Miraculous Revelations Master Gave Me

Dafa disciple

PureInsight | May 22, 2014

[PureInsight.org] My spouse and I obtained the Fa in 2004. During ten years of Fa study and cultivation, I was often able to experience the miracles of Dafa and Master staying beside me at all times. Because I had poor comprehension in cultivation, when I could not pass the character test, the compassionate and great Master would give me revelations through various means.

Next I would like to talk about a miraculous event that happened in my home not long ago. One day my spouse called me, “The bottom of the pedestal pan in our home is leaking water.” I went to see and found that the cement under the pedestal pan was air-slaked and leaking water very fast. I immediately found some cement to get it fixed up and told my family members to stop using it for 24 hours. The next day when I observed it, it was still leaking. I tried to fix it up through various means, but it still leaked. Several days later, my daughter-in-law said, “The oral siphon in the backside has started leaking water too.” I found it was the entry point connector that was spraying water, and the flow was very vigorous. Later it was found that no tools could be stuck because the pan was too close to the wall. Therefore, it was impossible to fix. I hastily called the repairman. When I turned around, I found my spouse sending forth righteous thoughts. Right at the moment a thought occurred to me, “Maybe it is Master who is revealing to us that some aspect of our cultivation is not good, which caused the leaky condition.” I said to my spouse, “Is this Master’s way of showing us the leaks in our cultivation?” My spouse was silent. I sat down and sent forth righteous thoughts too. Once we finished, the repairman came but could not find the leak no matter how hard he tried. I said, “It is really strange. It was dripping with noise just a moment ago. Why isn’t it leaking anywhere?” After the repairman left, my spouse said, “A moment ago when sending forth righteous thoughts, I spoke to Master in my heart, ‘Master! Please give us revelations to help us looking for leaks in cultivation, to find out our deficiencies and to cultivate ourselves well. We’ve got it. ’”

I sat down calmly with my spouse and exchanged ideas. My spouse pointed out, “You often go to the seniors’ center to play Mahjong. Every time you earn or lose several tens of dollars. Is this something practitioners should be doing?” I was shocked in my heart. I was aware that it wasn’t good from the very beginning, but I simply dared not to face the problem. Today it was pointed out, and I was awakened suddenly. Yes! Everyday people play mahjong for fun, but I am a practitioner. I should have higher standards. How could we waste the precious time that Master has extended for us to validate the Fa and save sentient beings?! How huge of a sin this is! Dafa disciples should not go there. How much better would it be to spend time studying the Fa and clarifying the truth instead of playing mahjong? Not only are the attachments to competitiveness, delight and the desire to gain petty advantages rooted in mahjong, but lots of time is also wasted, which leads to slack in Fa study, laziness in exercising and identifying oneself with everyday people over the course of time. How big a leak it was! From then on I never went to the mahjong club. My spouse also realized her attachments to delight and showing off.

From this miraculous experience of finding leaks, I realized more clearly that the Great Master was right beside us, taking care of us by the minute. When deficiencies in cultivation were found, we were set on not sparing ourselves on the cultivation road, truly cultivate solidly and follow Master home.

Translated from http://www.zhengjian.org/node/128306


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