Night Banquet in Han Xizai's Mansion

Zhang Cuiying

PureInsight | November 18, 2002

Night Banquet in Han Xizai's Mansion

The painter uses traditional organizational methods while breaking time restrictions and showing a variety of activities occurring at different locations in one picture. Every activity is separated with screens and is independent from the rest of the painting. On the painting, there are many people with complicated stories. The painter, however, organizes hosts and guests with an order that gives appropriate complexity and simplicity to the painting, showing the flow of the scenes. People who appear several times in the picture are easily recognizable, demonstrating that the artist has a high level of skill for truthful description and effective expression. The painter used her brushes carefully and painted all the thin lines with good strength and coverage. The painting uses elegant, bright colors. The painting includes a story, images of people and detailed depiction of furnishings and dress, all harmoniously composed.

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