"True Cultivation" and "Fake Cultivation"

A Mainland Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | November 8, 2023

[PureInsight.org] Master said in 2018 Fa Teaching Given in Washington, D.C., “Every Dafa disciple aspires to become a true cultivator, someone who is steadfast and solid in his cultivation as he travels the path to divinity. But for some practitioners that’s just a wish, as their minds haven’t reached that spiritual realm or level. They may think to themselves, ‘I’m defying the old forces’ persecution.’ But their minds haven’t reached that spiritual realm or level, where one is able to do that; so their righteous thoughts aren’t solid enough.”

At the current level, I understand that a true Dafa practitioner is full of righteous thoughts, well-trained, and unwavering in the Fa. Looking at my cultivation state, it seems that I am a real practitioner today, and a false one tomorrow. After cultivating, I cannot let go of human affairs. I always stay in a passive state, lacking righteous thoughts, having fear, worry, self-interest, and wanting fame. When I can be diligent in the Fa, the principles of the enlightened correcting my shortcomings can help me to deny all arrangements of the old forces.

An incident had just happened. The day before, I was able to believe the Fa that I should not cling to my deviant ideas and my so-called ideas. For some reason, my husband was not pleasing to my eyes. In order to maintain the superficial peace, I suppressed the resentment in my heart. However, that night, for a small issue, I was mad and released the resentment that I suppressed.  It seemed like I was not even as good as an ordinary person. My husband was shocked by my sudden eruption. I did not know why I reacted so strongly. After the demon nature erupted, I felt even more uncomfortable, as if the mechanism of the demon nature had been activated. I felt that the demon nature just released was not enough. At this time, my heart had changed, and I completely forgot that I was a Dafa disciple. I subconsciously want to continue to explode my demonic nature to comfort my heart. Therefore, this demonic nature controlled my mouth, constantly muttering and complaining, trying to make the other party's demonic nature erupt as well.

When my child saw this, he told me, “Do not be fooled, you seemed to have some issues. Something was wrong. You should pay attention and control your demon nature.” After hearing this, I became alert. Yes, what am I doing? How could I be taken advantage of at this stage and still did not realize it? It is really too dangerous. I should quickly suppress my demonic nature and prevent it from taking effect. Thinking about what happened just now, I could not understand why I became like that. When my mind became calm, I started to listen to "Zhengjian Weekly". When I heard fellow practitioners’ understanding of looking down on others, I felt it knocked on my sore point. I felt I still had a similar issue. Moreover, the conflict that happened today was caused by looking down on others. When I found this attachment, I felt I was not that kind, I was somehow evil and selfish. I treated my concept of value as my true self. Not to mention I forced the other to do things based on my concept of value. If the other party does not listen, I would resent and look down on them, thinking that the other party is not brave, timid, and face-saving.

In fact, all the behaviors of the other party were shown to me and to let me cultivate. However, I not only failed to improve in this link but also was used by the evil to show my demonic nature. This manifestation is "false cultivation" because my cultivation is for the other people to see, so my thoughts are not pure, and such impure thoughts have no power of the Fa.

To find out if you are genuinely cultivating or fake cultivating, whether you are superficially cultivating or getting rid of your fundamental attachments, you need to look for your own deficiencies according to Dafa, and to discover your hypocrisy. One thing is hidden, and that is "selfishness", the desire to achieve a goal, or the feeling brought about by the so-called fame. Although it has not been uttered, the variable factor "selfishness" that is behind it, is not willing to be lonely. It is ready to move, so when the thoughts are not in line with your own, you will reflect that kind of impatience, negativity, demonic outburst, etc. In my opinion, this state is fake cultivation. There is a hypocrisy there. When it hits this hypocrisy, this hypocrisy immediately tore off the disguise and revealed its true colors.

At the current level, I think that the righteous thoughts of a true Dafa practitioner come from the Fa, trusting Master unconditionally. Improving little by little in this space but leaping again and again in other dimensions. Your level determines your mighty virtue, and your realm is related to your wisdom. If you are connected, your supernatural powers will become stronger, and the density of your gong will become more microcosmic and delicate. You are like a diamond, able to control all movements, and like a rock, indestructible.

Righteous thoughts can make your roots stronger. No matter how evil winds and evil spirits dance around, your insight can see through its true form, because you know that Dafa disciples are under the care of Master, and no life is eligible for the so-called test. Deny it, disintegrate it with righteous thoughts, stand in the Fa, and cleanse yourself. You will be more pure, firm righteous thoughts, just like King Kong, and your mind will be in a state of still water, like a rock. Nothing can shake your heart, the invisible becomes visible, the falsehood is seen through, and the lies are exposed.

All the mutated arrangements of the Old Forces were disintegrated and destroyed under the power of Dafa.

True cultivation is the root. False cultivation is the surface. True cultivation can reveal the innate nature more and more, but false cultivation is constantly covering up the innate nature. One is righteous, while the other is evil. One is good, while the latter is evil. Whether you choose to be good or agree with evil is entirely up to you.

The above is a little bit of current cultivation experience. If there is something inappropriate, please kindly correct me.


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