Finding Our Own Position

Dan Yang

PureInsight | September 8, 2003

[] All things on earth have their own lives, therefore each living being has its own characteristics and manner of being. In the ancient culture of China, this is called the position of a life. Every life has its own position that is created specifically for it by the universe. The universe not only creates each life, but also the environment where that life exists, i.e., the position. Just as human beings cannot survive if they leave the earthly environment that supports them, our position is, in fact, an essential component of our lives. Because each life is created for a certain position and certain surrounding environment, a being's life and position is one system that cannot be separated.

Our environment is filled with countless other lives that exist to support our existence. They provide the means for our survival with their own lives. To live at a higher position, one must encompass and coexist with an enormous number of lives over a vast area. For human beings, to do this we need to have broad minds and kind spirits.

However, to attain and maintain this position does not imply domination or possession of those lives. Quite the opposite is true. To reach this capacity selfishness must be given up. One will inevitably attain this capacity by giving of oneself for others. Everything we give is given to lives that are interconnected with us, and goes towards improving the lives that constitute our environment. Giving to them is the same as giving to ourselves. Eventually we will receive however much we have given. If we truly give of ourselves, we will not lose anything that truly belongs to us. We only lose if we try to be selfish.

When a person is able to live as himself, that person does not forsake himself, nor does he leave his own position. This person lives harmoniously together with all the lives in his environment - being courteous to people, treasuring things, respecting heaven and earth, and obeying the gods.

All the sages throughout the ages instruct us to value morals and to do good deeds, because in doing so, we can maintain our own position. When they ask us to give they actually do not intend to get anything from us. Those values are truly meant to help us function well as living beings and to help us to continue to exist.

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