Exploring Problems with Gravitation

Another Falun Dafa Practitione

PureInsight | June 11, 2001

A mystery to astrophysicists is why the ‘arms’ of spiral galaxies maintain their form after many long, slow rotations. According to gravitation and their observations and theories, the arms ought to disintegrate before even one rotation is completed. So why do they not? Modern scientists have tried to explain it by postulating some type of invisible matter-substance, immeasurable, that could correct the ‘gravity problem’.

Let us instead agree that it is in fact something invisible that maintains the form of the galaxy, but take it one step further. In Zhuan Falun, it says “Let me give you an example. The universe is in motion, and all of the universe’s Milky Ways and galaxies are also in motion. The nine planets orbit the sun, and Earth also rotates by itself. Think about it, everyone: Who’s pushing them? Who has given them the force? You cannot understand it with an ordinary person’s mentality, as it is just this rotating mechanism.” (Lecture One, p.43)

Thus, the galaxy’s rotation can be explained by the existence of a rotating mechanism. This then solves the ‘gravity problem’. But how is the form of the galaxy maintained?
In Teaching the Fa at the 2001 Canada Falun Dafa Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference : 'You know the theory of universal gravitation science believes in nowadays is totally wrong. What’s brought about this gravitation phenomenon that people have described? It happens because all lives and all substances, including air and water that are on Earth and within the Three Realms- all things that exist in the Three Realms - are composed of particles of all the different levels within the Three Realms, and different particles of different levels are interconnected.This interconnection can, when there's a pulling force, extend or move within the Three Realms.' From this, we can infer that as something rotates all the particles that make it up rotate together simultaneously, because of their interconnection – for this case, the 'arms' of the spirals remain intact.
But, many will ask, what about gravity?

Actually, gravitational theory is only tenuous at best right now: it has been observed that the trajectories of several space probes sent out from Earth are exhibiting behavior that seemingly violates the ‘laws’ of gravity. For example, Pioneer 10 is slowing down as it gets further away, in a manner that is not consistent with gravitational theory. However, modern scientists have dismissed any doubts about gravitation, since the rotation of the planets is consistent with the current theory.

Fair enough. But let us take a step back: perhaps the reason it works is that the ‘laws’ for the planets are in fact simply observations of the manifestations of orbital phenomena, rather than their cause. With rotating mechanisms in place in all the correct places, the planets self-rotate as well as maintain their orbits around the sun. The observed consistence with the gravity ‘laws’ can thus be explained: observations done on their orbits can be made, which can be placed in a mathematical framework which describes their motion. But it is merely a description of superficial phenomena, rather than an exposition of a universal gravity ‘law’ that holds everywhere – more evidence of this is forthcoming.



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