My Thoughts on Learning the New Scripture "Stay Far Away From Peril"

A Mainland Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | October 20, 2023

[] The most difficult thing about cultivating is not being able to find where the attachment is. Sometimes you cannot find it, and sometimes you have clearly found it and deceived yourself into thinking it is not the case.

Since I obtained the Fa in 1997, I feel countless years have passed. Perhaps the years have worn away my original diligence. Sometimes I do not even know how to judge whether things are right or wrong, whether they are interference or need improvement factor.

During the tribulation, I always hoped that the Fa-rectification would end soon, and even feel resentful because of it. I always thought that I was still firm towards the Fa, but it was just due to some selfish motives or tolerance. After Master's new scripture "Stay Far Away from Peril" was published, Master said in the scripture, “In cultivation, the injustice that ‘humans’ suffer and ‘humans’ being persecuted by the evil—that’s Master protecting you while at the same time enduring the sinful karma for you. Master is not indebted to you!”

For so many years, I have been thinking that I am doing something for Dafa and that I have paid too much for all sentient beings. This is my fundamental attachment. This is a strong human heart because people like to blame others when they are in pain, thinking that others are causing harm to themselves.

I have been cultivating for so many years and have gone through too many days of fear. I have always thought that I was doing something for Dafa, but I did not realize that Master has been protecting me from being harmed by evil and from being harmed by creditors. When listening to Master's lectures, I always feel endless compassion and protection. Today, I think that all of this is granted, and Master should protect his disciples. However, I cannot measure myself by the standards of a true disciple. With such disrespect for Dafa and Master, how can I face Master?

I still have an obsession, which is selfishness. I think it is enough to save so many people. Master, please end it as soon as possible. I am saved, but I do not care about the life and death of other lives. Beings with such selfishness are not worthy of entering the new universe. Master's painstaking efforts are to make us get rid of selfishness. If we do not get rid of this selfishness, we will not be able to enter the new universe, or at least, not be worthy of being a Dafa disciple.

Today I am studying Master's new scripture "Stay Far Away from Peril". After realizing this, I wrote it down and shared it with fellow practitioners. Please correct me if you find anything inappropriate.

Put my hands together to express gratitude to Master, and bow sincerely.

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