Mourning For a God Who Died Too Early

Yi Jian

PureInsight | November 18, 2002

On October 25, 2002, over 1,500 Dafa disciples, holding Falun Dafa banners or wearing yellow T-shirts that said Zhen-Shan-Ren (Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance), solemnly gathered in Tonkawa Falls Park or on both sides of the roads near President Bush's ranch in Crawford, Texas. The dark clouds were low, accompanied by an evil, chilling wind. The Dafa disciples, either sitting or standing, with calm hearts and erected palms, recited honorable Teacher's evil-eradicating verses and intensively sent forth righteous thoughts. It might appear to be a peaceful meditation to everyday people; however fierce battles in other dimensions between the righteous and evil were taking place.

Upon sending forth righteous thoughts, I saw with my Celestial Eye that blue streaks of light dashed like swords towards the distant stars in the sky. Sometime in the afternoon, when I once again sent forth righteous thoughts, I suddenly noticed that a blue streak of light was blocked by something and was unable to continue its course. With my Celestial Eye, I saw an old man standing in front of me with his left side facing me. His hair and beard were silver. He had a complexion of aged copper, a protruding forehead, and high cheekbones. He held a walking stick slightly over his head in his right hand. From where I stood, I could only see the top of the stick. His left hand blocked the blue streak of light, stopping it from its work. Both of us refused to budge. The righteous thoughts are so powerful that they eliminate all demons and evils they encounter. It struck me: How could this old man afford blocking my righteous thoughts with a hand without getting hurt? Judging from his appearance, he did not appear to be an evil being. His supernormal ability suggested that he was a god.

I inquired loudly, "Who are you? Why do you block the righteous thoughts of Lord Buddha's disciple?" He turned to me with a big smile, waved the stick slightly in his right hand, and murmured something at top speed without any sound at all. Next his message arrived in my head, "No matter who you are, it is my responsibility to stop you." As soon as he finished his words, a giant lotus suddenly appeared above my right side. Teacher was sitting within the lotus with a body as large as a mountain. The old man sensed Teacher's presence and hurried to salute to him. Although I didn't hear anything, I felt that Teacher must have reprimanded him for his interference. The old man suddenly kneeled down and bowed to Teacher. Then he arose and with his two hands formed a respectful gesture towards the blue streak of light to see them off. The blue lights were released and resumed their course without delay. Suddenly, the ground underneath the old man's feet disappeared and he dropped like a stone at a tremendous speed. Everything happened so suddenly and so fast that it ended before I could recover from the shock. The old man had already fallen so deep down that his face soon became a blur. The only thing visible from a distance was his arms, waving so helplessly for mercy.

At that moment, a thought of compassion rose in my heart and I came down after him. It took me a while to fly as close as one person's height above him where I called out loudly, "You can still return to heaven if you repent and cultivate diligently from now on!" When he heard my voice, he lifted his face in pain and panic. It was an unbearable sight. When he understood my words, a slight sense of relief registered his face. However, I had absolutely no idea where he had gone. If he had been sent to the Hell, I doubt that he would be given any chance to cultivate again.

After I finished sending forth righteous thoughts, I found my face burning with tears. I was overcome by a despairing sorrow in my heart. I couldn't stop thinking about what I had seen and I did not want to share it with anyone at that time. That tragic scene had been branded into my memory. Perhaps Teacher wanted me to witness the fall of the god so that I would share it with fellow practitioners to encourage each other to persistently send forth righteous thoughts in unison. Perhaps it was an ultimatum to all the gods, asking them to stop assisting the evil, follow the righteous, and contribute positively to the Fa-rectification. This is the reason why I wrote "Mourning For a God Who Died Too Early." "The sadness of the fall of a god from heaven is comparable to that of a human dying young. It is most sad to see a fellow practitioner fall behind, just as it is sorrowful and piteous to see a God falling into hell. It is from the same reason." This is the preface of my mourning over a god who died too early.

Alas! Gods are falling down like shooting stars from the highest level of heavens and through the blue clouds. How I wish they did not fall into Hell! The compassionate Lord Buddha will not abandon any sentient beings or any creature on earth! Everything with or without a name belongs to the Buddha. Whether they are Gods or not, they are all Lord Buddha's children. The stale universal law of formation-stasis-degeneration-destruction was in use in numerous havocs over countless years. When they became degenerate and should be destroyed immediately, the king of the Buddha imparts the Dafa, offers salvation to all beings in the heaven and earth and recasts everything. Dafa has created everything in the colossal firmament, so the only surviving path is to assimilate to Dafa.

Humans are lost in the maze and can easily miss the precious opportunity to obtain the Fa. It is virtually impossible for them to exist in the new universe after the degenerate beings are eliminated. Gods who have been fooled by the illusions and refuse to wake up and attain enlightening, will lead themselves into death when they stubbornly obstruct Dafa. When the Lord Buddha offers salvation, the Gods from the old universe hinder Fa-rectification by siding with the evil and assisting the degenerate, thereby promoting the evil spirits rampaging in riotous revelry. They force people to curse Dafa and Buddha, dragging people into hell with them. There will be no one left for the Lord Buddha to offer salvation to if all sentient beings are destroyed.

The Gods from the old universe have arranged layers after layers of tribulations in the name of testing, but they actually are promoting the evil and repressing the good. Their tests often go beyond limits. How can murdering Lord Buddha's disciples be called cultivation? The Gods from the old universe play politics and the low-level gods dare to violate Dafa and spoil the altar. The fall of a god is a lesson and it is still not too late to change the rhyme and correct the chord. Where could you go when the new universe is formed? Make up your own mind right away and walk your own righteous path. Continue to hope that all the Gods can see through the demonic illusions, assimilate themselves to Dafa, and return to their true selves. The new epoch is filled with joy and is in perfect harmony. Layers after layers of predestined relationships with the Lord Buddha will not be in vain!

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