Appreciating Master’s Blessing

Yiran, a Jilin Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | July 13, 2023


1. Appreciating Master’s Blessing——Master Led Me on the Path of Cultivation

I started to practice Falun Dafa in 1996. In the beginning, because I did not understand the Fa deeply, I did not have a clear understanding of the principles of the Fa, so it looked like I was not very diligent. Once I experienced dizziness, and Master helped to adjust my body. At that time, I fell asleep in a daze as if I had a cold. I felt that my body was shaking from side to side as if in a child's cradle. After shaking a few times, I felt relaxed and refreshed and I did not feel dizzy at all when I opened my eyes! Ah? I am well! It's amazing. In the past, I had to take medicine and injections for a few days to get better when I had a cold. Just shake it a few times and it will be fine. It's amazing! Suddenly I realized: Master did it for me, I want to thank Master! Afterward, I started to concentrate on studying the Fa and doing the exercises. Gradually, various symptoms of physical discomfort (lumbar disc herniation, gynecological diseases, headaches, and colds when the wind blows) all disappeared.

Master also opened my celestial eye, and I often saw things that others could not see: the little Fuwa in the sky with a red bellyband on her chest, kicking shuttlecocks, and playing. For a while, there would be flashing lights, for a while there would be an old man with wrinkled face pulling a cart, and there would be other phenomena such as other people, objects, and scenes. I did not understand what these miraculous phenomena meant at the time, but they pulled me out of years of atheism and strengthened my belief in Master and the Fa.

On May 13, 1997, Changchun held an art exhibition celebrating the fifth anniversary of Master's teaching of the Fa, and asked true practitioners to participate. I wanted to go too, but I wondered if I could be considered as a true practitioner. Then I thought about it: I have obtained the Fa, so why hesitate? Therefore, I started on the road around three o'clock the next morning. It was just dawn, and there were no pedestrians or cars on the roads in the suburbs. How could I get there? I looked around while walking, and suddenly a tricycle came towards me at a high speed. I was surprised and happy, and quickly said: Thank you Master for sending me the car. Then, I got in the car, and took the bus to Changchun.

The painting exhibition of Master’s Fa-teaching was very shocking to me: the art exhibition gathered the days and nights of Master’s teaching of the Fa: Master taught the Fa in classes in various places, Master adjusted the practitioners’ bodies, and eliminated interference from various aspects. It embodied the hardships and difficulties of Master's teaching of the Fa. There were also large pictures of students from all over the country studying the Fa, practicing the exercises, and spreading the Fa together. The powerful lineup of practitioners doing the exercises in the pictures deeply shocked me and inspired me to make a good determination to spread Dafa.

After I came back, I first told my relatives, friends, and neighbors about the situation of Dafa's spreading, the miracle of Dafa's healing and fitness, Dafa teaching people to be good people according to Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance, and improving people's morality. More than a dozen people practiced Dafa one after another. I bought a tape recorder and a video player, set up a Fa-study site at my home, and did exercises in the yard. In a very short period of time, these people's physical ailments disappeared, they quit smoking and drinking, their families became harmonious, and people talked about the goodness of Falun Dafa and its miraculous effects in curing diseases and keeping fit in the streets and alleys and after dinner. Thank you Master Dafa for your salvation!

2. Appreciating Master’s Blessing - My Mother-in-law Is Free from All Diseases

My mother-in-law is 87 years old this year. During the ravages of the COVID-19 virus, everyone in her nine children's family got the virus, but nothing happened to her, because my mother-in-law is a Dafa disciple.

My mother-in-law started practicing Dafa when she was 80 years old. Before she obtained the Fa, she was struggling with poverty, illness, hard work, and a very difficult life. My father-in-law passed away at the age of 48. She took care of her nine children independently. Her children grew up and started a family one after another, but her hair turned gray and her overwork accumulated becoming healthy issues: headache, joint pain, inability to get up from the toilet, pulmonary heart disease, breathlessness, and other symptoms. She could not fold her blanket in the morning, and she was hospitalized very often. Her suffering from all the illnesses made her not want to live anymore. She said to me, “I am going to die. I have illness all over my body. It hurts here and there. Moreover, I am a burden to all of you.” I said, "Mom, you can practice Dafa with me, and you will get better soon." She said, "I cannot read. I do not have any education at all." I said, "I will help you, you can watch Master's lectures video. You can also listen to the audio recording of Master's lectures." My mother-in-law nodded and agreed.

I picked up my mother-in-law and went to my home to watch Master's Guangzhou lecture videos and listen to Master's lecture tapes. While listening to the Fa, my mother-in-law said, "This is amazing. I am so deaf, how can I hear Master's lectures so clearly? What Master said is the principle of being a good person, which is different from what is said on state TV!" I further clarified the truth to her, "What is propagated on state TV is all rumors made by Jiang Zemin and his gang to persecute Falun Gong. The Tiananmen Square self-immolation is fabricated. It was framed to discredit Falun Gong. The purpose is to deceive the common people and prevent them from being good people." My mother-in-law understood. After learning the truth, she became more determined to practice.

I taught my mother-in-law the exercises the next day. As she could not do them even leaning on the bed, I had to teach her the fifth exercise first, and she took a year to learn. Master is merciful, and my mother-in-law’s body was adjusted within a week of learning the Fa. She did not feel pains on her body anymore, and she could go out for a haircut.

One day, my mother-in-law told me that she saw Guanyin Bodhisattva sitting on a big lotus and floating into the house, it was so amazing! After hearing this, I told her excitedly, "Thank you, Master. It is Master who is blessing you and encouraging you. Cultivate well!" All my mother-in-law’s children were happy for her cultivation, her recovery, and not needing to go to the hospital anymore. During the Chinese New Year, my mother-in-law posted a big blessing character "Falun Dafa is good" on the outside of the street gate so that passers-by can see that the whole family is happy and harmonious, bathed in the light of Buddha.

This year, a new house was built in my mother-in-law's residence, more than 90 square meters, the living room is large and bright, and the statue of Master is enshrined opposite the sofa. On the day of the housewarming, my sister-in-law took my hand and said, "This is the place for the statue of Master! "I was very happy when I saw it, and my heart was very open. For so many years, I have always wanted to provide a good environment to worship Master, but because I was persecuted and did not have a stable place to live, I felt very sorry for Master. On the day of the Chinese New Year, my sister-in-law’s husband held a wine glass and said to me: “Thank you, sister-in-law. Mom is in such good health, and it’s all thanks to you that the whole family is so relieved.” I hurriedly said: “Don’t thank me, we all should appreciate the Master!" The whole family agrees that Dafa is good. Some bought incense for Master, some bought fruit for Master, and some kowtowed to Master, mumbling: Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance are good. Appreciate Master's salvation! The disciples knelt down and kowtowed to Master, appreciating Master for his salvation. Disciples should cultivate themselves well, save more people, and repay the Master’s kindness!

3. Appreciating Master’s Blessing —All Sentient Beings Are Saved

There are many people of faith who know that there will be catastrophes in final phase of the Fa rectification, but they don't know how to save themselves. There was an old man who believes in God, but rejected Dafa, and resented when he heard withdrawal from the CCP. I think such a person was the most dangerous, and I wanted to save him.

So I said, "We have different beliefs, but the goal is the same, which is to return to the heavenly world. God told me to tell you that the wicked Communist Party believes in atheism, and its ancestor is Satan, which is anti-God. You wear an imprint of the devil. How can you return to the kingdom of heaven? The six characters "Death of the Communist Party of China" on the Tibetan stone in Guizhou are God's will and God's arrangement. When God calls you, if you do not follow God, you cannot be saved. You can only be saved if you organize to erase the mark of the beast." He understood the truth, quit the CCP organization with his real name, and thanked you all over his mouth. I said, "You should appreciate my Master who saved you!"

Another time, after helping a middle-aged man to do the three CCP withdrawals, he said gratefully: Thank you, I know that you are all almighty gods. When I walked to the entrance of the shopping mall, I clarified the truth to a mother and daughter and helped them withdraw from the CCP. They were happy that they were saved, and they looked at me and said thank you! I said appreciation to my Master if you’d like to appreciate me! My Master is saving people. There were many other examples like this.

It is the Master who is merciful and gives people the opportunity to be saved again and again, and is giving Dafa disciples the opportunity to reach Consummation. We must appreciate Master even more! Appreciate Master for teaching such a great Fa, and appreciate Master for saving all human beings! I will live up to the high expectations of Master and complete my mission! I appreciate the Master’s blessing!

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