Learning to Determine Right and Wrong by Oneself

PureInsight | November 12, 2014

[Pureinsight.org] Recently I saw some school reading material. There was a philosophical story titled “Using one’s own head to determine right and wrong”, and I was quite inspired after reading it.

The name of the natural sciences teacher was Mr. Hui Tesen. In one of his natural science classes, he introduced to students a type of animal called the “long-winged flying cat”. However, this species had already gone extinct during the glacial period. While explaining, he simultaneously displayed a cranium. Because it was explained by the teacher, students took notes very attentively, and answered the questions on the following test as instructed. The students were all very determined, and should have all received perfect scores.

But when the test scores were distributed, all the students received zeroes. The students didn’t understand, and asked the teacher. Mr.Hui Tesen said, “The reason the students’ scored zeros was because they blindly believed in the teacher.” Mr. Hui Tesen had repeatedly emphasized the “long-winged flying cat” was extinct. Despite vividly and colorfully describing it and even using a fake cranium as disguise, not a single student questioned this: If it is already extinct, how does the teacher know these things? Isn’t this cheating people? Hence, all of the students scored zeroes. Mr. Hui Tesen ultimately concluded, “Teachers and textbooks can err as well. Our heads shouldn’t passively accept knowledge. We have to reflect on and analyze things, and we have questions, we should take the initiative to raise a question.”

After reading this article, I reflected on the education I received in mainland China, and realized that it was all forced indoctrination. We weren’t allowed to question anything, and all of this indoctrination ultimately resulted in us losing the capability to determine right and wrong ourselves. A mind of CCP (Chinese Communist Party) culture had replaced our minds and controlled us. This makes it much easier to be manipulated by the Chinese Communist Party.

This is most apparent in the 15-year-long persecution of Falun Gong. Even with the lies being so apparent, the heresy has been easily accepted and believed by Mainland Chinese people. The lies of the 4/25 Siege of Zhongnanhai were accepted under the label of “doing politics.” It was difficult for people to think: What would a kind-hearted practitioner community want to besiege? People believed the lies about Falun Gong so easily merely because the Communist Party’s television station reported it. Even those who’ve experienced the kindheartedness and peaceful behavior of Falun Gong practitioners firsthand are unwilling to accept or believe the truth. This was especially so after the loophole-filled Tiananmen Square self immolation hoax shocked the world. People of all ages were fooled by the poorly-orchestrated acting staged by the evil, henceforth developing an ignorant hatred for Falun Gong and standing on the side of the wicked Communist Party in adding momentum to the persecution. Today, those who were members of Jiang’s regime of hoodlums have received retribution according to the heavenly law that “good will be rewarded and evil will be punished”, and yet people refuse to acknowledge this reality. Despite the constantly changing lies of the Communist Party, people interpret it is a manifestation of a power struggle within the party; that it’s caused by an irreconcilable political struggle. In reality, the political fighting of the Communist Party is only a manifestation; the retribution of good and evil is what’s fundamental. It is the Communist Party that opposes Buddhas; it is the result of being influenced for a long period by a CCP culture that opposes human nature.

Since the Communist Party seized power, why has it tried to eliminate China’s 5,000 years of orthodox culture, and rejected and loathed western universal values? Why has it established a system of fallacious sayings in order to poison and brainwash civilians? This is related to the nature of the Communist Party. The miraculous book that has already circulated in society for 9 years, The Nine Commentaries of the Chinese Party has profoundly exposed the evil cult and hoodlum nature of the Chinese Communist Party. There is an old-saying: all living things have souls. The Chinese Communist Party’s outward appearance is that of an organization, but it also has a soul. However, this soul is an evil spirit - a foreign specter and devil. Under the Communist Party’s guiding document, the Manifesto of the Communist Party, they have already frankly conceded: “An evil specter, the evil specter of communism, is already roaming about in Europe.” They have also hardly kept it a secret that they use violence and lies to destroy humanity. So in regards to the organizational form this evil specter takes in society – the Chinese Communist Party, what they implement is the will of demons. In fact, they have gathered the evil from all times and lands, which is most implicit in their persecution of Falun Gong. In order to compel Falun Gong students to give up their belief of “truthfulness, compassion, forbearance”, they stop at no evil: kidnapping, beating, torture, and even the live organ harvesting of Falun Gong practitioners in order to make a profit. This is only something that “an evil never before seen on this earth” could do. The methods they use to poison civilians are also evil to the extreme: guilt by association, collecting signatures to oppose X cult, the Tiananmen self-immolation hoax, fabricating textbooks, etc... Their purpose is to cut off sentient beings from the path in which they can be saved. Because in accordance with the laws of the new universe, when a person’s head contains the thought “Falun Gong is not good”, if this person cannot change his views, he will be eliminated in the great elimination when new universe replaces old universe, and will lose his future forever. In regards to their persecution of Falun Gong as a group, one can easily see the evil cult and gangster natures of the Chinese Communist party.

The reason Falun Gong practitioners have all along persisted in clarifying the truth for 15 years is to call back the righteous thoughts and conscience of the world’s people — the ability to clearheadedly see the evil nature of the communist party, use one’s head rationally, clearheadedly analyze situations and determine right from wrong, and to not again be deceived by the Chinese Communist Party. The purpose is to save the Chinese people, as well as the world’s people, from the politics of the Chinese Communist Party, and thoroughly annihilate the Chinese Communist Party — to thoroughly clear the earth of history’s most evil cult, as well as thoroughly liberate all of humankind, allowing them to walk past the calamity of ‘heaven annihilates the communist party’ and enter the new epoch of humankind.

Right now the “quit CCP” (Quit from the Chinese Communist Party related organizations) phenomenon taking the world by storm is a manifestation of the awakening and self-salvation of sentient beings. It is the righteous decision of sentient beings who have understood the truth. It is a decision sentient beings have made after judging and analyzing with their own heads. Up until July 11th, 2014, as posted on the overseas Epoch Times website, there are already 170,700,000 Chinese citizens who have withdrawn from the Chinese Communist Party’s organizations.

In order to ensure the safety of both oneself and family members, those Chinese persons who are still being hoodwinked by the lies of the Chinese Communist Party really need to become clearheaded and calmly hear the truth from Falun Gong practitioners, have a look at the truth-clarification materials and Shen Yun DVD’s in one’s grasp, and use one’s head to determine right and wrong. Make a judgment for yourself once more! A difference in one thought could spell the difference between heaven and hell. Be alert! Be alert!

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/node/133909

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