Experiences of My Primordial Spirit Leaving My Body

A Dafa Disciple in China

PureInsight | December 23, 2022

[PureInsight.org] Many miraculous things have happened to me during my more than 20 years of practicing Falun Dafa.

Master said in Zhuan Falun, "As human beings, we have Primordial Spirits, and the Primordial Spirit does not become extinct."

I would like to share with you some of my experiences of when my Primordial Spirit left my body.

One night in 1999, in the school dormitory, my roommate had just turned off the lights. The room was silent and everyone gradually fell asleep. I closed my eyes and was about to fall asleep. At that moment  two people from other dimension suddenly appeared beside me. They were not malicious, and I was not afraid. They took me up, with my Primordial Spirit following them to a place, where I saw Master. There was another person beside Master, and when he saw me coming, that person disappeared, and the two people beside me also disappeared. I put my palms together in heshi, and bowed to Master. Master used telepathy to communicate with me. In an instant I was back in my body. Lying on the bed, I opened my eyes, and stared at the bedroom door, then at the small glass window above the door. Through the weak light of the street lamp coming in from the window, I realized that all I had just witnessed was real, and I recollected the short and very real experience I just had. Through this experience, I knew that my Primordial Spirit had just left my body.

In recent years, my Primordial Spirit has left my body many times. I remembered one morning before 6am, I awoke, yet didn’t want to get up. I was lying in bed with my eyes closed, and just like that, my Primordial Spirit came out at that moment. After flying a short distance, I heard my alarm go off. I thought I had to go back and turn off the alarm, so as not to disturb the neighbors, then I returned to my body all of a sudden.

I also do some things when my Primordial Spirit goes out. For example, one time my Primordial Spirit left my body and was flying in the air. I could pass through anything without being blocked by obstacles, and the thick branches in the dense woods could not scrape me. I came to a place that looked like rural China in the 1980s or 1990s, and saw a little boy who was only a few years old playing outside in his courtyard. So, I landed on the ground and went over to play with him. I also went into his house with him. His mother was working, and there was a sewing machine in the house. After I came out of the house, I went up into the air and was about to leave. The little boy asked me, "Who are you?" I said, "I am no one," and left.

Maybe I like to play, so there was this other time when my Primordial Spirit left my body. I was doing various movements in the air and had lots of fun. I saw people on the ground who were all very small. I wanted to bring a child up into the air to play with me. But as soon as I tried to carry him, his appearance changed, and was not the way he used to be. At that moment, I saw a Buddha appearing not far away. Although I could not see his face, I knew that he was sitting on a lotus seat with a halo around him. After having played enough, I wanted to come down and go back. I didn't know if I passed by the Buddha's side or the Buddha was passing by my side. Anyway, I saw the light of the Buddha passing by my side. At that time, I thought I can't just worship the Buddha casually, in case it wasn't Master. Then the Buddha communicated with me telepathically: "If it's not Master, who would come to see you?" So, that Buddha was possibly Master.

Primordial Spirits can travel through different dimensions to meet other beings. Sometimes I wanted to see how high I could rise, so I flew up as high as I could. I reached a place where I couldn't see any lives, humans, nor anything. I felt very scared, so I turned around and went down again. It seems that if a being's level is not that high, they don't even dare to stay there!

After the Primordial Spirit leaves the body, there is no feeling of hot or cold. It is very comfortable. Furthermore, the Primordial Spirit is very innocent and simple without these complicated thoughts in the human world. Once, when I was flying in the sky, a cloud came and floated by my side. I happily said to him, "Let's play together." He said, "I want to go home." I said, "Then I will go to your home to play with you." Wasn't it very interesting!

Beings in other dimensions can also learn Dafa. Once my Primordial Spirit went to a place, the people there were excited when they saw me coming. They all seemed to be women, and they were all happy to see me, like they were all full of lust. There was a woman who even touched me. I sent forth the thought “Mie” (destroy), and she disappeared in an instant. Then I sternly told the others that if anyone dares to do this again, they would have the same result as her. They were all scared and took a few steps back in fear. Then I taught them Dafa, and taught them to practice the exercises. I left after this.

Another time, my Primordial Spirit went to another place, a daoist temple. There, two little daoist boys were sweeping the floor outside of the courtyard gate. I hid myself behind the wall to prevent them from seeing me, and sneakily went into the temple. When I came to the hall, it was clean and tidy, there were tables and chairs, and the roof was high. I shouted, "Master, I'm back." I shouted twice, but no one responded to me. Maybe that was where I used to stay.

My Primordial Spirit mainly leaves my body when I'm sleeping or when I'm about to go to sleep. There were a few nights where as soon as I closed my eyes, my Primordial Spirit was about to leave. Later, I thought: My Primordial Spirit shouldn't leave like this, I have to sleep well, and I have to go to work tomorrow. So, my Primordial Spirit didn't leave.

Cultivators don't pursue worldly fame and fortune, they don't seek to enjoy excitement, and they even endure the attacks and brutal persecution from evil forces. In the eyes of everyday people, it seems that life has no meaning at all for cultivators. How do everyday people know that cultivators have their own joys in cultivation? If they are not at that level, they will not be able to experience this. What I discussed in this article is but a tiny bit of what I've experienced. I believe that every Dafa disciple who truly cultivates has a lot to talk about.

Due to the limitations of humans' abilities and wisdom, people cannot see anything beyond this world and this space. Moreover, because of the immediate effects of today's science on humankind's material needs, bringing about immediate satisfaction, it seems omnipotent, prompting people to regard this science as supreme and absolute.

However, it is precisely this "science" that people firmly believe in that has led to people into a misunderstanding, thus limiting and preventing people from adopting different thinking and perspectives to understand the mysterious human body and boundless universe. Even if there is a new discovery, people still try to measure, judge, and explain it with the "scientific" yardstick. People will believe what science can explain, and refuse to believe what science can't explain, but that discovery is often beyond the boundaries set by "scientific explanations.” When the boundaries are reached, people will find some excuses to justify science and maintain its status.

As Falun Dafa's Master said in the book Zhuan Falun,"What today’s scientific and technological community has discovered is sufficient to change our present textbooks. Once humankind’s conventional mentalities form a systematic way of working and thinking, new ideas are very difficult to accept. When the truth emerges, people do not dare to accept it and instinctively reject it. Due to the influence of traditional conventions, no one today has systematically compiled such findings. Thus, human concepts always lag behind developments. Once you speak of these things, there will be people who call them superstitious and reject them—despite their already having been discovered. They are just not yet publicized widely.”

If human beings' new discoveries are sorted out, the whole world's textbooks will really have to be revised and edited, and the human outlook on life, on the world, and cosmology would have to be completely rewritten. The theory of evolution, atheism, and materialism is simply nonsense.

Falun Dafa can lead us to the depths of our own lives and the depths of the universe! Let us cherish this precious opportunity of when Falun Dafa is being disseminated in the world!

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