents, wives and children, family and friends behind them, but who cared about the pain of these families what he told me was completely opposite to the CCP textbooks and some so-called propaganda films. The so-called heroic victory and the "history" shown in the "model dramas" that was familiar to generations are almost all lies fabricated by the CCP.  They were to deceive the Chinese people, and to brainwash them. These veterans who survived the CCP’s bloodshed thought that they could enjoy their glory after leaving the army, but how did the CCP treat them?

It did not matter whether it was. The Korean War or The Vietnam War, veterans who came back alive from the so-called Marshal of the Founding of the Country to the heroic soldiers were impoverished. Without government support, they were unable to maintain a basic living. The two veterans in "The Chosen '' had to fight back because their home was broken. They did not die on the battlefield but died in the hands of the Chinese Communist regime, which they went through hell for.

The situation of the veterans in the film truly reflects the real life of the current Chinese people under the rule of the CCP. The fate of those who sold their lives for the CCP was like that, how could ordinary people be? "The Chosen" is different from those CCP propaganda films as it exposes the truth that the CCP has always been concealing. It also allows those who are still working for the CCP to see the CCP true nature clearly, and then be able to make a correct choice.

Chinese version: http://www.zhengjian.org/node/268979


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