Tides Turning in Dark Places

An Australian Practitioner

PureInsight | April 2, 2006


This Darkest Lair

"One-child" atrocities, harvesting human organs

reaping seeds of fear and despair

forced abortions to "Party-speak" distortions

a reign of brutality from this darkest lair.

Mourning a square's massacre

a forbidden solace for mothers still

where mountains reach the sky

beside the beast all terror lies

a "revolution," an excuse for

blood under will.

Grey walls of China hiding countless crimes

a Party's history red to tears

with no rule of law, a star fading to fall

this spectre's end drawing ever near.

Of Tides Turning  

Of clouded eyes

and poisoned minds

of hearts cold to frozen

Of innocence betrayed

and countless crimes

of truth silenced and unspoken

Of rights denied

and freedom trampled

of China's darkest hour

Of tides turning

and brighter skies

of seeds now coming to flower.

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