Tales from the Practice of Medicine: Pursuing Things Externally

Yu Lin

PureInsight | February 24, 2003

[PureInsight.org] Dana is a friend of mine. One day, she went to the doctor. The first thing she said to the doctor was, "How come, since everything else can be bought with money, why can't one buy a person to have one's illness? Money can bribe people to do anything except for taking the place of a sick person."

It sounds funny, but those words came from her heart. She has her own reasons behind the bitter words.

Dana is the vice president of a big company. She is an enviable social position and has a great reputation. But the condition of her health is very bad, and she is also obese. Recently, she made a big decision to improve her health. She used all means and used her capabilities and knowledge to search for the most developed techniques worldwide to treat her obesity.

In order to lose weight, she decided to take a shortcut by undergoing surgery, removing 2/3 of the fat from her stomach. She thought that this could treat her obesity from its root. But after the surgery, Dana began to crave food more than before, and began eating twelve times a day. Consequently, Dana gained more weight than ever before.

Due to her weight, she began to lose her self-esteem and became very depressed. She went to see a doctor. She was diagnosed with melancholia. The doctor gave her a big pack of medicine to treat melancholia. However, taking this medicine initiated side effects that made her eat even more. The old illness didn't go away but the new illnesses came. Another side effect was insomnia. So Dana took sleeping pills, which made things worse. She fell in a vicious cycle, unable to free herself from it.

Then she began to transfer from one hospital to another, and one doctor to another. She grew anxious and exhibited no signs of improvement. Dana felt hopeless, hence the words at the beginning of the article.

As we know, the root of illness is karma, which exists in another dimension. It is carried by our own primordial spirits, and nobody else can take that on for us. If that were allowed to happen, one would not have to pay one's own debt. How could that be allowed? Unfortunately many people cannot see this, so if they get sick, they look externally to find the solution to the problem. Everyday people fail to look inwards.

One becomes free with one thought of unselfishness
Thousands of tribulations are removed and one becomes worriless.
Yet when one looks at today's people,
One will see that everyone is in a hurry pursuing external things.

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