Stories behind Idioms: "Light a Candle and Study"


PureInsight | November 22, 2007

[] Shikuang lived in the Spring and Autumn Period.

Once Jing Pingong, Emperor of Jing, asked Shikuang: "I am already 70 years old and I want to study now. Is it too late?"

Shikuang said: "Why not light up a candle?"

Pingong said: "Why does an official tease his emperor?"

Shikuang said: "I dare not to tease you, do I? I heard that when one is
young, it is like a rising sun in the morning when one likes to study
in childhood. When one grows up and starts to love study, it is like
the sun at noontime. However, when one is old and begins to study, it
is like a lighted candle. To compare the light from the candle with the
darkness, which one is better?"

Pingong said: "Excellent!"

"Light a candle and study" refer to a person who loves to learn.

(From "Episodes Told by Liu Xiang")

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