Physical Aging and Cultivation Are Closely Related

A Dafa Disciple from Mainland China

PureInsight | January 23, 2023

[] In the past, I was a well-known old patient in my work unit. I spent thousands of yuan on medicines every year. After practicing Dafa, my serious illness disappeared completely, and I looked like the youngest person in my work unit. Here I write about two distinct changes that appear in the body.

When I was sixty years old, my physical appearance and mental state is like someone in his forties. At one of the retirees' reunions events, a female colleague who was sitting nearby suddenly asked me, “so and so leader, looking at us, we all look so old, but you still look so young. Can you share with us, what tricks you have?” I stood up and said loudly, “There is only one trick. If you want to become younger, you must practice Falun Gong!” At that time, my voice can be heard from several tables around, and all of a sudden there were people laughing, and some even clapped and clapped.

I remembered one time I was walking on the street and passed by the door of a former national security captain of the police. At this time, his family members happened to be standing in front of the door. When she saw me, she suddenly asked me, "So-and-so, I think you have lived in vain." I was shocked at that time, so I asked her what did she mean? She smiled and said, "You see how old I look like, but you still look the same after a year?" I laughed and said because I practice Falun Gong!

Later, I suddenly experienced a huge blow. My wife was persecuted to death by the CCP for practicing Falun Gong. After going through this ordeal, due to my poor xinxing, my physical condition quickly deteriorated. Before I turn 70 years old, I became a stooped and hunchbacked grandpa. My family treats me as an old man. I not only accepted it but also took advantage of it. The children in the surrounding neighbors all called me grandpa, and I naturally responded. As a result of admitting this kind of aging, the body also showed an incorrect state, and problems occurred one after another, which seriously affected me to do the three things...

The difference between the two changes in my body was too obvious. A fellow practitioner saw me that day and suggested me to share it with fellow practitioners. I just briefly describe the process. Why is there such a big contrast between before and after? In the beginning, my xinxing was relatively good and my cultivation state was relatively diligent. To a certain extent, it reached the xinxing standard required by Master. Why is the difference so big now? In fact, my xinxing has fallen, and it has fallen to the brink of danger. If I still cannot be diligent, the consequences will be extremely bad.

The aging of the body is closely related to the diligence of cultivation. The aging of the physical condition is actually the aging of my willpower to strive and cultivate diligently. It is inevitable for a cultivator to experience tribulations on the road to consummation, and this includes the tribulation of losing relatives. How many would be as slack and decadent as I am?

The purpose of writing this article is to first wake me up and become diligent, so I can go home with Master. The second is to provide a reference for fellow practitioners in a similar situation, to remind them to hurry up and be diligent, cultivate well, and reach the standard.

Above is my personal experience, please correct me with compassion.

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