A Caring Husband Cares for His Wife

Court Reinland

PureInsight | December 26, 2005


There are some fancy men,
Finding in themselves much desire
Find themselves with another
When nightly their wives retire

And then there are those men of service
When bound for the sea
Having paid loving-good-bye to the misses
Then for another one leave

And then there are those men
Drunk on the nectar by day
That no matter how greatly they earn
Find in the end, that they have drunk it all away

Some men, even when with the family, they
Can nay find in their heart - to give them the time of day
Even to the point when - the children being in need
Mostly ignore them - a fine father indeed!

But if you shall ask in the end - what kind of man shall I be?
Know I cannot sum in words - how much I care for thee

But please take my word as my oath
The day that I leave your side
Shall see the mountains eclipsed
By the ocean's rising tide

And though I am lacking for fine things to give
As long as fields yield the wheat
And flour falls through the sieve
You shall not be found wanting
For as long as I live

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