Ice Ages on Earth Related to the Position of the Earth in the Galaxy

Mo Hongyi

PureInsight | August 26, 2002

According to a BBC report published on July 31, 2002, Dr Nir Shaviv, of the University of Toronto, Canada, has put forward evidence for a correlation between changes in the flux of cosmic rays reaching the Earth and the timing of past ice ages. He believes that the cosmic rays are from stars that explode as we leave a galactic spiral arm. The increased cosmic ray flux triggers ice ages on Earth.

Some scientists believe that galactic spiral arms are not permanent, rigid features of a galaxy, and instead they are transient, formed from so-called density waves that travel around the galaxy every 500 million years or so.

Many short-lived massive stars are born in the wake of the density wave and within a million years or so explode as supernovae just behind the spiral arm.

These supernovae are, according to Dr Shaviv, a major source of cosmic rays. He believes that the Earth is exposed to more cosmic rays when it leaves a galactic spiral arm than at other times. He deduced the Earth's exposure to cosmic rays by looking at the cosmic ray exposure of over 30 meteorites that were exposed to space for long periods during the past billion years before they fell to Earth. Dr Shaviv says that this timescale agrees with the frequency of major ice ages in the Earth's geological past. It also agrees with our Solar System's passages through the spiral arms. 'Statistically, it turns out to be a very good agreement if you take into account all the uncertainties,' he told BBC News Online. For example, about 70 million years ago our Solar System entered the Sagittarius-Carina spiral arm. There is evidence that following this the Earth's global temperature was reduced by about eight degrees Celsius.

The research is published in Physical Review Letters. It clearly still needs further confirming studies. But the fact that it has established a clear correlation between the weather on earth and the position of Earth in the galaxy is very interesting. Even though we still have yet to understand this phenomenon well, people in ancient China were already very knowledgeable on the subject. Because of that, they talked about cosmic timing, and stressed "heaven and humans into one" and "using the stars to predict cosmic changes." Many other ancient civilizations throughout history placed similar importance on the importance of cosmic changes. For example, according to a Mayan prophecy, from 1992 to 2012, these twenty years is called "Earth Regeneration period." It is a very important period of time, after which Earth will fall into the same step with the rest of the galaxy. During this period of time, Earth will undergo "Earth Purification." 1992 happens to be the year that Falun Dafa, which enables humankind to purity themselves, began to spread in public. These intricate connections warrant serious thinking.

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