Tales from the Practice of Medicine: A Clinical Case Regarding the Vital Organ Clock (Shi Chen)

Li Defu

PureInsight | February 17, 2003

[PureInsight.org] Anna's three children and her late husband had recently died in an airplane crash. A famous psychiatrist referred Anna to my clinic. The doctor explained to me that Anna's symptoms would arise every day at noon around the time when the plane crashed. The physician went on to say that he could understand this on an emotional and psychological level, but he couldn't find any physiological explanation why this was taking place, much less find a treatment for it. When he talked to me, the doctor's eyes were filled with sympathy and helplessness, as he told me that he had tried everything possible and was now at his wit's end.

It's not hard to imagine how horrifying the crash must have been for Anna's three little children. They were only between three and eight years old. It was the first time that her children had spent time away from her. As the airplane lost control, tumbled and crashed into the ground, they must have screamed for help frantically, "Mommy! I want my mommy!"

Everyday at noon, it seemed that the cries of her three children would envelope her, and Anna would cry hysterically until she couldn't breathe. Her heart-felt cries brought sorrow and sympathy to all the doctors and nurses who witnessed it. Several months passed with no success from medical treatment. Finally, someone suggested Chinese medicine as a last resort, and Anna was referred to me.

When Anna made her first appointment, I asked her to come a little before the hour when the symptoms would surface. Anna burst into tears during the inquiry and when the crying finally subsided, Anna was too weak to sit up. She was physically and mentally exhausted, and could not stop shivering for ten full minutes.

Anna wore a sorrowful expression and had a withered face. Her tongue was pale, tender and soft, and covered with a slimy white fur, while her pulse was wiry and slippery.

Why would her symptoms surface everyday around noon? The most logical explanation was the accident had taken place at that time and had been etched into her memory. But in my opinion, it had to do with the clock of her vital organs (Shi Chen).

The Wu division, or the period between noon and 2:00 PM, is the time when the qi and blood flow enter the heart channels. It says in Nei Jing (or Internal Canon of Medicine), "The radiant heart fire would harm the lungs. When the illness in the lungs is connected with one's emotions, it causes one to cry. The symptoms of lung disease intensify at noon."

Upon further inquiry I found that Anna was not only upset by the torment of losing her beloved family, she was also disturbed that nothing seemed to help her overcome her daily symptoms. Since she couldn't control the symptoms herself and none of the treatments had worked, she felt additional psychological pressure.

First, I needled the Bai Hui, Tan Zhong and Qi Hai points to eliminate the evil Qi in the upper, middle and lower areas of her body. I started with the Bai He point and pushed the needle in parallel to the scalp towards the Bai Hui point. For the Tan Zhong point, the method of drainage was applied by moderate stimulation and without excessive twisting of the needle. The supplementation method was used at the Qi Hai point. Soon after the needles were applied, Anna's symptoms were under control. Then, after applying the neutral supplementation and drainage method at the Xin Yu, Fei Yu, Shen Men and Nei Guan points, and leaving the needles in for 30 minutes, Anna fell sleep.

Anna's symptoms gradually disappeared as she continued to take Gallbladder Warming Variant Decoction herbs. After a period of time, Anna was completely cured.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2003/2/2/20268.htm

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