The Process of Eliminating Jealousy

PureInsight | November 17, 2014

[] I live in a remote valley quite far from the nearest town, so I don't get to interact very much with fellow practitioners. My district has four to five practitioners who study the Fa and do the exercises together. However, for a long time, none of us knew how to improve or understand the Fa from the Fa, and instead understood the Fa based on our own perceptions.

In the spring of 2013, two new practitioners came to our region. They came to my house to discuss and help us understand the Fa from the Fa and improve more quickly from a fundamental level. I would like to thank Master for caring about us! I would also like to thank the two practitioners who came to help. The practitioners in my region all welcomed the two practitioners. However, Master said, “During your cultivation practice, I will use every means to expose all of your attachments and dig them out at their roots” (Essentials for Further Advancement: “Digging Out the Roots”).

One of the two practitioners who helped us was a male practitioner who was in a very difficult financial situation at the time. He asked if he could work at my place. At the time, all other practitioners agreed except for me. I said, “Let’s discuss it later!” Later, another practitioner asked me in private, “Do you want this male practitioner to work at your place? Be honest.” Actually at the time, I did not want him to. However, to avoid hurting anyone’s feelings, I responded that we’d discuss it later, and the issue was dropped.

In the summer of this year, other local practitioners invited these two practitioners to work at my place. Their arrival made me feel very unbalanced, because of my jealousy, I thought, “Their arrival will impact my own prestige. Their arrival has attracted all other practitioners to go study the Fa with them. They’re living at a female practitioner’s house. Before they came, everyone used to come to my house to study the Fa and discuss, so how could I be welcoming towards them?” One of the visiting practitioners came and asked if they could do some work for me in order to earn some money. Even though I agreed, I was very upset inside. Many practitioners said bad things about me in front of him, giving him a bad impression of me. We could not get along and subsequently, the two practitioners suffered through three painful days before leaving. Their departure had a very big impact on me. I searched deeply inside and I found that the cause of the problem was jealousy. Through studying Master’s Fa, I read about the kind of attitude Gods have: tolerance, vast tolerance and being capable of thinking from other beings perspectives. However, the first thing I thought about was my own feelings and prestige. I wanted everyone else to orbit around me. After looking deeply within, I realized how selfish and dirty these human notions were. After cultivating for so many years, I still had these hidden, dirty human notions. I understood and shed tears of regret! Even though my fellow practitioner was in such a difficult situation, out of my own selfishness, I forced the person who helped me improve, to leave.

Upon seeing this problem with myself, I deeply understood the danger of jealousy. I resolved to eliminate these bad human notions and to use the Fa to rectify myself and eliminate the gaps between myself and the other practitioners to form one whole body. After understanding the Fa principles, I quickly called the fellow practitioner to come back. I planned to use my new understandings of the Fa principles to help the fellow practitioner endure through difficult times and return home together with Master!

This fellow practitioner’s magnanimity and clarity on the Fa principles allowed me to see my gaps. My xinxing once again improved based on the Fa. All of the practitioners in my region began to use the Fa principle of looking inwards more to eliminate human notions, improve together, cultivate well and save more sentient beings. Only after eliminating human notions can one cultivate greater tolerance. I enlightened to the fact that only when Dafa disciples follow the Fa’s requirements, can we return home with Master!

Please point out anything that doesn’t agree with the Fa.

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