By separating ourselves from colonization by the aliens, we walk on the road of real cultivation

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PureInsight | June 25, 2001

Do aliens really exist? Are aliens watching the earth? Do they harm the earth or human beings? Let me tell you about my very real experiences with aliens.

I did not know at the time that I had become an object of colonization by aliens. I just thought that I had found the final path to “self-realization”, and that I could release my corporeal body by following the principles of a so-called “Master”, whom I now consider to be an alien leader.

I began to cultivate when I was twenty years old. For 7 or 8 years I tried many cultivation schools and found some of their philosophies to be very strange. The school I liked the most professed to combine ancient Indian Tantrism with yogic meditation and modern scientific concepts—so-called New Age Thoughts.
The New Age Thoughts are undoubtedly the demonic rampaging of aliens. Their teachings talk about “possession” by so-called “high level beings” of the bodies of human beings. Now I think of them as beings without a corporeal body but with certain purposes. They are not high-level beings at all. On many published videos about their so-called cultivation we are really hearing the voices of beings with evil intentions that possess the bodies of humans. They use the term “Tongling”, which means to communicate with non-human beings. Some books and tapes specialize in teaching how to Tongling, which makes my blood curdle even now. Fortunately I was not interested in Tongling, so I did not learn their techniques.

A very terrifying phenomenon is that they continually rationalize the pursuit of fame, wealth, and sentimentality; which will undoubtedly cause people to acquire large amounts of karma.
When people walk on the path of cultivation, they are ready to search inside themselves. When someone hungers for fame, wealth, and sentimentality, the New Age Teachings tell him that such attachments are not wrong. They say that you can enjoy the happiness of life and practice cultivation within the happiness; there is no need to walk on the previously arduous cultivation path. It sounds good: you can practice cultivation and need not bear any hardships. Doesn’t letting people feel at ease and justified in pursuing fame, wealth, and sentimentality and in not suffering hardships to eliminate karma, push them to do as they please and make new karma, until finally they are full of karma?

In addition, those believers of the New Age Thoughts who were influenced by the beings with evil purposes will think that if a person does not enjoy a comfortable life, it is only because he or she did not “pursue” it. They will teach the believers how to absorb wealth and whatever else they want. Are they not practicing an evil way of cultivation?

There is actual evidence of the planned invasion of human society by the aliens. It is very pitiful that some kind people who want to practice real cultivation (such as my friend) have lost the valued opportunity to obtain Falun Dafa and have stepped on the path of self-extermination the alien culture is using to invade humans on a large scale instead.

I am thankful that Teacher Li did not abandon me and has made use of some marvelous opportunities to save my previous friends and me from the colonizing aliens and helped us stay on the righteous way. So I will alert myself to advance further every moment to express my appreciation to Teacher.
The above is just my individual experience and thinking, I hope for corrections from my fellow practitioners.

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