Reflection on the Principle of 'Having a Beginning and an End' Through Participation in the Tianguo Marching Band Project

A Dafa Disciple in Canada

PureInsight | September 23, 2023

[] Master said in "What is a Dafa Disciple" (Fa Teaching Given at the 2011 New York Fa Conference), "As for saving sentient beings and clarifying the truth, a lot of people haven’t done it in depth. They’ll say just a few words to people, thinking ‘Listen or don’t listen, just do whatever you like. You don’t want to listen, fine!’ and they will go on to find the next person. In whatever you do you should carry it through to the end, do it well, and if you intend to save someone, then go ahead and save him."

Master also said in the Fa Teaching Given at the 2010 New York Fa Conference, "With any project or any task, if you decide not to do it, then don’t do it; and if you do decide to do it, then you definitely have to do it well and carry it through to the end. If you do otherwise, how shall the time you wasted go down in the annals of history? Whatever is not brought to completion amounts to a failure."

In the years of participating in the Tianguo marching band project, I have observed several phenomena that have persisted without resolution, affecting the overall improvement of the project.

The first phenomenon is that some team members cannot attend regular rehearsals and parades, and may even be absent for a long time but suddenly appear one day. During the practice, everyone can tell that those members have not practiced for a long time from the dry and piercing notes sound, wrong drumbeats or rhythm; and they may even fail to make appropriate adjustments to the drums, resulting in noise. Sometimes, several members who have been absent for a long time suddenly appear on the day of the parade, and they may even forget the conductor's gestures and what music to play. They might affect the overall performance by blowing out loud sounds or playing drum beats incorrectly during the parade.

The second phenomenon is the inability to complete assigned practice assignments, which mostly comes from the members who are affected by the first phenomenon. However, some of the other members also submit their assignments at the last minute with poor quality, meaning they are just trying to pass.

The third phenomenon is that some members prioritize other projects over the Tianguo Marching Band project. Dafa disciples have multiple responsibilities, participating in multiple projects to save sentient beings; and some even have their own jobs. Time is tight for everyone. Some members withdraw from the marching band project because they need to devote themselves wholeheartedly to other projects and never come back. Personally, I highly respect these Dafa disciples because they diligently focus on the projects they believe they can have the greatest impact on, and I believe that whatever project they undertake, they will follow the path arranged by Master to do it seriously from beginning to end. However, some members participate in multiple projects, including the Tianguo Marching Band, but they seldom put effort or time into the project. In their eyes, marching band is a collective performance and being a "Mr. Nan Guo" is good enough. However, this kind of thinking and behavior hinder the overall improvement of the orchestra, greatly reduce the performance effect, and affect other members. It even lowers the basic requirements of the orchestra in order to accommodate (actually indulging) all members to participate.

The fourth phenomenon is that many members, although practicing diligently, have not made significant progress in their skills over the years. This is because they have not mastered the correct methods, which require self-study in their respective instruments and seeking lessons from professional teachers.

Master said in the Fa Teaching Given at the NTDTV Meeting, "I think that when Dafa disciples do something they should carry it through to the end. If you spend half of your strength, or walk half of your path of cultivation, and then turn around and start all over again, then it was really a waste. Time is limited."

At the time of the Fa-rectification momentum advancing in the world, the Tianguo Marching Band has extensive contact with the people in Western society through participating in community parades and performances. Together with other projects, it comprehensively delivers the truth and beauty of Falun Dafa to sentient beings from multiple angles, paving the way for their salvation and ascension. It is such an honor and gratitude for us, as members, to assist the Master in the Fa-rectification and save people through this project established by the Creator. I hope that all the members who decide to stay in the Tianguo Marching Band can settle down, take it seriously, strive to do well, do better, and not let down the tremendous opportunity given by Master for countless eons.

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