A Lady Must Be Modest

Court Reinland

PureInsight | January 2, 2006


Some men being coarse,
Cannot see the charm that fine modesty brings
Preferring loosely kept women and rougher-
Over finely hewn things

But of all of the charm a lady brings in her space,
Adept is one knowing proper time and one's place
On keeping well guarded her most valuable possession,
She commands that much more respect and attention

But in the gaining of men is not the finer to be found,
Alone lies such countenance in a place more profound
Having inwardly subdued her most profane of desires,
Of stature gains more than mere social empire

Instead finds a superior most modest grace,
However, all but lost on coarse rogues of poor taste

And the grace follows her wherever she can be found
Whether dining midtown -
Or afar East or West
Singing and dancing, entertaining the guests
These are the things that a woman loves best
- But a lady must be modest

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