Traditional Chinese Culture: Avoiding Lust in the Same Way You Would Dodge Arrows Results in Wealth and Many Children and Grandchildren

PureInsight | October 3, 2005

[] Lu Qing (呂青) was a man from the Ming Dynasty (1368 – 1644 A.D.) He enjoyed telling off-color jokes and peeping at women. When he reached the age of 30, he became destitute and his two sons died, one after the other.

One day Lu Qing suddenly seemed to die and saw his grandfather who told him angrily, "For two generations, your father and I have accumulated a lot of virtue. Therefore, you were supposed to be extremely rich. Never had we expected that you would be overcome with lust for beautiful women. Your eyes and mouth have been creating karma. All the virtue your father and I had accumulated is about to run out! If you should truly engage in amoral affairs, any offspring of our family won't have a future! This is the reason why I beg the King of Hell to give you a tour to Hell and see for yourself what your actions will lead you to!"

Lu Qing replied, "I have heard that those men who rape or have sex with other people's wives or daughters will face the punishment of no children. In fact, I fear that horrible punishment so I have never had sex with anyone but my wife!"

An official in Hell told him, "The punishment for having extramarital sex is more than being unable to bear children! If a woman makes the first move to flirt with you and you respond to her, you will be given the punishment of being unable to have children. If you make the first move to entice or coerce a woman to have sex with you, if you repeatedly commit such a sin in violation of ethics, or if you cause the woman who had an affair with you to have an abortion to hide the affair or kill her husband, you would commit a terrible, terrible sin! The punishment would be far more serious than being unable to have children! The laws and regulations in the human realm for lust and indecent affairs are far too lenient, but the laws in Hell for such sins are the most strict. As soon as you have a lustful thought, the God of the Stove in your household and the City God will report your thought truthfully and completely to the King of Hell. If either of them should conceal or omit to report any of your lustful thought, he would commit a severe sin! Why don't you come and watch today's proceedings in Hell? You will understand it once you see it."

After a while, the soldiers in Hell brought many criminals that had committed sins of lust before the main hall of Hell. Each of them knelt down in handcuffs and foot shackles before the King of Hell, who announced the sentences solemnly aloud, "You shall be reincarnated as an insane and mute beggar! You shall be reincarnated as a prostitute and turn blind! You shall be reincarnated as a cow for two lifetimes! You shall be reincarnated as a pig for ten lifetimes!" After the Kind of Hell finished the trial, the soldiers of Hell transfered them to their next life.

Lu Qing shuddered with fear. The official in Hell told him, "There are far more severe punishments! You must never be lured to the brief pleasure of lust at the expense of losing the chance to be reincarnated as a human being in the next life. You should avoid lust in the same way as you would dodge arrows. You should also print articles to encourage the world's people against lust!"

Soon the King of Hell released Lu Qing back to the human realm. Lu Qing wrote an article about his journey to Hell. He printed 10,000 copies of the article and distributed them to people to warn them against lust. In addition, he began to do as many charitable deeds as he could.

At the age of 40, Lu Qing's wife gave birth to two sons. Lu Qing became very rich. Later, Lu Qing decided to sever all ties to the secular world. He went to the South Sea to pursue Taoist cultivation practice.

A man named Cai Qing from Lu Qing's hometown recorded this story as a lesson for future generations of people.

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