Lessons from Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts with a Young Disciple in Houston

A Dafa Disciple from Taiwan

PureInsight | November 25, 2002

We sent forth righteous thoughts in Houston to eliminate the evil beings in other dimensions. After the daytime activities, we had group study and sent forth righteous thoughts in our hotel. Two young disciples and I sat on a sofa in the lounge and sent forth righteous thoughts. A nine-year-old disciple said, "It is terrible. There are so many evil beings that they darken the sky." After we sent forth righteous thoughts together for just a few seconds, he said that all the evil beings were eliminated by the supernormal abilities that we sent out. They all turned to ashes.

Soon this little disciple told us that more evil beings came again. So, we continued sending forth righteous thoughts. He said, "We can not kill all of the evil beings because once one is killed, another one comes." I told him that we would eliminate every evil being that showed up and would not stop until all of them were eliminated. Then the evil beings interfered with the little disciple. Instead of keeping his palm erect in front of his chest, he scratched all over his body. He told me that the evil beings laughed at him, because he could not reach them. I reminded him of keeping righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil's interference. Then he saw a big evil being, but his supernormal abilities could not kill it. I asked Master for help. As soon as I spoke out, the little disciple saw more than a thousand of Master's Fashen come over holding one hand erect in front of the chest. All of the evil beings were then eliminated.

After my trip to Houston, I learned that Fa study and the exercises are the foundation of righteous thoughts. Studying the Fa and doing the exercises better will make our righteous thoughts stronger. Besides, the interference of the evil beings in other dimensions is very severe. If our righteous thoughts are not strong enough, we will be experience interference. Our Master caringly watches out for us at every moment. Only if our thoughts are righteous and sincere will Master come to help us when we ask for it.

Translated from http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2002/11/7/19161p.html

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