My Everlasting Memory

A Falun Dafa Practitioner from China

PureInsight | April 22, 2007

[] I started
practicing in 1994. Time flies and it has been thirteen years, but the
scenes of Master teaching the Fa are still so vivid. I am writing my
experiences to share with other practitioners.

I Was so Fortunate to Hear Master Teaching the Fa

From May 29 to June 5, 1994, Master was teaching a class in Chengdu. In
talking about "Genuinely Bringing People Toward Higher Levels", Master
said, "I am the only person who is doing such a thing. There are not
many opportunities for something like this, and I will not teach this
way forever. I think that those who can listen to my lectures in
persons, I would say, honestly - you will realize in the future that this
period of time is extremely precious. Of course, we believe in
predestined relationship. Everyone sits here   all because of
a predestined relationship." In the second lecture, Master said,
"Everyone comes here because of a predestined relationship. If you
obtain it, perhaps you are supposed to have it. You should therefore
treasure it and not be attached to any pursuit."(Zhuan Falun)
I did not have the faintest idea what cultivation was, and my
understanding of predestined relationship was only limited to
"marriage." When I heard that there would be a class taught in Chengdu,
I felt a warmth in my heart which was not present in my previous
learning of other kinds of qigong.

I was in poor health when I was little. My mother told me that when I
was young, I was so sick one time that only my eyes would blink. After
I grew up, I almost got killed in a bicycle accident. Once, I was on a
business trip and almost died from swimming in a river.  Why did I
survive all those disasters? "Actually, everything that I have done was
arranged countless years ago, and this includes who would obtain the
Fa—nothing is accidental. But the way these things manifest is in
keeping with ordinary humans."  When I read that, I realized that
I was in so many dangerous situations in my younger days and now I am
over 60 and becoming a Dafa disciple was not a coincidence. I have a
predestined relationship with Dafa, and Master was watching over me

Master Knows Our Every thought

May 29, 1994, Master was giving a lecture and teaching the exercises in
the auditorium. I walked in and Master sat on the podium. There were
over 1000 seats, but every one was taken.  When I shook hands with
Master and paid my respects, Master asked, "Did you bring your
recorder?" I was startled: Two days ago, a practitioner from Beijing
asked whether it was allowed to record Master' lecture."  Master
came from Zhongqing by train, and arrived this morning, how would
Master know about our conversation? I was ashamed and told Master that
it was the weekend and I had not found a recorder.  A few days
later, the assistant site of Chengdu was set up, and the name lists
from different practice sites were turned in.  Master asked me,
"Where is yours?" Originally we had discussed setting up a practice
site, but later we heard there was one nearby and abandoned the idea.

These two things made me realize that Master is not an ordinary qigong
master. Since the first day of our lecture, I used my old recorder to
record the lectures and instructions for the exercises. A few days
after all the lectures were completed, there were few practitioners who
had established a practice site in their work unit. In the middle of
July, I invited a few practitioners to my unit to spread Dafa and then
set up our assistant site. Just like Master said, "The success of his
work is only a manifestation among ordinary humans. It is the mighty
power of Dafa itself and the specific arrangements made by my Law
Bodies that enable people to obtain the Fa and spread the Fa
widely."(From "A Heavy Blow")

Getting Rid of My Ailments   

The first two days, I felt very sleepy. In order not to interfere with
my recording, I tried to pinch my eyelids to keep myself awake. When
Master adjusted our bodies, I was thinking about my five-year-old
grandson who had a heart problem. Two days later, Master said to me,
"Your complexion has changed!" I was always very pale and lethargic and
suffered from insomnia, hepatitis, chronic cholecystitis, lumbar
hyperplasia, prostatic hyperplasia, and other things. I was well-known
for being sick. Now I walked into a Dafa class, not thinking of taking
any medicine, and all symptoms had disappeared. Master, Dafa is so
miraculous! Many of my co-workers witnessed the changes in me and also
became practitioners.

Rectifying the Abnormal

On June 4, I told Master in my report: A month ago, I took my grandson
to see a doctor, and I learned a new Qigong. I promise that I will not
practice that again, and if I see my Qigong teacher, I will just treat
him as a customer.  Next day, Master said very solemnly that some
people just could not let go of the old stuff they practiced. I knew
that Master was talking about me and wanted me to practice only one
cultivation way.  I had the thought that I would firmly believe in
Master and the Fa and would diligently cultivate.

In my thirty years of working life, I have attended countless meetings,
both big and small, and the meeting places were always very
noisy.  When Master taught our class, he did not have any notes,
but the contents of the lecture were unfathomable, disclosing mysteries
of the universe, time and space, and human body. Master's every thought
and act was so righteous, free from any of the bad influences or human
notions of our Dharma-ending period. For ten sessions, the tuition was
only 40 yuan, and veteran practitioners paid half price. During that
time, Master also went to the mountains and temples nearby and cleaned
up all undesirable animal spirits. In addition to that, Master chose
the proper location as the practice site for local practitioners.

Buddha's Boundless Mercy

In the Chengdu class, everyone received a China Falun Gong certificate
and a completion certificate at the end. The front of the certificate
has a photo of the participant, the seal of the Falun Gong Research
Society, and a number. The back of the certificate has Master's
seal.  The certificate was laminated.

There were over 800 hundred people in our class, but only about three
hundred came from Chengdu and Chuanxinan District. The reason was that
the unit in charge did not spread the news of the class in time. The
second day of the lectures, Master suggested the lecture be broadcast
through a radio station.  But due to my low enlightenment, I said
that I was an ordinary worker there and could not make this kind of
decision. In addition, all the programs were scheduled ahead of time
and could not be changed on such short notice. I read articles from
different areas about how Master was teaching classes and realized that
Master traveled day and night during 1994 to do that. I understand now
why Master wanted to broadcast through radio stations: to spread Dafa
and save sentient beings.  I deeply regret that I did not try to
contact a radio station and to help to extend Master's boundless mercy.

Happy memories can strengthen my faith in Master and Dafa, deepen my
understanding of the Fa, recognize my shortcomings, and force me to be
more diligent. Being a Fa-Rectification-period Dafa disciple, during
the last stage of Fa rectifying the cosmos, we must do the three things
well and walk every step properly, so that we would not let Master down.

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