Brushing Off the Enshrouding Dust: Clear Sky and Blue Water

Xiao Lian

PureInsight | September 4, 2008

[] Yesterday after work, I crossed a small bridge. Normally, I feel at ease during spring, with flowers blooming, water running, nearby mountains, and a mild wind blowing. However, this year, I had a heavy heart. Today, in modern society, mountains are not like those of the past, neither are the water, the sky, or the ground.

It is because nowadays people can only see and sense the retribution from nature: global warming, growing deserts, pollution, and epidemics. Articles describing these phenomena have been published on many websites in China.

Today, I would like to talk about this from the viewpoint of cultivation and historical arrangements.

When I was very young, I heard a story from China central radio station saying that scientists found a very large structure in Egypt near the Mediterranean Sea. In this structure, there was a well-preserved wooden vessel more than a thousand years old. However, a short time after opening this structure, the vessel started to deteriorate. This led scientists to study ancient air.

From the viewpoint of cultivation, everything can be explained clearly. If people worship Gods and respect Buddha, place emphasis on virtue, act compassionately, cleanse their hearts, and limit their desires, everything will be good, and people will be healthy and live long lives. There would not be severe pollution. In China, under the control of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), pollution and destruction of the natural environment have been very severe during the last 50 years.

Sometimes, I recall the days when I lived during an ancient time. I had a very good feeling about the natural environment at that time. The sky was much clearer, the air fresher, water sweeter, food more nutritious, and people were noble-minded. Other dimensions and miracles manifested frequently.

Because lives go through samsara (the cycle of reincarnation), people can reincarnate into animals, plants, or other things. If a person has a lot of virtue and a lot of good fortune, he will benefit his environment. There are many historical records that describe this. A country would have less catastrophes if the king, such as during the “Reign of Zhenguan,” often examined himself for short-comings and treated his people compassionately. On the contrary, disasters would occur if a country were extravagant from king to common folk, if good people were being persecuted, or if Buddha Fa and cultivators were being attacked, such as the Romans suffering pestilence and the fall of their civilization as a result of persecuting Christians.

Human morality is declining very rapidly. People will do bad deeds, which results in their accruing karma. You can imagine the result when people with a lot of karma reincarnate into plants, air, or food. If you can observe with supernatural abilities, you will see that karma and viruses are everywhere in this world. According to the standard in ancient times, today’s air is already poisonous, and this environment is unsuitable for mankind.
At the beginning of the 1980s, foods grown from seeds were very delicious and nutritious. But people wanted to improve their quantity and began to foster new modified varieties. They stopped using manure from farm animals and began using chemical fertilizers. The quantity of food indeed improved, but the soil became hard. Grain was grown only after applying fertilizers to the soil. High quantity was obtained at the cost of low nutrition. The human body has been changed after eating this food.

Humans have damaged the air greatly. Greenhouse gases, dust, chemicals, and other air pollution are the result. It is same with the earth. Large amounts of chemical fertilizers, plastics, the decline of grasslands, clear cutting of forests, desert encroachment, water table drawdown, and sinkholes are some of the results. Water pollution and groundwater depletion are also problems.

As I look at the mountains and rivers close to my home, my heart is heavy. The mountains and rivers have lost their charm. Older trees were all cut down and new ones planted. Water pollution has worsened.

All things in this world have lives and their own living processes. From the viewpoint of cultivation, everything is arranged by high-level beings. Humans will be punished severely because of their ignorance and greed.

Those people who have visited famous mountains said that this or that mountain is so extraordinary, as if made by Gods. When they see beautiful lakes and rivers they will have the same feeling.

When the earth was being created, divine beings considered that there would be people cultivating in this human world, so they made this environment with mountains, rivers, and culture. This also let the earth prosper.

Why are the mountains so beautiful? Just like Chinese people have said throughout the ages, “You have no wish to visit any other mountains after viewing the Five Mountains*.
You do not even wish to visit the Five Mountains after you come back from a trip to Huangshan.”

One Chinese idiom states, “The sea changes into mulberry fields.” People always take the phenomenon described by this idiom as a natural change of the earth. However, all things are arranged by divine beings.

Divine beings use matter on earth to create mountains with the same shapes as the ones in the heavens, and that is the reason why those mountains are so marvelous. The divine beings purpose of creating those mountains was to establish a cultivation environment for the time when they would come to this secular world to obtain Dafa (The Great Law).

In divine beings’ eyes, the earth is just like a drawing board. With their wisdom and abilities, they draw a picture according to the characteristics of their own paradises, including all kinds of charming mountains and rivers. The basic objective was to establish an environment for people, and to let them learn their own traditions and find the essence of their culture.

Some divine beings come to the earth to create different species, and some create the external living environment such as water and air. A Taoist creates a mountain according to the one he lived on in heaven, and naturally, this mountain looks very magnificent. We always hear that a certain mountain is the location of some Taoist or some Buddhist. This is because they have arranged it in advance. Nothing is accidental.

This helps people understand the Fa when it arrives in the human world. Everything in this world comes for the Fa. Specifically, with their wisdom and ability, some divine beings created the earth with the matter left after the explosion of the universe. Humans think the earth is so big, but divine beings think the earth is extremely small.

The reason that divine beings created mountains and the earth is that they want people to remember the charm of heaven and earth and the wonders of nature, and also to have morality. Nowadays, people destroy nature and the earth for their own selfish interests. This disrupts the ecological balance, and it sabotages the arrangements created by divine beings. Divine beings will punish humans for this, and this is also the reason that there are so many natural disasters and man-made calamities.

Divine beings are compassionate, but they cannot tolerate human morality degenerating to such an extent. The only way for people to regain the harmony between man and nature is to improve morality. Otherwise, humans will destroy themselves, especially at this critical moment of the spreading of the universal Fa (law).

If humans want to have clear skies and clean water, they need to completely abandon the evil communist party culture of battling with heaven and earth, and have a mind for respecting Dafa, divine beings, and heaven and for improving their morality. When human morality returns to a certain level, Dafa will recreate the universe, and everything will turn good.

We are waiting to see.

*Tai Mountain (Taishan) in Shandong, Heng Mountain (Hengshan) in Hunan, Hua Mountain (Huangshan) in Hunan, Hua Mountain (Huashan) in Shaanxi, Heng Mountain (Hengshan) in Shanxi and Song Mountain (Songshan) in Henan

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