List of Performances for 2003 Washington D.C. Concert

PureInsight | July 14, 2003


1. Instrument Ensemble: Pu Du (Taiwan)

2. Female Solo Performed by Da Han

a) With a Tranquil Heart One Remains Undisturbed 2'30"
b) A Son Sending Greetings from Thousands of Miles Away 2'30"
c) Thank You, Master 2'30"
d) Bring the Evil Head to Justice 2'30"

3. Chinese Flute by Chen Guohua

a) Spring Plum Flowers in the Midst of a Heavy Snow 7'18"
b) With the Spreading of Dafa, Everything Has Been Renewed 4'40"

4. Xiao (a classical Chinese music instrument) by Chen Guohua

a) Traveling on the Road of Fa-rectification Hand-in-hand 3'30"

5. Male Chorus

a) Faluns Covering Heaven and Earth
b) The Truth is Spreading in the Land of China

6. Dance by Small Disciples from New York City

a) Master Guides Me on the Way Home

7. Female Solo by Song Wangling

a) Don't Ask Me 4'

8. Dance by the Flying Beauty Troupe (Taiwan)

a) Fan Dance 7'

9. Western Music Instrument Ensemble

a) Master, Thank You! 3'30"
b) Falun Dafa is Good! 3'

10. Female Solo by Yang Jianshen

a) Ode to Plum Flowers 3'
b) Chasing Each Other in the Clouds 5'
c) Tiananmen Square 4'

11. Flute by Wang Jiwu

a) The Kind of Predestined Opportunity that Comes Once in Ten Thousand Years 7'

12. Dance, "The Journey Home" by L.A. Practitioners 15'

13. Female Solo by Zhu Li

a) Ode to Lotus Flowers
b) Whisper in a Dream
c) Clear Thinking

14. Performance by Practitioners from Taiwan

a) Bring Salvation to People Widely and Save the World
b) Solo by Jie Xiaojing

i. There is a Predestined Relationship Between Us 6'
ii. The Wind is Blowing and the Bells are Ringing but One's Heart Remains Unstirred 4'
iii. Rays of benevolent lights 7'30"

c) Fan Dance 7'
d) Chorus

iv. Heart Filled with Ease 6'
v. Lotus 3'30"
vi. Everything Has Been Renewed 1'30"

15. Solo Dance by Tie Jun, "Smiling Plum Flowers" 4'

16. Female Solo by Li Ping

a) Gathering Here Today Due to Predestined Relationships
b) There Is a Predestined Relationship between Us
c) Please Lend Your Hand In Support of Righteousness

17. Erhu (a classical Chinese music instrument)

a) Spring
b) The Waves Sifting the Sand
c) Birds Singing in a Quiet Mountain

18. Group Dance, "Waiting for the Arrival of the Dawn with a Smile" 4'

19. Flute Trio, Chen Ningfang, Chen Rutang and Chen Ying

a) Ode to the Lotus Flower 6'

20. Female Solo by Jiang Min

a) Emotions around the Land of China 6'
b) Returning Journey 4'

21. Dance, "Celebrating Together" 5'

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