Get out of Pessimism and Depression, and Regain the Original Righteous Thoughts of Cultivation

A Mainland Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | March 17, 2023


Hello, benevolent Master!
Hello fellow practitioners!

It is my life choice to practice Dafa in this life, and it is my prehistoric vow to be a Dafa disciple who assists the Master in Fa-rectification! So I have been practicing for more than 20 years, and I have strictly followed the Master's teachings, studied the Fa a lot, studied the Fa every day, let every cell of my body be dissolved in the Fa, and used Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance to regulate my words and deeds even though the evil CCP began to suppress Falun Gong on July 20, 1999, and mobilized all the state machinery to smear, slander, and defame Falun Gong, it did not shake my firm will to Master and Dafa. Under the guidance of Dafa, I walked in the footsteps of Master's Fa-rectification.

Cultivation requires suffering, which is for the elimination of karma and improvement. The hardships and difficulties encountered in each stage of personal cultivation are arranged by the Master for our own improvement by making use of our own karma. As long as you follow Master's requirements and keep improving your xinxing, you will be able to pass the test. Therefore, no matter how many trials and tribulations I encounter in my cultivation, no matter how much suffering I endure, such as the suffering of eliminating karma, enduring the desolation in my heart, suffering loneliness, getting rid of fame, fortune, and all kinds of heart-wrenching sufferings, I understand. That was the ladder I climbed up on the road of cultivation. I never escaped it and faced it calmly in my heart. At that time, I could really "Eating bitterness treated as joy." ("Hong Yin" <Tempering One’s Heart and Will>).

Cultivation is also a process of getting rid of human attachments. Excessive human attachments will interfere with righteous thoughts. In the past two years, I have gradually become pessimistic and depressed, and this story started with the evil CCP's inhuman and devilish deeds.

Mainland China during the CCP’s rule was the darkest and most disaster-ridden period. Ordinary Chinese people living under the CCP’s rule suffered a lot. Since 2020, the world's situation has undergone tremendous changes. First, the CCP virus that broke out in Wuhan has rapidly ravaged the world, causing more than 200 million people to be infected and more than 6 million people dead. Dafa's disciples all understand that the plague aimed at the corruption of people's hearts and morals, and it was here to weed out bad people. At this moment of life and death, people can only survive the disaster if they value virtue and do good deeds. Dafa disciples only need to follow Master's requirements and study the Fa well. Only by maintaining strong righteous thoughts and saving more people can we fulfill our mission well.

However, in the face of all kinds of inhuman and crazy actions of the evil CCP, the hatred against the evil CCP gradually developed in my heart. In the past two years, the CCP virus plague has emerged one after another around the world, and the huge death and destructive power caused by it are obvious to all. In 2022, in the face of continuous virus variants, countries around the world have announced that they will coexist with the virus and start their own efforts to develop their economies, to ensure the people in the country to survive. Only the evil Chinese Communist Party has implemented the so-called stupid "zero-case" of the virus in mainland China, treating the plague at the cost of ruining the economy and cutting off people's source of livelihood, regardless of whether the people live or die.

Everyone knows that the plague is also a god, a plague god conferred by the heavens. The plague god spreads plagues in the world to eliminate those bad people who are morally corrupt, do many evil deeds, and are irredeemable. The evil CCP has always fought against the heaven, the earth, and the people, and now it wants to fight against the plague god and "clear" the plague. It is stupid and evil.

The evil CCP is the general representative of the devil and evil spirits in the human world, but the human world is governed by righteous gods, and it is not a paradise for the evil CCP to show off. Since the beginning of 2022, the evil CCP has implemented an extremely brutal virus "zero-case" containment policy across the country. The secondary disasters caused have far exceeded the harm caused by the epidemic, and the number of abnormal deaths caused during the containment period has also greatly increased. More than the death toll caused by this mutant virus. Therefore, the wicked CCP is the virus that truly endangers mankind, and it is the one that mankind should truly face, eradicate, and eliminate.

Another incident that shocked me a lot was the fraud incident in the U.S. election in November 2020. At that time, I learned from the Dongtai website that in order to prevent the re-election of the former president, the dark forces really used improper means to take down the former president who had enough votes. This reminded me of the black-box operation that the evil CCP has always used in mainland China. There is no fairness and justice at all. There is no hope. Even in a democratic and free country like the United States, such unimaginable scandals occurred in the presidential election. Everyone abandons conscience and justice for money and power. I feel that the space for Dafa disciples to practice and save people is really too limited. We are practicing in the cracks to save people! You can't go astray, there are mutated and corrupted human and material factors everywhere.

Although I was still studying the Fa every day, and occasionally clarified the truth to people I met, my human attachments became more, and I lost my righteous thoughts. My heart gradually became depressed, and I couldn't see the way ahead. It feels like living in China under the rule of the evil CCP is dark.

Thinking that it has been 23 years since the evil CCP persecuted Falun Gong on July 20, 1999, and the time span has exceeded the end time mentioned many times in Master's lectures. Even 80- and 90-year-olds are sentenced to long years in prison, which is inhumane. It has been 20 years since the Hidden Character Stone was discovered in Zhangbu Town, Pingtang County, Guizhou Province in June 2000, and the six natural characters "Communist Party of China perish" were neatly arranged on it. People are crazily mutilating and killing, using big data to monitor and control every Chinese by using epidemic prevention and control and blocking speech. In the world, the CCP is biting people everywhere, fanning the flames, and doing all kinds of evil deeds. CCP will also carry out armed aggression against Taiwan soon. It is extremely evil, arrogant, and domineering.

Thinking of these, my heart is very depressed. I once had a question in my mind, how long will the evil CCP continue to do evil in the world? The Chinese have been persecuted by the wicked CCP for long enough! Especially the tragic experience of the abducted "Iron Chain Girl" in Xuzhou, Jiangsu province that broke out at the beginning of 2022, as well as the recent incidents of beating women in broad daylight in Tangshan, Hebei, and frequent stabbing incidents with knives at various places. Social problems and violent incidents arise under the evil CCP, but the evil CCP has ignored these social problems. Those who come to suppress ordinary people at the bottom, such as the treatment of petitioners defending their rights, migrant workers asking for wages, student petitions on June 4th, Falun Gong, Uyghurs in Xinjiang, Tibetans in Tibet, and recently the deposits of depositors in rural banks in Henan have disappeared, and etc., the evil CCP uses the police as thugs to crazily suppress and arrest unarmed ordinary people and does not help the people at all. All kinds of evil deeds completely and completely exposed the devilish face of the evil CCP, the CCP's madness and Evil are rare in ancient and modern times.

All natural disasters and man-made disasters in China today are caused by the evil CCP’s brutal and inhumane dictatorship. The root of all corruption comes from the evil CCP itself, because the evil CCP is a devil, and its appearance is to destroy traditional culture and destroy human beings for this purpose.

In the face of all these criminal acts of the evil CCP and the endless nucleic acid testing in 2022, apart from hatred, I feel helpless, pessimistic, and depressed. At the same time, I have a strong fear of the evil party. I feel that there are evil factors everywhere in the world. Just imagine, how can a practitioner have righteous thoughts with such strong human attachments? How can we save sentient beings? The effect of clarifying the truth can be imagined.

One day I suddenly realized that my state was not right and that I did not meet the requirements of Dafa disciples. I am Master's Fa-rectification disciple, and I have the mission of validating the Fa and saving sentient beings. With Master and Fa, what am I afraid of? How did I fall into pessimism and depression?

I remembered what Master said in Fa Teaching at the 2019 New York Fa Conference, "China is like Lord Lao’s crucible, smelting Dafa disciples...". I immediately found the lecture. Looking at it, Master said in the lecture, "As you can tell, the wicked Party won’t last long. That’s because the CCP’s very existence and the persecution of Dafa disciples are meant as tests for Dafa disciples by the old forces, right? China is like Lord Lao’s crucible, smelting Dafa disciples, and the flame has been cranked up. It’s like a severe test, designed to rid you of human thinking and attachments. The torment is hard to bear, of course, but what comes from it is true gold. The wicked CCP serves as coal in the process, and the hotter the flame, the more alive it seems. But take another look after the flame dies out, and you will see that true gold has come out of it. And what will become of the wicked CCP? Ashes. With just a puff, poof—it’s gone. (Applause) One feels pity for Dafa disciples when they are being persecuted, but what is really sad are the people who have gone in with the wicked CCP—they are the ones to feel truly sorry over. They are going to be held accountable for all of the crimes committed by the sinister Party throughout history.”

The more you face the CCP's persecution, the more you must maintain strong righteous thoughts. Righteous thoughts come from the Fa. Only by studying the Fa more can you have strong righteous thoughts. I intensified my Fa-study and systematically studied Master's lectures in various places from beginning to end several times. I also copied Zhuan Falun and the six books "Hong Yin" written by Master. I also memorized the new scriptures for the first time. I persisted in practicing the five sets of exercises every day without slacking off. I sent forth righteous thoughts to clear all my human notions and all kinds of attachment, and the hatred of the evil CCP.

Now I study the Fa a lot every day, let my body and mind dissolve into the Fa, and constantly assimilate in Dafa. After persisting in this way for a period, I obviously feel that my heart is no longer fluctuating with the chaos in the world, my righteous thoughts have also strengthened, and I know what to do. Clarifying the truth has also restored my previous self-confidence and satisfaction. Once I understand, the fears in my heart are gradually eliminated. I have really regained the original state of cultivation. My experience is that righteous thoughts come from the Fa. If you study the Fa more, your righteous thoughts will become stronger, and you will be able to do a good job of clarifying the truth and saving people.

At the same time, I also understood this point during my cultivation. In this chaotic world at the end of the day, the human mind seems to be evil and chaotic, but if we stand on the basis of Fa-rectification and look at everything with righteous thoughts, everything is arranged in an orderly manner, are all under the control of Master's Fa-rectification, and step by step is arranged in an orderly manner. Master is rectifying the Fa of the universe, and at the same time personally leading and accomplishing Dafa disciples in the Fa-rectification period in the world. Let us follow Master in validating the Fa. A great god who has achieved righteousness and enlightenment in the new universe during cultivation! This is a glory that the universe has never experienced before! The supreme mighty virtue can only be cultivated in the most difficult environment!

I told myself that I must cherish this opportunity, cultivate myself well, do what I should do well, and live up to Master's compassionate salvation! When the Fa rectifies the human world is coming, I will continue to follow Master's requirements, study the Fa more, get rid of human attachments, get rid of selfishness, fame, profit, and emotions, and at the same time cultivate myself well, constantly strengthen righteous thoughts, and become rational, sober, and wise. Save more people, follow Master's Fa to rectify the world, and fulfill my sacred mission of assisting Master in the world!

The above is my cultivation experience in the past two years. Heshi.

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