Tree of Life

A Dafa Practitioner

PureInsight | January 27, 2003


Fruit will be eaten when ripe.
If it's early it's green, sour, and the seed is not fully developed.
If it's late the fruit will rot, stink and the seed will be damaged.
When the fruit is ripe, eat it. It is pleasing in smell, color and taste.
It is good in the mouth, good in the belly.
The potentially evil elements are transformed, the seeds are blessed and will upon passing through the body survive to become new trees bearing fruit.
The world, the three realms is such a fruit.
It cannot be eaten until it is ripe.
The cultivators are seeds.
The evil elements are inter-inhibition.
If the fruit is left late they would destroy it, if it was eaten early the seeds wouldn't be ready.
Earth has seasons, Heaven has seasons too.
When a tree is producing fruit the last stage is crucial.
The tree will put all of its energy into perfecting its seed.
It is willing to sacrifice its life for the seed.

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