One Year of Cultivation Can Be Counted as Ten Years

PureInsight | November 12, 2014

[] I ran into a fellow practitioner’s father, who was more than 80 years old, at his home. He said his father-in-law told him before he passed away that, “At the age of the Law’s end there will be a living Buddha descending to the world to save people. One year of cultivation can be counted as ten years. Three treasures will be given to you as travelling expenses to lead the son back home. I cannot catch up with this, your parents can catch up one small part, you are bound to cultivate well.”

By reckoning, these words were said around the year 1949. It is really miraculous to know 50 or 60 years ago an event that is occurring today.

People in the past were pure and good. They were blessed and given revelations by gods. His father-in-law was able to tell his future about heavenly secrets before death. He was able to understand some of his father-in-law’s words, “Visible Buddha saves people; one year of cultivation can be counted as ten years.” This means the Fa is good. But what does “three treasures as travelling expenses” mean? It was not until sometime later when he obtained the Fa that he suddenly saw the light. Don’t “three treasures” refer to the three words, “truth-compassion-tolerance”! Travelling expenses are what one spends on a trip, yes? Without cultivating truth, compassion, tolerance, one cannot go back home, just like one who lacks travelling expenses. It is so wonderful!

Fellow practitioner’s father and his offspring all cultivate Falun Dafa. When sharing with him, he really understood how precious the Fa is. Therefore, he often encouraged fellow practitioners to cultivate well! “One year of cultivation can be counted as ten years.” It is really one chance in a thousand years! In the past, people cultivated and then died, then cultivated again in the next reincarnation. No one can achieve consummation in one life time. However, cultivating Falun Dafa can make people achieve consummation in several tens of years! Yes, it is very lucky to obtain the Fa, one should cherish the Fa!

In the past, his father-in-law guarded this heavenly secret to the end of his life. Now, this very good Gong and Fa is being told to more and more people, therefore, at the risk of being captured or losing one’s life, Falun Dafa cultivators pass the heavenly secrets to common people.

Once in a suburb, I wanted to clarify the truth to an old person along the road. When the topic was introduced, he spoke loudly, “Now! Food has no food taste; humans have no traits of being human. Some people in their 40’s cannot even walk a straight line.”


Aren’t the words of the old person correct? What would it be like if society continues to develop like this? One would even sweat hearing this. How hopeless it is with the virtual downslide of human society, there is no way out. Falun Dafa can lift people’s hearts. If everyone can acquire himself with the standard of truth-compassion-tolerance, if everyone can consider other people first when doing things, human society will get better and beings will have future.


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