Correlation between Spreading of SARS and a Sexually Transmitted Disease in China Makes a Point

Chen Ho

PureInsight | April 21, 2003

[] "More than 2300 cases of SARS have been diagnosed in 19 countries over four continents and 89 people have died." [1] While SARS continues to stir panic among the world and puzzle medical researchers, a The Courier-Mail newspaper reporter, Rachel Ellis, revealed yet another shocking discovery regarding SARS:

"A new scare surrounds the spread of the pneumonia virus sweeping the world after it was linked to a sexually transmitted disease (STD). Doctors in China - the country worst hit by Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome - have found that the virus appears to be connected to chlamydia. The discovery suggests that those with this STD are more likely to develop or transmit SARS. 'SARS is one virus acting in combination with other things, and in China it happens to be chlamydia,' said Chris Powell, of the World Health Organization. Dr. Robert Breiman, also of WHO, said he feared people who already had chlamydia might be vulnerable to the flu-like bug and become highly contagious 'super-spreaders.'" [1]

Health experts made the connection after an airborne form of chlamydia, which can leave women infertile, was found in the lungs of SARS victims. The STD does not yet appear to be linked to SARS cases outside China.
With an increase of odd diseases since the last century on the rise, people have been struggling to discover their root causes with little progress. On the other hand, a few sages have already pointed out the correlation between the corruption of human moral standards and odd diseases. Mr. Li Hongzhi said, "In my view, the principal one is that human moral values have hit a low point, leading to a variety of odd diseases that hospitals cannot cure. Taking medicine is not effective, either. There are a lot of phony drugs as well. It is all because of the extent to which human society has become corrupt. (From "Hospital Treatment and Qigong Healing," Lecture Seven in Zhuan Falun)

The distortion of human moral standards contributed to the trends of sexual liberation and casual sex. Those who follow this trend are more subject to STD and, now, in China, SARS. In contrast, those who conduct themselves with a high moral standard in this regard are less subject to SARS. Ancient Chinese medicine also believed in the cause and effect correlation between man's high moral standards and his self-healing ability. A Chinese saying goes like this, "Treat the patient's heart (or moral values) before you begin to treat his illness." It comes as no surprise then when an elderly American who practices traditional Chinese medicine reflected soberly on the news entitled, "SARS linked to sexual disease" in The Courier-Mail, saying, "It confirms once more the truth of Mr. Li Hongzhi's teachings on the importance of raising one's moral standards, as taught in Zhuan Falun. The news offered a correct, succinct report of the correlation between moral standards and disease."

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