Zhang Cuiying's Self-Portrait: "The Fa Rectifies the Cosmos, the Evil Is Completely Eliminated"

Zhang Cuiying

PureInsight | December 29, 2003

[PureInsight.org] This is Zhang Cuiying's self-portrait. In the portrait the artist is dressed in a pink dress with a floral pattern, doing a sitting meditation on a peaceful cloud. Her right palm is erect. She silently recites the Falun Gong formula to eliminate the evil: "The Fa rectifies the cosmos, the evil is completely eliminated."

Writing in the portrait:
The evil is so incapable and insignificant. Evil is unable to destroy hope, has no way of eroding faith, is unable to engulf peace, has no way of wrecking one's confidence, is unable to obliterate the will, has no way of concealing crime, cannot violate the heart and soul, cannot change the truth, cannot hold back the spirit and the mind and has no way to weaken the might of Dafa.

In May of 2001
By Caixing [Zhang Cuiying's penname] of Yandang

Zhang Cuiying is a birth name given by her parents, but Zhang Cuiying, whose family was originally from Yandang Mountain, gave herself two pennames: Zhang Hui and A Hermit of Yandang Mountain. Yandang Mountain is a very famous travel attraction for its scenic landscape that is so poetic that the mountain almost looks like it were a mountain right out of a traditional Chinese painting. As for Zhang Hui, Mr. Qian Juntao, Zhang Cuiying's art teacher, told her that the character Hui, if taken apart, resembled two Chinese characters that together meant "Japanese militant." Therefore, Mr. Qian told Zhang Cuiying that no Chinese with backbone should use Hui in his or her name. On the other hand, Cuiying is too common and ordinary as a name for an artist. Inspired by a poem in Guan Zhiu of The Book of Songs, Mr. Qian Juntao invented another penname, Caixing. The poem mentioned a type of aquatic plant Cai that grows in lakes or ponds. Baby Cai's are edible. Perhaps Mr. Qian invented Caixing as Zhang Cuiying's penname because she likes painting lotus flowers, which is also an aquatic plant.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2002/10/31/19057.html

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