Missing You

PureInsight | March 10, 2003

Brushing aside ten thousand miles of clouds and smoke
What remains is the thought of you in my heart.
Being separated by mountains and oceans
With one whisper
My shirt is covered with tears.
The constant searching, the constant tribulation
The constant hope, the constant sky
But the truth is that holding the Book in the hand
We have now understood all things in the human world.
The rotation of Falun
Makes blood vessels and energy channels smooth and clear
Makes hearts that had been sealed off pure and broad.
Just because a strong gust of wind came nowhere and the weather turned stormy
Just because we both want to hold on to a pledge made a long time ago.

Time after time
Blood in your skin shone so brightly
That it looked like the purest ruby.
Breaking through the gloomy darkness in the long night
Is the brilliance of a phoenix that has been reborn through fire.

There is this much sadness
Because the predestined relationship runs this deep;
There is this big of a tribulation
Because there was once this gigantic a wish.
When the wind chime rings, the sound is heard over and over again
The wind carries my thought of you to the end of the sky
Let's treat this as a temporary separation.

The time for the return journey is near and we are going back soon
Just because of a pledge that we have both honored
The curtain of the sky will lift soon and we will see each together
At our…
At our original home

Translated from: http://search.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2003/2/20/20493.html

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