The Sure Helmsman

An Australian Practitioner

PureInsight | January 7, 2007


As Sure As the Sun

As sure as the sun

comes to rise

and clouds come to pass

as sure as the seed

calls to harvest

and this life calls to surpass.

As sure as the truth

comes to light

and darkness comes to fade

as sure as the seas

find another shore

and the heart finds another way.

As sure as the 'party'

comes to fall

and justice comes to mind

as sure as the world

waits to see

and China waits to shine.

At the Helm

The hour resplendent

a new light aflame

with many hearts awakened

sails billowed one the same.

This voyage unchartered

a song from distant shores

crossing oceans unknown

towards a timeless dawn.

Beyond farthest horizons

and the widest of realms

transcending our human domain

with Master at the helm.

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