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PureInsight | October 20, 2003

[] To all those who advocate atheism and negate the concept of a Higher Power, a Spirit, a Creator who arranges everything in the universe, consider this:

Man-made science and technology could never have accomplished an incredible feat such as to make a human being, with a pleasingly proportioned physique, covered in precisely the correct amount and thickness of skin, a body harboring an unequaled mechanism called a brain, a heart and a soul. Awesome!

Who but a creator could have planned and perfected a human being, an entity that has the capacity to think, to reason and make choices, have speech, the only creature in existence to have this capacity? A human being is capable of becoming a force, a messenger and an immortal in his/her own right, an entity whose thoughts are capable to move mountains. Awesome! Can science bestow those attributes?

Science can figure things out "after the fact." Science can develop a brain chip, for instance, for implanting in a simian so that the simian can move an object with thought. But, consider this - who had planted the idea for such research, development and application into the scientists' heads in the first place?

Could a scientist construct mountains, form oceans, planets, stars, moons, the air we breathe and the atmosphere or the color spectrum? Scientists make abundant use of the Atomic Table, but do they have an answer how atomic elements came to be?

Earthlings need oxygen to breathe, water to drink and to make use of as the most readily available solute. Can scientists create water? Are they able to command the wind? Control the seasons? Invent our five senses?

Our eyes contain hundreds of millions of receptors, to enjoy and marvel at the magic around us. Those eyes allow us to treasure a smile, appreciate a sunset, behold our loved ones and look at a painting. Is this proof of scientific invention or a gift from a higher being? We can hear – each of our ears contain twenty-four thousand vibrating fibers, to perceive the magic of music, the rushing of a stream, the song of the birds, children playing, a plane rushing on overhead. Awesome! Can a scientist bestow such wonder?

Who else but a human being is capable to use speech - to pay a compliment, speak an encouraging word, uplift the downtrodden with a few kind sentences, praise the world with a poem, an essay or a letter to a friend? Can science plant this gift? Did scientists know that our hearts need to beat and pulsate - second by second, minute by minute, day after day, awake or asleep, all year long? Did science create the more than sixty-thousand miles of veins, arteries and tubing inside us that allow our bodies to pump more than 600 thousand gallons of blood each year? That our skin constantly renews itself? Awesome!

Those are awesome properties – in perfect balance and concert with the functions of our bodies. Never has there been a scientist capable of creating such wonders. It stands to reason, then, that all these gifts come from a higher power, a spirit, a creator, a master more capable than any scientist. Even Einstein in his later years realized that science is not the ultimate answer and became a spiritual being. Awesome!

So, if you think even in the slightest that there is no power outside yourself and you are tempted to blindly believe in science, think again, and read an outstanding book called Zhuan Falun, which contains all the answers to life's questions as well providing insights into all mysteries under the stars.

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