Display the Demeanor of a Dafa Disciple in the Fa-Rectification Period

A Dafa Disciple from Taiwan

PureInsight | November 4, 2002

Master said, "You are Dafa disciples, so no matter what environment you are in, when you do things like clarifying the truth and saving sentient beings, you should display the demeanor of a Dafa disciple." (Teaching the Fa at the Washington D.C. Fa Conference, 2002).

Recently I went to a dinner party hosted by some former colleagues. Also, on several occasions, I have run into friends that I had not seen for quite a long time. Some of them already knew that I practice Dafa. Some had received Dafa related materials that I had sent to them before. On these occasions, almost everybody had the same things to say about me. They said that my entire person seems to shine with a certain light, my face glowed with health, and I looked young and pretty. They felt that my appearance was completely different from before. After a short conversation with me, one person commented that he was very comfortable looking at me and talking with me. Before I got a chance to clarify the truth to my colleagues, they had already concluded that Falun Gong must be very good and should not be persecuted. They gathered around me and asked how to practice Dafa in order to gain this healthy look. Several former colleagues immediately agreed to practice Falun Gong together and discussed when they should finish reading the book by. One person even said to me that he really wished every Taiwanese looked as healthy as I do. I told them that the wonderfulness they saw in me was all from practicing Falun Dafa. My firm and gentle expression won my former boss' and colleagues' affirmation and respect.

To every ordinary person we meet, in every situation, a Dafa disciple's behavior is the truth of Dafa. Everywhere in our daily lives there are people who have predestinated relationships with us. These are Master's merciful arrangements. Sometimes on the street, on a bus, in a post office, in a department store, or in many other public places, when people walk by me, we look at each other and smile. I hand them a flyer or have a brief conversation with them. I can feel that each person is waiting for the Fa. In all situations, the way we behave is more convincing than what we say. In every opportunity arranged by Master Li to clarify the truth, if every Dafa disciple could put his heart in the Fa and demonstrate the mercy and mighty virtue of the Fa at all times, that would be the demeanor of a Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2002/9/2//18380.html

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