Nine-Day Falun Gong Exercise Workshop Held in Singapore

A Singaporean Falun Gong practitioner

PureInsight | February 13, 2021

[] A nine-day Falun Gong exercise workshop was hosted by Singapore Falun Buddha Society from Dec 5-30, 2020. Both Chinese and English have been applied in the delivery of the event. Attendees watched the video recordings of Master Li Hongzhi’s nine lectures and learned Falun Gong exercises. The event is free of charge. On the nineth day, the new practitioners shared that their physical and mental well being have improved.

“I seek Dafa throughout my lifetime.”
Xiao Li, who is from mainland China, said excitedly, “I seemed to have a predestined relationship with Dafa. I have sought Dafa in my lifetime.” He received truth-clarification leaflets at a bus stop. Unfortunately, he forgot to take them home. Throughout coronavirus pandemic, he once again obtained some leaflets. Since then, he started to do the exercises at a park. It was such a good fortune for him to attend the workshop.

He said, “I will practice Falun Dafa throughout my lifetime. During the nine-day workshop, I was very happy to watch the video recordings of Master’s Fa teachings. Should you ask me to recite a part of Fa teachings, I’m unable to do this. Nevertheless, I can come up with Fa teachings when problems arise.”

Master taught us in Zhuan Falun, “You may not recall specifically what I have said after stepping outside the door, but when you actually encounter this issue, you will remember what I said.”

Xiao Li added, “I became aware of the purpose of cultivation. Zhuan Falun changed my view on life.”

Wei Xiao read Zhuan Falun five years ago. She said, “My view on my life has changed after I read Zhuan Falun. In the past, I was attached to lots of things. Now I can take them lightly. After studying the Fa, I rarely fell sick.” More than one year ago, she started to learn the meditation exercises.

This is the first time that she has attended nine-day Falun Gong workshop. Her celestial eyes were open on the third day and she saw Master’s suit image on the wall turned into a Buddha.  

“Thank you Master for your compassionate salvation!”
Raymond, the husband of a Singaporean Falun Gong practitioner, was aware that Dafa is good. But he did not take up the practice. He ever suffered a heart problem. Then he followed his doctor’s advice and underwent a heart bypass surgery at Singapore Central Hospital. In the course of the surgery, he kept reciting ‘Falun Dafa is good and Zhen-Shan-Ren is good.’ After half an hour, the doctor said that the surgery proved to be a success.

He shared with his wife that once he suffered a stroke and couldn't move his body. When his son carried him into the ambulance, his hands and feet were stiff, neither could he move his eyes, and he lost his consciousness. On the way to the hospital, he silently recited the nine-character auspicious phrase. It was amazing that his hands began to move in a few minutes. He said gratefully, "Thank you Master for saving me. Otherwise I will fall into a paralysis."

He added, “I felt physically relaxed on my first day of the workshop. My thinking became flexible. When I saw Master’s image on the wall, I seemed to see Master talking.”

Benefiting from Dafa both physically and mentally
There was a couple of new students who participated in the nine-day English class. When Steven first arrived, he could not go upstairs by himself, so his wife Peggy had to help him. In the nine-day class, he improved his health every day. One day, when they went upstairs, Steven surpassed his wife, which was amazing. He could go upstairs nearly independently. Steven said, "I feel much more comfortable, and I'm strong when walking."

All the rest of new practitioners said that their physical and mental well being have improved.

Ms. Qiao Zhen said, “On the second day of participation, Master purified my body. It was as if Master removed my symptom of diarrhea. Now I feel relaxed when walking, while I could hardly walk in the past.”

Mr. Li said, “I used to study Dafa at home. But it is totally different to learn Dafa in the workshop. I feel happy listening to Master’s Fa teachings with everyone else here. I found the energy field here very good.”

Mr. Du said, “I fell down two to three times before when walking. I was advised by the doctor that I lacked vitamin B. Now I felt relaxed and stopped worrying. I would like to keep studying Dafa.”

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