A Practitioner’s Insights on Quantum Physics

Dafa Practitioner Dharia in Toronto

PureInsight | December 1, 2008

[PureInsight.org] Although my educational background is not in physics, after learning Falun Gong, my interest in physics, in particular quantum physics, picked up. I feel that studying Zhuan Falun helps in understanding the ideas that modern physicists entertain. I would like to share some of my understandings with you.

For example, quantum physics (the branch of physics that studies the micro-particles that compose an atom), already definitively states that there exist other dimensions parallel to our visible dimension. Physics equations postulate the existence of what is called “anti-matter.” Another branch of modern physics called “string theory” (string theorists propose that the cosmos is made of tiny strings that vibrate and that these strings are the origin of matter), claims that there are many parallel dimensions that coexist simultaneously. Today, while listening to Lecture Seven of Master’s “Fa Teaching in Guangzhou,” I enlightened to the correspondence between what quantum physicists are talking about and what it says in Zhuan Falun.

Master said, “We have found that when a person is born, there are many of him born simultaneously within a certain scope of this cosmic space. They all look alike with the same name, and they do similar things. Therefore, they can also be called part of this whole entity. …It was described in the past that lonesome spirits and homeless ghosts suffer from hunger, thirst, and other hardships. This may be true. But we have indeed observed the terrible situation in which this person suffers because he must wait for his final destiny when every one of him in each dimension completes his life journey.” (Lecture Seven, Zhuan Falun)

My understanding from the audio lectures is also that our form of existence resembles the structure of an atom, with one ball and a line, another ball and a line, all connected to one main ball.

I believe that this is what the physics equations are pointing to: that parallel worlds do in fact exist and that this is what anti-matter is all about. The parallel dimensions are material kinds of dimensions where there exist beings that also eat and drink.

Physicists also talk about something called “dark matter,” which constitutes the vast majority of space. The theory of dark matter came about when astronomers were studying the cosmos. The dark matter is something scientists cannot directly observe but can calculate, and the qualities of its manifestation in space can be explained by mathematical equations. With regards to dark matter, in my understanding, it is the more microscopic matter that science has not discovered yet.

Another thing I’ve enlightened to is what quantum physics refers to as uncertainty. Quantum physics states that the location of electrons at any given time is uncertain. In my understanding, this uncertainty relates to the differences in time. It is not the location of particles that is uncertain, but because of the time difference between our dimension and the dimension of the atom, we can’t see it. If the atom was magnified to the size of the solar system, the location of every electron would be as certain as the location of every planet. From our dimension, it seems that the electrons rotate very fast, but from the perspective of the atomic dimension, it is just as slow or as fast as the revolution of the planets around the sun. I wonder, could it be that the “electron wave” that scientists are talking about is its own vibration (the vibration of the particles it is made of…the even tinier particles) along with its speed of rotation around the nuclei? Still, it is not a “wave.” Just like a wave in the ocean is made up of molecules, but takes the form of a wave, the atom has its own form of motion. Master told us that the origin of all matter in this cosmic body is water. At the very origin of matter, the water is absolutely still and is far from what we know as water in our world. I have had the thought that if water is the origin of matter, then in different dimensions, it should have manifestations of the characteristics of water. A wave is one of its attributes; perhaps a “ray” is another.

In “Teaching the Fa in San Francisco” (April 1997, Lectures in the United States), Master said, “Actually, the origin of matter is water. The water that’s the origin of the cosmos is not everyday people’s water on Earth. Why do I say that water is the origin of matter? Whenever the most microscopic matter of different levels reaches a certain point there’s no more matter. Once there’s no matter, the particles of matter cease to exist. Looking further, one finds a situation: One finds something without material particles and that is tranquil—I usually call it still water. It’s also called the origin—lifeless water. If you toss something into it there won’t be any ripples. Sound vibrations won’t cause waves, either—it’s completely motionless. Yet the most fundamental composition of matter comes from this type of water.”

Another issue is that with awareness comes choice. The more microscopic a particle is, the more choice it has. I believe Master spoke of how on higher levels there is no longer an issue of karma or cultivation, but a choice that the universe makes. Science of the “material world” can’t comprehend how, in more microscopic levels, the same laws don’t always apply. They are incorrect from a higher realms’ perspective because there is choice. The double slit experiment is an example of choice in more microscopic realms. In that experiment, an electron decided to act differently upon being observed by scientists.

Membrane and Brain

Master says, “Today, those who study the human body have discovered that our human mind activities or human thoughts can generate a substance. At a very high level, we have found that it is indeed a substance, but this substance is not in the form of the brain waves as we have discovered in research today. Instead, it is in the form of a complete human brain.” (Lecture Five, Zhuan Falun)

Present day “string theorists” (scientists studying a specialized branch of quantum physics) suggest that the whole universe is a big membrane. The smaller particles resemble small membranes. In fact, there are many membranes existing simultaneously. Until recently, scientists could not solve the mystery of the Big Bang, or what they call a “singularity.” The laws of physics cannot apply to a singularity and the origin of the universe (or our small universe) cannot be explained. Only what took place after the universe was born can be explained by modern science. Some scientists then suggested the idea of parallel universes. There is also an issue concerning the gravitational force, with the question being why the force of gravity is so weak in our dimension? It has been suggested that gravity stems from another dimension and its manifestation is weak in our dimension. Then there was a debate between whether there are ten or eleven parallel universes existing at the same time. Both camps of scientists battled over this issue until eventually the calculations proved that both theories are correct: the eleven dimensional universe includes the ten dimensional universe within it. The prevalent idea in today’s physics is that the Big Bang was caused by the movement of membranes in another dimension. Since everything is in motion, the membranes are also in motion. One scientist suggested that the movement of giant waves in another dimension and the collision between waves at a certain point created the universe and this seems to solve the problem of a singularity.

I was thinking that since Master tells us that our thoughts are in the form of a brain, then would that not mean that the thoughts of higher lives are also in the form of brains existing in more microscopic dimensions? Although I have at this point reservations with regards to whether the universe was created by “random smashes of the waves of membranes in other dimensions,” as science claims, but perhaps there is some connection between a thought form or a brain of a great enlightened being and the universe as we know it. Could the universe, as we know it, be simply a “brain” (a thought) of a higher being? Personally, I have some reservations with regards to string theory itself. From my current understanding, Master has told us much about particles from the microscopic to the macroscopic dimensions. He has also told us that everything is in motion.

At “Teaching the Fa at the Conference in Canada” (May 1999), Master said, “This universe known to human beings through observation with telescopes is also something in the dimension that is made up of the superficial layer of particles, which is composed of molecules. So, it is still within the boundary of this dimension. As to the movement of this universe, of course, everyone knows that the earth is orbiting the sun, and electrons are orbiting nuclei; objects are moving. In reality, though, there are even greater forms of movement. Scientists discovered a few years ago that it was as if the earth was gasping for air—it was expanding and contracting. Our earth is made of molecules. Then, from the standpoint of the more microscopic and smaller composites of living beings, or from the composites of living beings existing inside the earth, isn’t the earth a universe? Aren’t the molecules that constitute the earth celestial bodies? They too are a layer of universe. Then think about it: What is their movement like? Isn’t it the same type of phenomenon that is observed in the universe by today’s scientists?”

If the earth is moving and “breathing,” and everything is moving and vibrating, could it be that what scientists call “strings” are actually particles in motion? But are they “strings,” or are they in fact particles?

Master also tells us that nothing happens by chance in our world. Recently, there was a problem with the proper functioning of the newly built particle collider near the boundary of France and Switzerland. The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is the world's largest and highest-energy particle accelerator complex, intended to collide opposing beams of protons (one of several types of hadrons) with very high kinetic energy. Master tells us that all planets have lives. If all planets have lives, then all tiny particles in the micro direction and all large particles in the macro direction have lives as well. Would not the experiments at the collider mean colliding a sun (a proton) of a smaller system with other suns? Is not it the same thing as if higher beings would decide to play with and collide our sun with other suns to see what it is made of? Is that not a great sin for humans?

Moreover, Master says in “Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Atlanta Fa Conference,” “Did you know this? Science's development in the microcosmic realm is even more terrifying. In its study of the more microcosmic particles, it makes the more microcosmic particles undergo fission, which causes the microcosmic particles to have continuous, chain-reaction fissions, which explode and split nonstop. The scientists have become aware of this and now they're afraid of it. If the explosions continue on like that, it won't take long before the entire earth disintegrates and is gone. At present none of the scientists who did those things are able to stop this type of explosion, and the fission and disintegration keeps on going. Those Chinese folks who knit sweaters know what this constant unraveling is like, with one link after another. And what science has brought upon mankind doesn't stop at that—isn't it terrifying?”

Master tells us in Lecture Seven of Zhuan Falun, “Killing can bring about enormous karma….Killing does not only bring about a lot of karma, it also involves the issue of compassion.”

In Lecture Two, Master says, “You know that the microscopic particles of matter include molecules, atoms, and protons. When investigating further, if you can see the plane of each level instead of a point, and see the plane of molecules, the plane of atoms, the plane of protons, and that of nuclei, you will see the forms of existence in different dimensions. All matter, including the human body, exists simultaneously in connection with dimensional levels of the cosmic space. When our modern physics studies the microscopic particles of matter, it only studies a microscopic particle through splitting it and fission. It will study its elements after nuclear fission. If there were such an instrument through which we could expand and see the level at which all atomic elements or molecular elements could manifest in their entirety, or if this scene were observed, you would reach beyond this dimension and see the real scenes existing in other dimensions. The human body corresponds to external dimensions, and they all have such forms of existence.”

In quantum physics, when scientists refer to an atom, they talk about four main forces. The strong force, the weak force, electromagnetic force and the gravitational force. For simplicity, let’s just talk about two forces, the electromagnetic force that pulls negatively charged electrons toward positively charged protons and the strong force that pulls positively charged protons together. This latter force must be stronger than the electromagnetic force, since it overrides the electromagnetic pulling apart of positively charged particles (protons). In my current understanding, Master told us that the more microscopic a particle, the higher the density and the more power it has. Could it be that that “strong force” is the force that holds all particles on the same level together? It is not the same force that holds together particles from different levels.

Deep Field Space

In 1995, the Hubble Space telescope captured an image that is one of the most important to present day astronomy. Hubble stared into empty space, into an unremarkable patch of sky for ten days and then captured an image. Where nothing seemed to exist, the image which is called Deep Field Space, captured roughly three thousand galaxies. The figure three thousand appears in various places in Zhuan Falun, as well as in Master’s various lectures.

“As I just said, the universe we generally understand is actually the expanse of a small universe. During my last trip to the U.S., I mentioned that an expanse of roughly more than 2.7 billion Milky Way-like galaxies—it’s around this figure, less than 3 billion—constitutes one universe. And this universe has a shell, or boundary. So this is the universe we usually refer to. But beyond this universe there are other universes at farther places. Within a certain expanse there are another three thousand universes like this. Yet there’s a shell outside of these three thousand universes, and a second-level universe is constituted. Beyond this second-level universe there are about three thousand universes the size of this second-level universe. There is a shell outside of them, and they constitute a third-level universe. It’s just like how small particles comprise atomic nuclei, atomic nuclei comprise atoms, and atoms comprise molecules—it’s just like how microscopic particles comprise larger particles in a system. The universe that I’ve been describing is only the way things are within this one system. There’s no way this language can describe it; human language isn’t able to express it clearly. This is the situation in this one state. But there are many, many systems—as numerous as the innumerable atoms that comprise molecules—spread all over the cosmos in the same way. Can you tell how many universes the size of our small universe there are in this cosmos? No one can tell exactly. Just now I discussed the second-level universes, the third-level universes, and said that Buddha Sakyamuni came from a sixth-level universe. This was only a discussion of this one system, of a system like this. Just as small particles comprise larger particles and larger particles comprise even larger particles, this is within one system. But there are more than just this one system of particles. Numerous particles at different levels are spread all over the cosmic body.” (“Teaching the Fa in New York City,” March 1997, Lectures in the United States)

(Hubble Deep Field Image)
“I’ve always said that between atoms and molecules is a vast dimension. We humans live between the layer of the largest particles made up of molecules, and planets that we see, which are a layer of particles. Humans live in that dimension. A planet is also a particle. Going further, the Milky Way galaxy also has an outer shell. Might the Milky Way galaxy and the countless other galaxies spread throughout the cosmos form a dimension? They’re also interrelated. Then beyond the galaxies, there is still another cosmic expanse—then is this cosmic expanse a layer of particles? It sure is a layer of particles. The cosmos is incredibly vast—there’s simply no way to describe how vast it is. Furthermore, three thousand universes like the one we inhabit make up a larger layer of universe, which has an outer shell and is a particle of a universe of an even larger layer. Yet the particles I just talked about was expanding from just one point. As a matter of fact, particles of each layer are spread throughout the entire cosmos. Yet even what I just described are only two layers of universes and you already find it mind-boggling. In fact, the future humankind’s science won’t be able to know this, either—humankind will never be able to know things that high-level. Even with the extent we discussed to, that layer of particles is but a speck of dust—a tiny speck of dust—in this vast cosmos. Think about how enormous this cosmos is! This is the type of dimension I’ve been telling you about all along.” (“Teaching the Fa in New York City,” March 1997, Lectures in the United States)

I was also contemplating the “Big Bang” theory and the expansion of the universe. It appears to me that the Big Bang is not how the universe was created, but how it is meant to end. Can in fact something be “created” by an explosion? Could it be that what scientists perceive to be the beginning of the universe, is in fact an observation of its end? Or perhaps it is the beginning and the end at the same time? The beginning carries within it an end and the explosion could be at once both the beginning and the end.

Master tells us that there is different Fa at different levels. My understanding is that this applies to different laws, including mathematical and physical laws. Nowadays some quantum physicists already speak in terms of consciousness and potentiality. The laws of the material, visible world do not apply to the quantum world. Old school physics has a hard time coming to terms with the modern understanding that everything is not matter, as once believed to be, but consciousness. The laws of the material world as we know it don’t apply to the microscopic world.

While contemplating the correspondence between the structure of an atom and the structure of our solar system, it appeared to me that since there are nine principle planets in our solar system, could it be “the bigger version” of fluorine? On the periodic table, an atom of fluorine contains nine electrons. Our solar system consists of nine planets. Perhaps this comparison could be useful toward further scientific discoveries.

These are some of my understandings that I wanted to share with fellow practitioners. Along my path of cultivation, I’ve realized that the pursuit of knowledge is also an attachment. At different levels, there exist different Fa. At some levels, it is OK to probe into the mysteries of the universe and to try to understand the enigmas of life, but on another level the pursuit of knowledge becomes an attachment that needs to be let go of.

And finally, here is a bit of “divine musings” for you. I found two videos where there appear to be “human-like” images of goddesses in them. Whether they are true images or not, it is up to you to decide. But I found it peculiar none-the-less. At the 1min 17 sec mark, one can see the clear definition of lips and a nose, and at the 1min 32sec mark, the full body of a goddess: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_Fs8oIdD7o

And when I first saw this clip, years before I started cultivation in Dafa, I felt that I saw giant goddesses in it. I thought it was very interesting. If you disagree, then at least I hope you’ll enjoy the mesmerizing photos and beautiful music.
Here is the downloadable version: http://rapidshare.com/files/4668247/Hubble640.zip

This is just my personal understanding at my current level. Please point out anything that is incorrect.

Thank you fellow practitioners. Thank you Master!

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