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PureInsight | June 25, 2001

When reading Zhuan Falun, many people cannot understand one paragraph in Chapter 5 very well: “Many lives have already observed the situation that, as far as the present time is concerned, a big explosion occurred long ago in the space of this universe. Today, astronomers cannot observe it because at present what we can see through the most powerful telescopes are things 150 thousand light years back. In order to see the changes of the present cosmic body, we must wait for 150 thousand years to pass. That is quite a distant age.” Some so called scientists and even literary prostitutes and web spies attack Falun Dafa based on this point, saying that Master does not understand measuring units and takes a year to be a light year. When some beginners started to learn Falun Dafa, they also read “light year” as ‘year‘. Now we start our discussion from ‘light year‘.

What humans refer to as a ‘light year’ is a concept of distance, namely, the distance traveled by light over one year. But these two words contain many human concepts. First, modern science regards light speed as a constant. Is light speed really constant? Actually light speed being a constant is based on observation of a very small scope, and we can say it is a hypothesis. Humans indeed have conducted some research experimentation, but its scope is tiny compared with the whole cosmos. Do we know for sure that the light speed at the edge of cosmos is equal to the speed of light on earth? Actually we have not even measured the speed of light at the edge of the Milky Way. Einstein’s Theory of Relativity was established on the basis of light speed being constant, and as a result, the theory is very limited. If the speed of light outside a certain range changes, then our understanding of the formation, structure and development of the cosmos is very wrong.

Let us talk about the concept of time. Who can tell clearly what time is? Nobody can explain it clearly. We only presume that time proceeds from the past to the future at a constant speed (I am sorry I do not have other words to describe). “It passes away like a river! No rest at day and night.” Who can imagine that time is also able to change?

Master said this in the lecture at the U.S. East Coast Conference: “In order to expedite this, I’ve had to speed up the time of the entire cosmos. That’s why the largest Falun is spinning faster and faster at the very top to push, and the entire cosmos is being completely connected from top to bottom, so the time is getting faster and faster. How fast has it become, roughly? Living beings in different space-times don’t feel it because everything in their own dimensions speeds up at the same time. Are you able to understand what I mean? There are still twenty-four hours in a day and people carry out their own business all the same. Time in this entire dimension has been pushed forward so much faster, yet the clock is still ticking according to the scale of twenty-four hours a day. So people don’t feel it’s fast. People see sunrise and sunset repeat themselves all the same as well.”

“At this time when everything has accelerated, all of the following are also accelerating. Your metabolism, a gesture, a glance, and your way of thinking are becoming faster at the same time. By the same token, the environments that different living beings inhabit are accelerating. Since everything’s accelerating, no one feels the acceleration. So how fast has the time become? Approximately one day now is actually one second. In fact, speaking of this, human beings are quite pitiful. Nonetheless, people are still very into doing human things, and feel great about themselves; mankind still wants to further his developments.”

Let us talk about distance now. Actually the lives in other dimensions can become large and small at will. Even this material space that we live in can change its size. When this space enlarges, our height, height of houses and even the height of rulers become large simultaneously. Therefore we have no feeling about it. That is to say, human’s understandings towards light speed, time and distance are all very shallow.

Master disclosed the answers in the lecture in Switzerland, “As you know, I mentioned in Zhuan Falun that a certain star is seen to be 150 thousand light years away from us. Actually, I was only discussing it by using what human beings are able to understand with contemporary science. That’s not really the way it is. Why not? Think about it, everyone: There exist different times in different dimensions. Within the expanse of our Earth there is a time field and everything is confined within the boundaries of this time. As soon as a man-made satellite goes beyond our atmosphere it will be in another time field, which is absolutely not the same as that of Earth. So there are also the time fields of other planets when it passes by those planets. The larger the cosmic body, the greater the time and speed differences within it.”

“It is said that it takes 150 thousand light years for us to see the things that occur in the Milky Way system. Actually, let me tell you that perhaps you are able to see them in just two or three years. Why? It’s because the speed of light is also subject to the restrictions of time fields. When light penetrates through different time fields, its speed, “shwa-, shwa-, shwa-,” suddenly becomes fast or slow. When it gets here to our Earth, it then conforms to Earth’s time field and becomes extremely slow. There is simply no way to assess the time in the universe using this time field that Earth’s inhabitants can recognize. Humankind’s understanding of truth, matter, life, the universe, and many things – including the development of human beings – is incorrect.”

What Master says is Fa. If Zhuan Falun says that ‘stars are to be seen 150 thousand years away from us,’ then that means we really can only see it after 150 thousands years. But the true situation is ‘perhaps you are able to see them in just two or three years.’

Since Master would not use the wrong expression of “150 thousand years,” then in the human’s dictionary, “light year” is possibly the most proper word.

Thinking about it more deeply, if the scenes of star explosions and star combination in other dimensions that we watch did not happen billions of years ago, but happened just several years ago, what does this mean? Why has humanity degenerated to such a degree? Why does Li Hongzhi come down to human world to spread Fa personally? The dramatic change of the cosmos possibly is as close as in front of our eyes. Not just in front of our eyes, but actually everyone is inside of it.

Now many physicists have hypotheses about the origin of the planets. One of them is, “there is a black hole. A star or a white dwarf rushed by from a distance, sweeping past the sun, bringing up dust all around. Then this dust gradually gathered into small balls and formed nine big planets.”

But why are all the planets spherical and why are there no cubical or random shapes? Imagine it from another angle, if there is a piece of iron block in front of us, on a certain electron of a certain atomic nucleus of the iron block there are mountains and rivers just like on the earth. The scientists on this electron propose a similar hypothesis, “From the distant edge of the sky came an atomic nucleus passing by our electron, because of the gravitation force, some materials on this nucleus were pulled off and these materials formed 26 electrons gradually. No matter what degree and what position this microscopic scientist has, his theory is wrong. He does not know that in the distant places thousands of billions of iron nucleus all have 26 electrons. The so-called collision never happened once in thousands of billions of “electron years”.

Of course we are just giving an analogy here. Actually the lives in that realm have much higher wisdom than human beings.

We have only discussed this material space which we live in, and the ability of human knowledge already appears to be falling short. Humans developed various theories using some hypotheses, added some mathematical models and concepts of previous people, thus becoming specialists and scholars in the field, gaining status and fame. They attack that which they do not understand in the name of “smashing superstitions and advancing science”. How ridiculous this is!

Why does this happen? Because the most important premise of science is atheism. It does not allow people to believe the existence of God yet refers to all regular patterns and inexplicable phenomena as “natural.” All the theories and hypotheses of science regarding the origin of the cosmos and the origin of life are attempting to prove that God does not exist. This stubborn but fragile concept leads to humanity’s total degeneration. Since one believes that one has no primordial spirit, and one’s death is equal to a lamp being extinguished, of course one should harm others and benefit oneself and enjoy oneself at this time. If one does not believe Gods are mastering and balancing everything in the human world, of course one can do any vicious thing and be attached to the so-called good things in the world. Dafa tells us that the primordial spirit is not extinguishable. Actually people only need to think it over, if the primordial spirit can not be extinguished, the issue of cultivation becomes natural. Nothing in the world can be brought in at birth and taken away at death. Only the stuff of cultivation can stay with the primordial spirit forever. Only cultivation can raise one’s level therefore cultivators are the wisest people.

Other principles such as “no loss, no gain”, the transformation between De and karma, clearly disclose the fundamentals of various religious precepts in history. “Zhuan Falun”, this Great Law of the Universe discloses the origin of all subjects, ethics and various Gods’ cultivation and the fundamentals of the cosmos and lives. Each word in Dafa is incomparable, penetrating all realms. It is unimaginably magnificent and should not be changed a bit. Those words and sentences that we think as hard to understand and unimaginable or find not in accordance with a regular rule usually have the answers to the mystery hidden inside.

Dear fellow practitioners and friends, please cherish Dafa. Cherish your luck in millions of ages!

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