The Trial Against the Arch-Criminal Continues

Yuan Gu

PureInsight | September 29, 2003

[] History tells us that no arch-criminal who persecutes freedom of belief and human rights will get away "Scot-free." No matter how long it may take and no matter where they may hide, such arch-criminals will eventually be brought to justice.

Jiang Faces Lawsuits in Many Countries

Bringing Jiang to justice poses a new legal challenge for humanity, an unprecedented challenge. No head of state should be allowed to abuse his power and position for the purpose of torture and persecution of domestic and foreign citizens and expect to be protected by immunity from facing justice. An arch-criminal who persecutes freedom of belief and human rights cannot walk away free, whether his crimes takes place in Europe, the United States, Asia or Australia.

Jiang faces lawsuits in numerous countries at the present time, some of which include suits in the United States, Australia, Belgium and Spain. These lawsuits convey a clear message: the persecution against Falun Gong in China is genocide. It has happened and is still happening, because this former head of state uses power, violence and lies to persecute his citizens. This persecution is well doccumented.

Moral outrage will not tolerate the persecution against the fundamental freedoms of belief and human rights. Peace-loving and righteous people will condemn the persecution against Falun Gong.

The Trial in the "Court of the Human Heart," Morality, Justice and Righteousness Continues

"The trial in the court of the human heart, morality, justice and righteousness" against arch-criminal Jiang, who has committed crimes of genocide, has begun. The "Global Coalition to Bring Jiang to Justice," which has been established with the goal of "consolidating all the power of righteousness to expose all the crimes of Jiang and send him to the court of moral principles, conscience and law," has been rapidly making its goal known in every corner on earth. This effort has begun to win extensive support from a large number of righteous people and organizations. So far, organizations from Europe, North America, Asia and Australia have announced they would join the Coalition. The number of new individuals joining the alliance also increases daily.

A famous Chinese person once said, "In present-day Chinese history, countless people are subject to horrifically frequent and severe physical and spiritual violence due to their insistence in having the freedoms of personal belief and speech. Such a type of persecution is quite rare in other parts of the world. We call on all local and overseas Chinese people to step up and explicitly express your firm stand for the freedom of personal belief and religion."

Yes, everyone in the world with a good conscience is responsible for pushing forward the wheel of justice to correct the past wrongs and put an end to the cruel murder and torture against innocent citizens.

More and More Chinese People Are Beginning to Know About the Overseas Lawsuits Against Jiang

Not long ago, China's Public Security Bureau circulated internal memos regarding the overseas lawsuits against Jiang, which basically described the fact that Falun Gong practitioners worldwide had filed lawsuits against Jiang. To conceal the truth of the persecution, the memo required the entire Public Security Bureau not to supply any evidence to support the international lawsuits against Jiang, nor to reveal the news of the lawsuits against Jiang. It was precisely through this kind of internal communication within the Chinese Communist Party that the Chinese people gradually got to know news of the international lawsuits pending against Jiang.

The officials of the Chinese Communist Government had least expected that the Party's Foreign Affairs Department's answers to the reporters' questions had further confirmed the truth of the lawsuits against Jiang occurring in several foreign countries. The lawsuits filed against Jiang should have been a commonly shared interest among the people in China and the rest of the world. We believe that more and more Chinese people in the future will have the opportunity to learn and witness simultaneously with the world the historic and fair trial against Jiang, the arch-criminal who has committed the crime of genocide against Falun Gong practitioners.

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