Looking Inward Experience A Dafa Disciple from North America 2017-03-23
Believing in Master and Fa, Let Go of Fear Attachment A Dafa Disciple 2017-03-23
Improving my Music Level and Skills A Dafa Disciple from Spain 2017-03-23
Keeping Righteous Thoughts A Dafa Disciple from Slovakia 2017-03-23
Seventy-nine Years and then Dafa A Dafa Disciple from Sweden 2017-03-23
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Clarifying the Truth at a Tourist Spot in The Hague A Dafa Disciple from Netherland 2017-03-11
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Seize the Time to Cultivate Oneself Well An Overseas Dafa Disciple 2017-03-11
Cultivation and the Elimination of Fear A Dafa Disciple from Sweden 2017-03-11
Look Inward to Eliminate Notions; Cultivate Diligently and Genuinely A Dafa Disciple from Greece 2017-03-11
Giving up the Attachment to Selfishness A Germany Dafa Disciple 2017-02-26
10 Years Member of Tian Guo Marching Band A Germany Dafa Disciple 2017-02-26
We Must Think Like Divine Beings A Hungarian Dafa Disciple 2017-02-26
Life of Adventure and Discovery in the Great Buddha Fa A Dafa Disciple from Ireland 2017-02-26
Continuing Our Cultivation Path as We Did at the Beginning Dafa Disciples from Germany 2017-02-26
On the Importance of Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts A Canadian Dafa disciple 2017-02-12
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Experience at the 2016 San Francisco Fa Conference A Falun Dafa Disciple from Taiwan 2017-02-12
Truth Clarification at Tourist Sites in UK A Dafa Disciple in the UK 2017-01-25
Relinquishing Human Attachments: Harmonizing What Master Wants A Dafa Disciple in North American 2017-01-25
Eliminate the Attachment of Sentimentality to Harmonize with the Fa at the Family Level A Dafa Disciple in Australia 2016-12-25
Experience of Harmonizing as One Body An Overseas Dafa Disciple 2016-12-25
Eliminate the Attachment of Complaint in Daily Life A Dafa Disciple overseas 2016-12-25
Cultivation Reflections of a New Practitioner Chang Ning Wu 2016-12-25
Cultivation Experience of a Little Dafa Disciple Xianglai Liu 2016-12-04
Eliminating the Attachment to Competition Through Validating the Fa Li Lian, Dafa Disciple overseas 2016-12-04
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Falun Gong Practitioners Called to "Bring Jiang Zemin to Justice" During Li Keqiang’s visit in Canada A Dafa Disciple 2016-11-17
Over 100 People Join Falun Gong Club at the University of the West of England A Dafa Disciple in England 2016-11-17
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