Tales from the Practice of Medicine: Ruby


PureInsight | July 14, 2003

[PureInsight.org] Leslie has been a patient of mine for a long time, and we have known each other for many years. It had been a while since I had seen her last, but recently she has been coming to my clinic for help quite frequently. At first it was just for herself, as she was experiencing muscle aches and insomnia. Then, shortly thereafter, she got arthralgia. In a word, it seemed that every part of her body was having problems. Her mother was diagnosed with cancer and soon after that fell down and broke her pelvic bone. Then, to make matters worse for her family, Leslie's husband suffered from a major back sprain, was unable to move and was awaiting surgery. All of these things puzzled me. I thought that there must be something wrong in her family. As it might not be appropriate to ask, I waited for her to tell me.

One day, she told me about all of the strange things that were happening to her family. When it came to her nine year-old daughter, she explained "My daughter Ruby is a special girl. She does not like to fool around, and she has no friends. She wishes that she could be grown up, and she loves to tell people their fortunes. After class, the first thing she will do is to throw aside her backpack and set up a stall in the street where she tells people geomantic omens, physiognomy and predicts their future."

"Oh, where is she?" I asked. "The popular playground on the lakeshore." I had a chance to go see her and I was really amazed.

The little girl had set up a booth for herself. It was decorated with all sorts of things and looked like something from a fairy tale. On the booth there was a sentence that read "I can tell you your past, your future, your destiny, and your fortune." Surprisingly, several people lined up waiting to see her.

I joined in the line and looked at them curiously. An old lady asked, "My dog Bobby is 15 years old. The doctor said it suffered an incurable disease and wouldn't live long. I really do not know whether I should give up on him, or if I should send him to another hospital."

Ruby said, "Your predestined relationship with the dog has come to an end. Do not spend money on it any more. Treasure its last days and live a happy life."

The second customer was a woman in her 60's. Her question was that she did not know whether she should invest her pension in the stock market or deposit it in a bank. When she was asking questions she was very devotional, looking as if she was talking to a pastor in a church.

I was shocked by Ruby's answer. She said, "Madam, money did not come with you when you were born and you cannot take it with you when you are dying. Where you put it does not make a difference. If you can, please help those poor and homeless people. They need money." She looked at one colorful card in her hand made by herself and said softly but very seriously, "Deposit it in the bank. There are professionals taking care of it. You will only need to pay a small fee." Even thought she was speaking in a childish way, the woman took her words seriously. She nodded and gave the girl two quarters, and then left.

It was my turn. I did not have a question in my mind. Instead, I asked her in a parental tone, "Ruby, have you done your homework? "

She looked at me surprisingly with cards in her hand. "Oh, you are my mother's doctor. I already finished my homework. Do you have any question that you cannot find answers for?" She said confidently. Suddenly I realized why she could be a fortune-teller and people lined up to get her advice. This young girl has a mature main consciousness. Her age has nothing to do with her knowledge.

"Yes. Since you can answer others' questions, you should be able to answer mine. Why have your mother and father had trouble with their health recently?" I asked her, "Why, in your family, have three out of four people suffered serious diseases? Could you tell me why?"

Ruby did a card search right away, but she did not find anything in her cards. Finally, she sighed and said, "Probably their mental burdens are too heavy and their lives are too hard. Look, I am also trying to help them out. Sometimes I can earn three dollars a day." She showed me coins in a paper box with printed little flowers.

Then I asked her, "Ruby, do you know where people come from?"

"God made them." She answered very clearly.

"Where do people go after their death?"

"Some will reincarnate to be human beings, some become animals, plants, stones, and some go back to the air. I saw my maternal grandfather reincarnated to my uncle's family after dying and right now he is my cousin…" I was really surprised. Everything in the world is so simple and clear in her eyes. What she saw and what she felt did not delude her in the least.

"Why do people come to this world then?" I asked.

"They come to give up their shortcomings and redo things which were not done right in their previous lives. However, people fail to do it. They made other mistakes after correcting their old ones." She sighed.

"Do you know that because of you, a lot of invisible factors were incurred that caused your parents to fall ill? "I asked her again.

She nodded and told me that sometimes she saw a piece of black cloud following her when she went back home. She felt like it was going to rain inside the room. "Did I really take all those diseases home?" Ruby asked me.

"Yes." I said. "If you want to get rid of the black thing, you need to cultivate. Do you want to learn cultivation practice with me? To read the book, practice the exercises, meditate, and learn to be a practitioner? You will truly understand why people come to this world and you do not go into the cycle of reincarnation again. How does that sound? "I asked her.

"Great!" she said, blinking her eyes, "Can you teach me right now? "

Then, I started to teach her Falun Gong.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2003/6/7/21942.html

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